Dear Members, 
As this week draws to a close, I want to share some thoughts with our ACPO member family.
The chemical industry is considered one of the critical infrastructure sectors, this is surely no news to you. We are more than ever expected to find solutions to a system that will be challenged from all directions including; supply chain and communications. Various sectors of our great industry will be affected differently. 
So I am reaching out to you to encourage you to be your innovative, proactive self – grab the challenges we are facing and try new solutions! Maybe one of you has in the lab, an natural ingredient that was never used before to thicken alcohol based hand sanitizers but it works. Share your ideas and solutions, this is the time to step up!
The food and agriculture, water and wastewater, nuclear reactors, materials and waste systems, personal, home care and I&I, to list just a few areas where we as chemists work, will be under increase pressure to perform under conditions we did not experience before. We’re going to have some tough choices to make in the coming weeks - please maintain untainted professionalism and ethics in everything we do.
These are unprecedented times we live in our personal lives as well. We must be even more mindful than ever on how our actions impact others. Having said that, we can make something positive out of this limited social activities period - with our loved ones, and friends - in person or online. We can use this time to create profoundly meaningful memories that we will always treasure. Chemistry is our mutual passion, and there are kids or teens around us during this time, why not share our passion with them? Invite their minds to explore the 'magic' of our chemical world.
Some of the ACPO benefits will become more useful to you in the months to come, see the list below. A separate email will be going out to all 2020 renewed members on Monday with all policy numbers and access codes so stay tuned!

Regarding the AGM, we are still analyzing the options, when the decision is made, we will let you know.
Wishing you and those close to you a safe, positive, productive time. Please reach out if there is anything I could help you with - I will do my best! 
Above all - please maintain public safety by being safe yourself. 

Lili Cretu
President ACPO
Councilor District 12