August 2021
President’s Report - Dr Sue Whatman
At the Annual General Meeting of 29th July, ACHPER elected Russell Brown, from South Australia, to a 3 year appointment and the role of Vice President. Russell, who is already a Life Member of ACHPER, brings a wealth of professional knowledge developed over an impressive career as a HPE teacher, HPE curriculum advisor and academic at Flinders University. Russell has served on National Board in the past and on the ACHPER South Australia Board. Russell has been working with ACHPER as an appointed Board member since 2020 and we welcome him to his elected Director and Leadership position.

Adrian Fisher, from Western Australia, was elected to a 2 year Director’s position. Adrian brings a wealth of experience in sport and leisure management to the role and we are excited to continue working with Adrian, who has also been with the Board in an appointed position since 2020. Adrian is leading the Shooting Stars Indigenous player program with Netball WA and provides the essential industry knowledge and networks with whom ACHPER connects.

Dr John Williams, from the ACT, was elected to a 1 year Director’s position. John is an academic at the University of Canberra, well known for his research into Indigenous games in Australian schools.
Elastoplast Kids First Aid Program
Now in its second year, the Elastoplast Kids First Aid Program has helped more than 18,000 young Aussies develop practical first aid knowledge and skills. We worked with Elastoplast to develop the program, which provides teachers with free curriculum aligned, ready-to-use lesson plans and resources to help teach basic first aid to primary school students. 
Active Healthy Schools Sub-Committee
- Dr John Williams
I am delighted to inform you that the former ACHPER Active Healthy Schools Sub-Committee has been reignited ensuring health education has a presence on ACHPER’s national agenda. It gives me great pleasure to Chair this new sub-committee introduced below, that includes new and old members. We are excited about how we can influence health education through our ACHPER network:

Committee Members: Dr John Williams (Chair), Natalie McMaster, Dr Hugh Shannon, Dr Joseph Scott, Dr Kira Patterson, Melisa Chong, Sally Blane. 
Journi - Curriculum-based road safety learning for years 5 & 6
Journi is a free online education program for children in years 5 and 6 and has been developed by road safety and education experts. Road trauma represents a serious health risk to young people. Children are not born with all the cognitive, sensory and physical skills to be safe around roads and traffic. Journi is designed to increase applied knowledge and skills around safe road and travel practices of young people.

Years 5 and 6 represent some of the most important periods when it comes to forming positive attitudes towards the road. Journi supports teachers to implement the Australian Curriculum, linking to both the Physical Education and Digital Technologies curriculums.

Journi uses a guided inquiry-based approach with engaging activities using a range of digital tools. The program asks ‘what does it take to travel safely and independently?’, linking to suggested assessment tasks.
Academic Advisory Group Update
We recently updated the members of the ACHPER Academic Advisory Group through an expression of interest process. Huge thanks are extended to members completing their term including Professor Emeritus Karen Swabey from Tasmania and Professor Maree Dinan Thompson from Queensland. We have been expertly guided by their input and professional knowledge over the previous three years.

We would like to welcome commencing members to the AAG, including Dr Alison Wrench from UniSA in South Australia, Dr lisahunter from Monash Uni in Victoria, and Associate Professor Brendon Hyndman from Charles Sturt Uni in New South Wales. More news from the AAG will be forthcoming in future editions.
Move Learn Grow
A Foundational Movement Program
When an Occupational Therapist and Physical Education teacher saw an increasing need to improve developmental skills in children coming into schools, they decided to research and create their unique program.
Move Learn Grow is an evidence-based movement program developed by an Occupational Therapist and a Physical Education teacher with proven benefits for early years and primary-aged children. The combination of practices from OT and PE ensures that critical childhood development stages are addressed. Literacy and Numeracy are strongly embedded into the program and it is aligned with the Australian Curriculum Health and Physical Education outcomes.
The MLG program includes lessons, teacher resources and support materials linked to the Australian Curriculum, parent information sheets and exercises that can be completed at home.
Enquire about the program and receive an introduction pack at or visit our website © Move Learn Grow 2021
Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education Rankings Rise
ACHPER Inc is delighted to share the news that our flagship journal, Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education, has achieved international Q1 ranking in the fields of Education and Physical Therapy, Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation. The Editorial Team, led by ACHPER Life Member and Professor Chris Hickey @drchrishickey, has orchestrated an impressive rise to the top of the journal rankings following the decision to rename the journal in 2018. If you would like to visit the journal homepage, you will find it here:
ACHPER Australia is proud to partner with Tennis Australia.