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 MSETCL Completes 1st ACCC Installation


Earlier this month, the Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company Ltd (MSETCL) energized a newly upgraded 132 kV ACCC line in Nashik City. MSETCL is a wholly owned corporate entity under the Maharashtra Government which owns and operates most of Maharashtra's Electric Power Transmission System that includes a network of 41,390 circuit km of transmission lines and 584 EHV substations with 99,716 MVA of capacity. MSETCL is currently the largest state transmission utility in India.


The newly installed 540 kcmil (273.6 mm^2) "Casablanca" ACCC conductor was used to replace 312 kcmil (158.1 mm^2) "Wolf" ACSR conductor to increase line capacity using existing structures without modification. ACCC Casablanca conductor is capable of carrying up to 1,200 amps under peak or emergency load conditions which is approximately twice that of the Wolf ACSR. The line crossed over two major highways and a railroad, and also included a 400 meter river crossing. The 17.2 km "Eklahara - Ozar" line is part of Nashik City's "Main Transmission Ring." Nashik City is located in northwest Maharashtra approximately 170 km from Mumbai at an elevation of approximately 600 meters. Nashik ranks 16th in a global study of fastest developing cities and has enjoyed significant economic growth in the last decade.


While this was MSETCL's first ACCC conductor installation and the largest ACCC installation in India to date, it was also their contractor M/S Rahul Agencies' first ACCC project as well. The ACCC conductor, manufactured locally by Sterlite Technologies, one of CTC Global's eighteen international 'stranding partners' was installed without difficulty. MSETCL selected the ACCC conductor over other high capacity and composite core conductors due to its low line loss feature and ease of installation. CTC Global, the developer of the ACCC conductor and manufacturer of its hybrid carbon fiber composite core, looks forward to supporting MSETCL and M/s Rahul Agencies again in the near future. 


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MSETCL Completes ACCC Installation
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