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October  2019 | Issue #84
Current Releases: SM 8.0.080 (10/7) | AW 3.5.055 (7/15)
ACEware Systems Newsletter - Information to Run Your Program
Running a Report From Show Room Use
For years, nay decades,  you've been able to see a listing of the dates your courses are running by using the Show Room Use utility or by running a report from Reports -> Courses -> Room Use List -> Date Sort. Chuck, with a tinkering spirit, wondered if we couldn't do both.

Enter Student Manager 8.0.080 released in October!  When you run the Show Room Use utility (Module -> Courses or ctrl+F2), you should see something like this:

Note the new option circled in red--with that option selected, you see the normal output to the screen. Once you close that, you are given the selection of additional reports in the  Reports -> Courses -> Room Use List -> Date Sort reporting area. If you want to run the default report, hit your escape (Esc) key.

So why is this so awesome? Really, what is happening is that we are bypassing the Student Manager Query system and replacing it with this screen. This gives you a lot more flexibility in getting just the room use items you need to show for whatever reason (i.e. give to building coordinators, custodial staff, security, etc.). Plus, with the custom condition search, the possibilities are nearly endless!

Get with your tech to update today!
Contributed by Matthew Olson
ACEware's 2020 Users' Conference - June 2-5
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Do you want to hear how your colleagues around the nation are using ACEware in their programs?
Have you wanted to bring your challenges to an ACEware technician for solutions?
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Does "I just don't know what I don't know..." sound familiar to you?

If any of these questions resonate with you, coming to Savannah June 2-5, 2020 should be a priority! We'll be at The DeSoto for our 24th  Annual ACEware Users' Conference. Save the date--we'll open registration in November. And r emember, with a current support agreement, you have scholarship funds to use! Get in touch with me for more information.

Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
Tip of the Month:  ACEweb's AWViewer Utility
The ACEweb online portal comes with a number of built-in tools to assist customers with configuration, optimization, and troubleshooting. One useful resource for power users is AWViewer, which gives authorized online users a direct window to your data, templates, and configuration files. (This is a read-only tool, so you can't inadvertently alter any of your tables or files.)

To access the utility, click the View button on the bottom center of the AWAdmin page and log on with your Student Mgr account (you'll need an ACEweb access level of 6 or higher). Here's an embellished view of what you should see when the page comes up:

First select the folder from the Path dropdown - you can pick from several critical areas on your web and Manager servers. You can then enter the name of the file, table or log to view. Alternately, you can click the Directory button (red arrow) to bring up a full listing of files in the selected folder.

If the file can be displayed, you can click the View link in the right-hand column and bring it up directly. (This is a new feature that will be available in AW 056, releasing soon.)

Debug logs are selected by the date, with buttons for the past week's logs. You'll generally want to check the DebugViewer box. By default, you'll get the current hour's logs if you select today's date; for other dates you'll get an hour's worth of records starting at 8 AM. One issue with log entries is that there can be a LOT of them - resulting in a display that takes a long time to come up and is hard to navigate once it does. The purple arrow points to another relatively new feature that allows you to focus on a slot if you know the specific time an event occurred (e.g. you could select a 5 minute span starting at 14:20). You can also filter the log entries to show only those containing a specific keyword. (This option was added in release 053 but requires enhancements to the DebugViewer page. If you see the time options but they don't appear to work, see your tech about getting the updated templates.)

One other item of note is the Quick Links line, containing shortcuts to several critical system files. The AWError link lets you bring up detailed logs for the 5 most recent error events; that information can be very useful when troubleshooting problems.

The above discussion highlights just a few of the options on the AW Viewer page - there's lots more, including the ability to run complex SQL queries, but we don't have space to cover them here. Ask your tech for guidance if you want to dig into other features.

Contributed by Stein Goering
Report of the Month: Users (Last Login, Security, and List)
Most of the reports you run in Student Manager have to do with students, registrations, financials, etc., but here are a few reports that might be considered more management or administrative reports.

Under Accounting - Deadbeat, you will find an additional report called, "Last Login." This report will show the last date each user logged into Student Manager, along with their permission level for each area of Student Manager and whether or not they can edit their preferences.

To run this report, go to Reports-Accounting-Special 1 Reg/1 Line (Deadbeat). Use a query of either course begins with or range of dates to get the info for a specific period of time. Then choose from Additional Reports, "Last Login."

If you aren't concerned with the last login information, you can get the same report without that bit of info by going to Reports-Accounting-Special 1 Reg/1 Line (Deadbeat). Then choose from Additional Reports, "Security-Report of Users."

Over time as staff members come and go, you may find that you aren't even sure just how many users you have with Student Manager credentials. To get a list of all the users, go to Reports-Accounting-Special 1 Reg/1 Line (Deadbeat). With this report the query doesn't matter. Then choose from Additional Reports "List of St Mgr USERs".

As you see this report - not being dependent on the query - shows you all the users currently in the system along with their level of permissions.

Contributed by AJ Giliberto

To your continued success!

- Chuck, Sharon, AJ, Jason, Joe, Lindsey, Matthew, Mike, Stein, and Susan

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