August 2022
National HPE Day is Next Week! 7 September 2022
With only 7 days to go until National #HPEDay2022, we are so excited to welcome back hundreds of schools and centres and thousands of excited students. With many states in the midst of COVID lockdowns in 2021, we cannot wait to see what you have planned back in person at your school, centre or workplace to celebrate National HPE day in 2022.

There is still time to register! Tell us where you are from, how many people will be involved and what you are planning to do. Join with thousands of people who will play, run, skip, stretch, meditate, eat, drink, talk and laugh throughout the day in celebration of the subject that supports all Australians in an active and healthy lifestyle.
As always, there are state prizes for best social media posts. To be eligible, register your event, release photos or images on your social media and hashtag #HPEDay2022, @ACHPERinc and the ACHPER branch from your state in the post. Extend your post's reach even further by tagging our National HPE Day sponsors @TennisAustralia and @Elastoplast. 
National HPE Day. Good for children, good for schools, good for communities.

President’s Report - Dr Sue Whatman
With just one week remaining until National #HPEDay2022, we are excitedly checking new registrations through the webpage. Have you registered your school, centre or workplace yet? This is our day to advocate strongly for the importance of Health and Physical Education as a subject area and of ACHPER's mission to support Australians to lead active and healthy lives. We are looking forward to seeing the social media competition submissions from around Australia. Remember to #hashtag #HPEDay2022 and @ACHPERInc and to share widely on your social networks.  
Another incredibly important forum is coming up between now and the next Advocate - the National HPE Curriculum Leader's Forum. This event brings together curriculum specialists and department leaders from each state to discuss all things HPE, particularly foregrounding emerging issues and areas of need. Adelaide is hosting the Forum on the 27th and 28th of October. If you would like to share some of your thoughts and ideas about what ACHPER can bring to the discussion, especially given the launch of the updated Australian Curriculum: HPE, please email me on
Elastoplast, one of our national sponsors of HPE Day, offers free classroom resources for teaching basic first aid in schools. Prepared with ACHPER Australia, and mapped to the Australian Curriculum, the resources ​are free, fun and interactive. More than 32 000 students in 500+ schools have benefitted from the use of these resources across Australia and New Zealand – read more below.
We invite you to get involved with the "Freedom to Feel Fantastic" Initiative of the Australian Lions Wellbeing Foundation.​ The event pack provides great ideas and resources for holding in-school or classroom activities to start important conversations about positive body image and self-esteem. 
ACHPER Australia is also proud to support relevant research funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC). The study aims to understand more about how teachers have engaged in professional learning while they work, particularly using digital technologies. Take the survey featured in the article and let us know if you would like to stay involved with their reference group as a member of ACHPER. 
And lastly, a national shout out to Rick Baldock, ACHPER South Australia's Professional Learning Extraordinaire, who is recovering at home from surgery. We wish you all the best for a speedy recovery and hope to see you back in the ACHPER polo shirt soon!

Elastoplast Kids First Aid Program - free resources
The Elastoplast Kids First Aid Program’s intent is to ensure every child feels confident in a first aid situation.

How great would it be if all your students felt capable when faced with a medical situation?

Our FREE first aid lesson plans and resources have helped more than 32,000 students learn the basics of first aid, and understand the steps to take in the case of an emergency. Developed in collaboration with the Australian Council for Health and Physical Education (ACHPER), the resources and lesson plans are interactive, fun and aligned with the Australian curriculum.
More than 500 schools across Australia and NZ have received the free resources, and over 90% of teachers would recommend the program to a colleague[1].

[1] Elastoplast Kids First Aid Program, 2020: Participant Survey
The benefits of belonging - reflections from a grateful member
Advocating ACHPER is something I am always mindful of, and especially at this time of year when I am encouraging my Health and Physical Education students to join, since part of their Semester 2 unit is about the benefits of joining professional associations.

This focus has always reminded me of what ACHPER has done for me and how I have personally benefited from being part of our wonderful family. An example that sums up many of these benefits is some Teaching Personal Social Responsibility (TPSR) (Hellison, 1995) research projects I am currently getting off the ground. One project has snowballed into an another, starting with a successful Badminton World Federation grant, then securing a visiting scholar from the United States through the Fulbright Specialist Program and most recently establishing a snow sports study.

The common theme to all these ventures, apart from TPSR, has been the people involved, all of whom I have met at ACHPER International Conferences, or through other avenues created by ACHPER. It would not be an overstatement to say that the progress I have made in my career in the past five years in particular, is largely attributable to my deep involvement with ACHPER. If I could ‘put a figure on it’, I would say as much as 50% of my career success can be connected in some way to my membership.

Nonetheless, while the act of writing this piece is thought provoking in itself, I am still left with the challenge of how I convey to my students why they should join. I sense that for some of our future teachers, they tend to not recognise the kinds of opportunities that seem second nature to me. I would be happy to hear your thoughts, whether you share my perspectives, and if so, what we can do to promote our organisation to the next generation?

Associate Professor John Williams, ACHPER National Board Director

Ordering ACHPER books and Play with purpose series e-books through ProQuest and Ebsco
The ACHPER Bookshop is moving towards a digital platform but we still have “old fashioned” hard copies available for sale – check out what is in stock here.
If your school or institution has a library subscription with ProQuest or Ebsco, you can order e-pub or e-PDF versions, either individual copies, or 3-user textbook licences, of Shane Pill's Play with Purpose series for your students. Talk to your librarian today! 

Freedom to Feel Fantastic - A free Australian Lions Wellbeing initiative
Promote positive body image self esteem to your students

Each year schools join Freedom to Feel Fantastic by running an event or in-class activities to start conversations about positive body image and self esteem, a key issue of concern for young people. FFF is also a great initiative for the Student Leaders Committee to get involved with, it is often met with lots of enthusiasm and great event ideas! All event pack resources are free to access including posters, activities, event guide, lesson plans and more. 

An ARC research participation opportunity
An Australian Research Centre Discovery Project 

Digital technologies are changing the way teachers do their work and learn as they work. But not much is known about this.
We want to find out how you learn as you work. We invite you to complete an anonymous online survey (10-15mins of your time).

We appreciate your time is precious and want to thank those who have already completed our survey. This is a national survey and your responses will be invaluable for us to understand the professional learning needs of educators. Survey closes 15 October 2022

ACHPER Australia is proud to partner with Tennis Australia.
ACHPER Australia recognises the Traditional Owners of the lands upon which we live and work and pays respect to their Elders, past, present and emerging. We extend that respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our ACHPER membership, our schools and HPE communities, our partners and our staff.