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ACC Patient Meetings
Patient gatherings are not for everyone. Some people prefer to deal with their diagnosis within a small circle of loved ones. However, many initially-cautious patients are surprised by how comforting and cathartic it can be to share experiences with others facing the same rare disease. Fortunately, there are a growing number of patient gatherings across the globe. Please consider attending one of the following events that typically include a few hours of socializing and research updates while sharing a meal or two.
Melbourne, Australia - March 24-26, 2017

London, UK - April 8, 2017 (email

Boston, USA - May 6, 2017 (email
ACCRF's annual patient gathering; a medical oncologist will present on ACC clinical trials.

Vienna, Austria - September 15-16, 2017 (email

Patients who would like to organize a gathering in their own region may contact Pascale Reich at ACCOI ( She also may provide information on soon-to-be-scheduled gatherings in both northern and southern California, USA.

Updates to the Physicians List and Grantee Publications
When ACC patients are first diagnosed or dealing with a recurrence, one of the most important decisions involves finding experienced doctors. Along with our partners at ACCOI, ACCRF maintains a Physicians List comprised of doctors whom ACC patients have found to be knowledgeable about the disease. The list was recently updated with doctors in Canada, India, Korea, Pakistan, Turkey and many other locations. If you have had a positive experience with a physician, particularly in regions not represented on the Physicians List, please let us know! Just email us at
ACCRF grantees have made enormous strides in understanding the biology of ACC and devising new ways to treat the disease. We recently updated the Published Articles of our grantees. Highlights include research on the importance and targeting of the MYB, NOTCH1 and MDM2 genes in ACC tumors. 

Thank You to the Patient Community!
Last year, we informed you of two matching gift opportunities totaling $350,000. And the patient community stepped up! 

Both opportunities were fully matched , helping ACCRF to continue supporting the most impactful ACC research.

Due to our research successes, many new and exciting proposals are flowing to ACCRF from a growing and energetic set of researchers. For example, ACCRF grants are allowing researchers to:
  • study what drives aggressive cases of ACC
  • discover new drugs that will be particularly effective in ACC
  • study specimens from clinical trials to understand which patients are most likely to benefit
We need your financial help to make sure that improved treatments and a cure flow from these proposals.

Please consider making a contribution today!

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