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ACCC® News - May 2023
Montana Legislature Supports the Use of Advanced Conductors to Improve T&D Efficiency

With the signing of House Bill 729, “AN ACT PROVIDING FOR ADVANCED CONDUCTOR COST EFFECTIVENESS CRITERIA; ALLOWING ADVANCED CONDUCTOR RATE BASING; PROVIDING A DEFINITION; AND PROVIDING AN IMMEDIATE EFFECTIVE DATE,” Montana became the first state in the Nation to enable the State’s Public Utility Commission to approve cost-effectiveness criteria for Advanced Conductor projects that may be placed into a utility’s ROI (Return on Investment) Rate Base.
While many major utilities in the U.S. and other countries have used Advanced Conductors such as ACCC® Conductor to increase line capacity, mitigate sag infractions and for several other purposes, the State of Montana now allows an ROI “adder” for utilities that use Advanced Conductors to improve a transmission or distribution lines efficiency. Specifically, this is defined by selecting a conductor of equal size that reduces electrical resistance by 10% or more.
Montana Public Utility Commissioner Randall Pinocci stated: “This ACT, which received overwhelming bi-partisan support, enables Montana Utilities to explore the use of Advanced Conductors on the Montana electric grid. In addition to the reduced energy losses, these low-sag advanced conductors will also reduce the risk and cost of fighting wildfires in Montana’s vast forest and grassland areas.” Commissioner Pinocci also noted that “Using high-efficiency, Advanced Conductors to upgrade our existing electric grid will bring lower costs to our electric consumers while providing substantial benefits to the environment and the grid.”
David Townley, Director of Public Policy with CTC Global Corporation, a provider of Advanced Conductor technology, added: “Montana now leads the nation in having ‘design-phase’ energy efficiency criterion for transmission and distribution projects with incentivizes for the utility to deploy high-efficiency Advanced Conductors.”  
Considering the immense need to increase the efficiency, capacity, reliability, and resilience of the Nation’s electric power grid, Montana’s action is a brilliant step forward that all other states should consider and implement quickly.
Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources FERC Oversight Hearing Discusses Reconductoring

Reconductoring with Advanced Conductors and other Grid Enhancing Technologies (“GET’s”) was a topic of exchange (on May 4th, 2023) at the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee hearing with the sitting Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioners (FERC) with the Honorable Willie Phillips, Chair.

First, Senator Heinrich (D-NM) asked about the role of reconductoring in transmission since “reconductoring dramatically increases throughput, line losses are reduced, and it improves the economics” for consumers “helping them with their economic challenges.” “Reconductoring and Grid Enhancing Technologies,” he added, “have huge potential to relieve some of this transmission congestion while you do the hard work of getting transmission built across the country.” Chairman Phillips responded, “You are preaching to the choir when talking about grid enhancing technologies and advanced reconductoring! It addresses every single point that I raised: affordability, reliability, and sustainability.” Senator Heinrich interjected, “it actually aligns those things!” “YES! THANK-YOU!” Chairman Phillips replied. “It is top of mind for me!”

A few minutes later, Senator King (I-ME) raised the issue of transmission development priorities. “I hope that the FERC will encourage reconductoring and technological smart grid enhancements before having to go to new right-of-ways. I know that’s going to be necessary, but it seems to me that the structure should be, let’s start with the cheaper stuff first before we go to total expansion.” “Absolutely!” Chairman Phillips replied. “I believe that Grid Enhancing Technologies like advanced reconductoring, dynamic line rating, and ambient air line rating, these are the things that are essential to planning for our future.”

Senator King then followed up with, “Can you enforce that? Can you ask an applicant that comes forward with a new right-of-way, can you ask: “Have you done the other less expensive and less intrusive steps first?” Chairman Phillips answered, “We are considering proposals just as you said, Senator, in our Regional Transmission Planning proceeding. It is something we should discuss! I am open to it!” 

Senator King ended his question session encouraging the FERC Commissioners to acknowledge and take seriously the queue process “bottleneck.” “Work on those queues at the RTOs…will you!”

Reconductoring with Advanced Conductors on existing structures is the fastest, lowest cost way to add substantial capacity to the electric grid. CTC Global’s ACCC® Conductor is the most widely deployed Advanced Conductor worldwide with over 140,000 km installed at more than 1,100 projects in 65 countries.

Sen Heinrich starting at 1:16
Sen King starting at 1:25
Latest TenneT ACCC® Installation Nears Full Energization

TenneT Netherlands’ innovative Beter Benutten Bestaande 380 kV (BBB380) program comprises a comprehensive upgrade program, reinforcing the Dutch 380 kV high-voltage grid to be ready to accommodate increasing solar and offshore wind generation, alongside increased cross-border transmission requirements. Much of the upgrade work has so far been undertaken with ACCC® High Capacity, