Dear Members, 
I am very honored to inform you that ACPO, as a member of the FCPC, is adopting the Chemist Ring as the material symbol for the Chartered Chemist status. The six sided ring - the national symbol of the professional chemist in Canada - is recognized by all members of the Federation of Canada's Professional Chemists (FCPC).

As Chartered Chemists, we significantly impact the world around us and bring value to society. We have a proud profession and wearing the Chemist's Ring is an honor and a reminder of our contributions and obligations to the public and society.
When the ring is worn, it effortlessly denotes that the wearer is an esteemed member of the chemical profession, practicing in Canada. Typically, the ring is worn on the last finger of one's dominant hand. The dominant hand is considered to be the working hand, from which a person's strength flows.

The ring design, a hexagon with a circle in the middle, is instantly recognizable – the classic representation of the benzene ring. Simple and smooth, the design should not hinder the wearing of gloves; however, safety starts with each one of us – please make sure that wearing the ring is safe for your specific activities conditions.
ACPO Council is happy to incorporate the Chemist Ring on our list of Member’s Benefits. For purchasing details, please visit the ACPO website at under the Membership Benefits section of the Membership Page. For feedback, please send us an email at
Again, encouraging you to participate in the upcoming elections, the open districts are:

  • 2: Ottawa
  • 4: Northern Ontario
  • 6: Toronto - North York
  • 8: Oakville and Burlington
  • 10: London and Windsor
  • 12: Outside Ontario
  • 14: Hamilton and Niagara.

A Councillor is being elected for a two years term and shall be eligible for re-election. The requirement is that a Councillor resides or works in the district for which the Councillor holds office.

Lili Cretu
President ACPO
Councilor District 12