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March 2020 | Issue #89
Current Releases: SM 8.0.085 (3/2) | AW   3.5.056 (11/6)
Crafting Quality Queries (201)  - 3/25 2:00 CDT
ACEware Spring Training - 4/1 3:00 PM CDT
ACEware Software Update  - 4/8  2:00 CDT
ACEware Systems Newsletter - Information to Run Your Program
Happy Retirement, AJ!
It is with some sadness, but with some joy, that the ACEware Family announces the retirement of long time worker, AJ Giliberto. His last day with us is planned for March 31st.

AJ is a 18 year veteran at ACEware. In addition to being the Network Administrator, he managed the mail server, handled all of the technology purchasing for the company, and found time to be the best technician possible for 50 customers.

Prior to working for ACEware, AJ was a customer at the University of New Orleans. He also did a stint as a radio personality--which is why AJ is the voice of ACEware, and why you hear him on the menu when you call in. He even served our country in the Air Force.

In his spare time, AJ enjoys reading, watching movies, and following Formula 1 racing. He plans to take in K-State Baseball games in his retirement.

AJ has this to say about his customers he leaves behind: "Working to help our customers over the years and meeting many of them at conference has been great fun."

Chuck had this to say about him:
AJ brought a cosmopolitan flair to ACEware. Most of us were pretty much pure-blood mid-westerners. So stories about life in south Texas, Detroit, and... oooohhh yea... N'awleans, brought some great stories to the ACEware coffee times! It was especially fun to hear the legends of Mardi Gras and the King Cake (he even ordered one from his former favorite bakery for us to sample!). But my favorite was his oyster stuffing dish, which he would often bring for the holiday dinner. So, AJ, you (oh ya, AND your oyster dressing if you'd want to make some) are going to ALWAYS be welcome at future ACEware parties!!

From Sharon:
I've sure appreciated getting to know AJ these past five years! We discovered early after I joined ACEware that we had worked with the same international conference (Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists) in our CE careers. Small world. I'll miss his contagious laugh, his pithy comments, the network series recommendations (I mean- The Man in the High Castle is  amazing!) and the daily smell of cinnamon in the cabin from his toast! He'll soon be an ACEware Emeritus, and I look forward to seeing him at ACEware staff gatherings!

Cheryl:  It's been a pleasure, AJ. I wish you a relaxing, fun, and long retirement.  We'll miss you!!!

Jason said:
AJ, congratulations on surviving the machine and not letting the man get you down! You've shut Big Brother's eyes forever my friend, now it's onto the next step of your journey: Time to sell the house, buy a fancy new BMW, and travel the world! Or just hang out with Yogi and catch up on all those Netflix shows you haven't watched, haha!
It's been an adventure working with you these past 11ish years, we'll be carrying on your memories and traditions for years to come, (and blaming you when something goes wrong!) because as a wise man once said at a work conference, it truly is a show that never ends!
Kick up your feet, have a cold one, and stay by the phone so we can call ya when we can't figure something out!

Joe said:
When we were leaving Vegas last conference, AJ and I had gone to the Burger King that was in the airport there. The line was long and I got tired of waiting so I went to the touch screen and placed my order. After I finished mine, AJ tried to place his on the same screen. For someone who works with technology every day, he had some rather colorful words to say regarding the touch screen not responding to him. I reached over and finished his order for him, and teased him about it until they gave us our food. Of course, they messed it up, and his response to me was "With all that automation, it still got my order wrong didn't it!"

Well, AJ, its been 3 years now that I have been able to work with you, and while I am excited that you are able to retire and enjoy some time to yourself catching up and rereading your library, I have to say its going to be difficult to remind myself to get up and move around the cabin throughout the day. Regardless! Enjoy staying up late, sleeping in, and Yogi looking at you wondering why you are home invading his quiet time.

Lindsey said:
I've really enjoyed working with AJ both as a customer many years ago, and as a colleague for the past seven years. He's a true renaissance man: From Shakespeare to Douglas Adams, music to middle-eastern and domestic politics, AJ's knowledge across so many topics has fueled some pretty spirited discussions between the two of us. I will deeply miss solving all of the world's problems with him each year at our annual staff retreat.

Matthew said:
One office Christmas Party, I ended up following AJ out. Going down the road, there was a parking lot with a patrol car sitting there. I'd been going a little over the speed limit, so I was a little worried when those red and blue lights came on. The cop came out of the parking lot behind me, just to go around me and pull over AJ's BMW. I was relieved for myself, but now I became worried for AJ since he was also driving a little fast. Monday came around and I asked about it and he said he was pulled over for a broken headlight which apparently had just burnt out that day. The cop gave him a warning for that and let him go without even mentioning the speeding (it wasn't much over the limit, anyway). Lucky devil!

I've enjoyed AJ's presence around the cabin and at parties. He and I are the biggest sports fans, so were the only ones to debate and relate sporting news and plays. I can't even imagine not having that on a daily basis!

AJ, I'm jealous of your retirement! Enjoy it! Call me and I'll join you at the baseball diamond on occasion so we can still talk sports!

Mike said:
AJ is one of the best coworkers this company could have ever obtained. He has made working at ACEware Systems a joy and has made it easier for the overall atmosphere of the office.

