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 NV Energy Completes 4th ACCC Installation


Providing Increased Capacity and Improved Highway Clearance on 69kV Distribution Line


After completeing three projects in Northern Nevada, NV Energy selected ACCC conductor for a 69kV rebuild project in Henderson, Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas, in Southern Nevada near Lake Mead.


NV Energy selected 430 kcmil (218 mm^2) Linnet size ACCC conductor to replace a copper conductor that was installed around the time the Hoover Dam was completed in 1936. 


In addition to the ACCC conductor's increased electrical capacity, NV Energy also selected the ACCC conductor for its dimensional stability as this line passed above and below other lines in the area.  Most of the work was completed during daylight hours with the exception of some late night work where the project crossed a highway.


As the line also travesred an affluent residential neighborhood, the ACCC conductor's low sag characteristics allowed the use of shorter structures compared to taller structures that would have been required if a larger conventional conductor would have been selected. 

NV Energy Crew Installing ACCC Conductor

 Tata Power Completes ACCC Installation in Mumbai, India 


ACCC Conductor Selected as the Most Economical Way to Increase Line Capacity 


With the help of CTC Global and Sterlite Technologies Limited, Yashmun Engineers Ltd completed the installation of 28.8 kilometers of ACCC conductor for Tata Power in Mumbai, India.
Tata Power selected CTC Global's 154 mm^2 (303 kcmil) Helsinki size ACCC conductor (replacing ASCR Dog size) to increase the capacity of an existing 22 kV distribution line that delivers power to a number of industrial customers and a local college.  The line was difficult to install as it crossed over several highly populated hutments.  Fortunately, Yashmun was very well equiped and provided highly trained linemen for the difficult installation. 
Yashmun Crew Installing ACCC Conductor

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The ACCC conductor's outstanding performance has allowed more than 100 utilities worldwide to exploit its unique advantages while saving millions of dollars delivering more power, more efficiently, with reduced line losses, decreased fuel consumption and reduced generation emissions.  To learn more about how the ACCC conductor can work for you, please visit our website

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ACCC Conductor is an internationally patented and trademark registered product of CTC Global Corporation.  The ACCC conductor is manufactured in association with several qualified and licensed international stranding partners. If you are interested in the ACCC conductor, please contact CTC Global to make sure your supplier is legally authorized to produce ACCC.  Thank You.  
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NV Energy Completes 4th ACCC Installation
Tata Power Completes ACCC Installation in Mumbai India
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CTC Celebrates National Linemen Appreciation Day
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CTC Global Celebrates   

National Linemen 

Appreciation Day

April 18th



The nation's lineworkers are receiving the honor they deserve, as the U.S. Senate passed a resolution this month designating April 18, 2013, as National Lineman Appreciation Day. 


The bill was introduced by Sens. Isakson (R-GA) and Bennet (D-CO), and passed by unanimous consent. The resolution reads, in part: "Recognizing linemen, the profession of linemen, the contributions of these brave men and women who protect public safety, and expressing support for the designation of April 18, 2013, as National Lineman Appreciation Day."

The resolution notes "Linemen are often first responders during storms and other catastrophic events, working to make the scene safe for other public safety heroes; work with thousands of volts of electricity high atop power lines 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to keep electricity flowing; must often work under dangerous conditions far from their families to construct and maintain the energy infrastructure of the United States."


CTC Global is pleased our country's Linemen received this well deserved recognition and wish to share this appreciation with Linemen, worldwide.





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 Free CCP Software 




Responding to an ever-increasing demand to help select the most appropriate size of the highest performing ACCC conductor available, CTC Global has developed a new software program, CCP.


The program is available at no charge to utility planners, transmission engineers and others involved in conductor selection, project engineering and project economics. Using the design parameters associated with your specific project, CCP can calculate and compare ampacity, sag, tension, line losses, and the economics associated with the reduction in thermal sag and line losses the ACCC conductor offers compared to any other conductor of the same diameter and weight.


To receive a free copy of CCP:




Engineering with High-Capacity, Low-Sag ACCC Conductor 



To help T&D planners, engineers, and technicians take full advantage of the ACCC conductor's attributes, CTC Global has published a 250 page Engineering Manual. Contact CTC Global today to request a copy.


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 Technical Updates 

Facts & Fiction



 How Flexible is the ACCC Conductor's Composite Core?


The ACCC conductor's composite core is extremely flexible, but retains kinetic energy when bent, much like a fiberglass fishing pole. Like a fishing pole, the ACCC's core exhibits a shape memory characteristic and prefers to be straight. While this characteristic makes it very easy to handle during installation, if the ACCC conductor is bent over a sharp angle (i.e., not around a suitable radius), damage to the aluminum strands or core may occur. This is easily avoidable by simply following IEEE 524 guidelines (and referring to the ACCC Conductor Installation Guidelines Manual).  
To better understand the ACCC� conductor's bending limitations, AEP performed a simple bend test on a Drake size ACCC conductor. After being bent 10 times around a 6 inch (15 cm) radius conduit pipe bender, the only degradation noted to the 3/8 inch (9.5 mm) core was a 20 micron hole within the outer fiberglass shell as identified using fluorescent dye penetrant. For more information about the ACCC conductor, please visit CTC's website.
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