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ACM Celebrates Women's History Month!

This month, we recognize the essential, empowering role that women play in our communities: as mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, mentors, and leaders. Without their contributions at ACM, in DC neighborhoods, and beyond, our life-saving work would not be possible!

It's our pleasure to highlight some of these remarkable women who work with ACM.

❤️ "My heart is always open."

Veeta Clayton, Credible Messenger

I was born and raised in Washington, DC, and have lived here my entire life. My family is Washingtonian. I love my job as a family engagement mentor. Because it gives me the opportunity to meet families that have had some challenges in their lives, I can build deep, genuine relationships with them and pour into the family that sometimes feels that they have no one to go to for help. 

My job is to assist the family to the best of my abilities by showing love, connecting the families to resources, or just being a listening ear. Why do I do the job that I have? I feel that I have been chosen for this position by my God to use me as a vessel to be a servant to others. In my life, I feel that everybody needs somebody, and when families find themselves alone with no one to talk to, my heart is always open with compassion.

"A family-oriented environment."

Quantise Grant, ACM Staff

I was born and raised in southeast Washington DC. I’m a mom of a little girl name Qa’toir. I enjoy working with the youth in my community. I really enjoy planning and design parties and events in my spare time. Also, I work at ACM as an Administrative Assistant / Social Media Assistant. I enjoy working at ACM because it's a family-oriented environment. ACM not only makes sure the youth feel safe, but also that their workers feel comfortable. ACM gives you a sense of home and welcoming.

ACM is a great organization for the community as well as the work place. I am looking to growing and expanding my life to create a better future for my daughter and me. ACM stands for supporting the youth for a better future and I stand for ACM because they are empowering my future for the best.

"Hand-picked for this important work."

Ladera Johnson, Credible Messenger

I was born and raised in Ward 8. My journey in community work began as a peer mentor, educating my peers on good health choices and HIV & STI testing. This early experience instilled in me a deep understanding of human resources and community engagement. At my second job, I became known as "Johnson the Activist," reflecting my dedication to advocacy and empowerment.

As I continued my journey, I crossed paths with ACM, a team that strongly represented our community. I recognized that my previous successes in working with my caseload could enhance the team's efforts. I believe that my impact in this line of work shines through the youth I serve and everyone I interact with. I feel a sense of calling, as if I were hand-picked for this important work.

Over the years, I have actively participated in town hall meetings and conferences, including a notable bullying conference in 2011 with Mayor Gray. These experiences have reinforced my belief that change begins with individuals like us. I am optimistic about the future and remain committed to being a catalyst for positive change in our community and beyond.

"Take it day by day."

Stephanie Advincula, Credible Messenger

I was born in the Dominican Republic in Santo Domingo and to America at the age of three years old to the nation’s capital. My family and my education are two of the most important things to me. Growing up in a low-income community and watching my loved ones work hard to survive day by day pushed me to stay focused, and my biggest achievements are starting my own family, a small business, and receiving my BA from Trinity University.

I joined ACM because I wanted to help others in a different ward and assist does that needed my bilingual support. Being able to make another individual secure and understood is important because many of the family and youth I help don't speak English. When I'm at the middle school I watch the kids try their best to learn and take it day by day. I am glad am able to jump in to assist the teachers, the students as well as their parents. 

I have seen the impact that we have on the community and the kids we work with. When you have a connection with the youth, their family, and the community, the work we do doesn't feel like an assignment but something that naturally allows you to want to help motivate and guide. From bonding during group activities to listening to the good, the bad, and the challenging conversations, youth shows us through every outcome that we make a difference.

When I joined the team, I was excited to meet the youth, the team and dive right into the mission. I am glad that I am able to introduce my youth to new things outside of their norm and community but also even in the culture. One of my favorite moments that made me feel good was the time I introduced the youth group to a community event festival Fiesta DC that highlighted the different Hispanic/Latinx culture in the DMV. The group were able to try new food, meet artists, learn about crowd control and event safety. They had a great time and were able to make their own impact at the event.

A recent successful moment that made me feel great about my job was when I came across a parent at McKinley middle school, I noticed she was concerned and having trouble with completing the enrollment. Due to her not knowing English, she wasn't sure if her son was going to be placed in school. I was able to help her complete the enrollment and have her son start school the following week.

"Working with the youth and their families is my passion."

Dannielle Hamilton, Credible Messenger

I was born in Prince George's County, Maryland and raised in NE Washington, DC. I am a graduate of HD Woodson High School. I am a wife, mother of 6 beautiful children, and have 7 wonderful grandchildren. I love dancing, music, and family gatherings.

I am very sensitive to others' needs. I started working with at-risk youth in my early 20s at a group home in NE DC. I gained passion knowing that our youth sometimes have a need to mature and grow up a little before their time. Also, adults sometimes believe that youth should have no say-so. I became their advocate to the community.

Working with the youth and their families is my passion. I feel like I can bridge the gaps and help adults and providers who work with our youth, their families and young adults to help them understand the needs of our communities.

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