Saying that. Little tidbit about AJ. When we were doing a session together after he got hired. He was presenting and I was co-presenting with him. In a room of over 50 he was going on about the subject at hand. He made a statement that was not correct. I tried in my best fashion to quietly tell him that it was not true. When he from one side of the room was asking what I was saying, I jumped up and loudly told him "He was wrong".
He takes criticism with pose and grace. He has no problem asking if he does not know the answer.

I will truly miss him.

Susan said:  Enjoy your retirement, AJ! Your humor and logic will be missed. 

If you would also like to send him a note, his email is

If you are a customer of AJ's and when needing support after March 31st, please use extension 3 to get the first available technician or email Cheryl Scott will be returning from her leave of absence in mid-May and plans to take over AJ's customer load at that time.

Contributed by the ACEware Family
 New Set Filter
One of the new things that rolled out in Student Manager 8.0.085 at the beginning of this month is the ability to set a filter from the Enrollment Report (F2). This filter is only for Lookup Active Course and the Add Register from Names searches. You just plug in the relevant search criteria into this form and hit set filter.

This was done for a variety of reasons, one being for multi-tenant situations (where multiple organizations share one copy of Student Manager)--you can set something relevant for your organization so you just see your courses. Another way you can use this is to have coordinators set the filter to themselves and only see their courses. Or maybe you only want to see your department's courses. I'm sure there are other ways this can help you.

One great thing is that this filter, unlike the other ways filters are set in Manager, is remembered in between logins. This way you aren't resetting this over and over again.

Have fun filtering!
Contributed by Matthew Olson
When You're Required to Work From Home
There's an unwelcome player in the game of March Madness called COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We are receiving your newsletters and listserv messages about class cancellations, campus courses moving to online delivery, students being sent home, travel restrictions, and more. All prudent steps to flatten the pandemic's curve.

If your team will be working from home for some time, remember that you can take advantage of ACEweb Staff Access! With it enabled, there's much you can do from the home office without Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).  You can:
  • View student accounts, registration history, payment status
  • Enroll students
  • Create student accounts
  • View course information-enrollment, location, dates, fees, etc.
  • View rosters
  • Email students in a course
  • Enter and view attendance
We have a webinar you can view (titled ACEweb Staff Access - A User Experience) and information in our help guide. Most importantly, your assigned technician is available for you. We're here to help where we can.

Wash up, chin up, and be well!

Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
ACEware Users' Conference 2020
We're watching how things progress in our nation the next month. If there is a change of plans for conference, we will share right away through our acelist.

For now, we are optimistically planning for t wo excellent featured presentations at conference! 

Amy Littleton, Operations Manager for Corporate and Community Education at Tri County Technical College , will share about the Standard Operations Procedures they have in place for Student Manager to ensure quality data output and uniformity in their operational activities.

Martin Malpica, Director of Communications and Marketing for UCF Connect at the University of Central Florida, will share   his knowledge with implementing Google Analytics and how he uses the data to track ACEware email results and program performance. He'll review other Google resources you can put to work for you.

Roundtable discussions and Birds of a Feather Gatherings (meeting with others with similar programs like OLLI, Conferencing, Youth Programs, Contract Training etc.) are being planned. Send me an email if you have a topic you want to see.  

We'll have a great time in Savannah! Come join us!

Contributed by Sharon Brookshire
Tip of the Month: Ramp Up Your Email Marketing With the Email Address/Status Update Tool
Many ACEware customers use one of the commercial packages (Constant Contact/Email Chimp) for email marketing.
You can, of course, also use Student Manager's integrated email "Blast" system (Doemail or Mergmail) to send out mass emails, but it doesn't offer some of the click through tracking and/or email capture features of the commercial systems.
So if you do use a third party system, you should ALSO be taking advantage of the Email Address/Status Update features.
This tool is located in the Import/Export area under Tools from the main menu.
It allows you to capture emails from your third party system (i.e., unsubscribes, folks who click on a particular topic, or course, etc.) and then update their status in Student Manager!
This tool has been around for a couple of years, but the new feature about it is that it now can accept native Excel files (rather than just CSV formats). You just need to make sure the email address column is the FIRST column in the sheet.
So what can it do?
  • Automatically flag a name as DO NOT mail (dealing with unsubscribe requests)
    • Now ALSO with the option to add to "Blacklist" (which, if you've implemented, will warn you that this person's email was blacklisted if you try add the same email address later).
  • Allow you to add a comment
  • Allow you to add a Special Need note
  • Flag the email as BAD (undeliverable) ( use the Replace @ sign with some code)
  • Add an interest code (to help do followup targeting )
  • Update the last update date on a name (to indicate that this student DID have some activity!!)
Again, if you are getting data from your email newsletters, or mass promotion blasts, this is an easy way to keep your Student Manager database updated!!

Contributed by Chuck Havlicek
Report of the Month: Names Performance Sorting
Have you ever wondered who your most loyal students are? What about firms? Well, there's a report for that!
Reports >> Statistics >> Names >> Performance Sorting is a neat little tool that allows you to view your, "Top Dog," names or firms based on a few options, including money paid and courses taken. You can even choose how many records to report:
Just like with other reporting areas, your results will depend on which query you run--so it's easy to look at top records based on term, subject, name activity, or even the registration add date.
When the report displays, your records will be sorted in descending order:
(Bonus report of the month: There's a similar statistical report for courses!)

Contributed by Lindsey Lieberman

Keep your peace of mind and wash those hands!  To your continued success!

- Chuck, Sharon, AJ, Jason, Joe, Lindsey, Matthew, Mike, Stein, and Susan

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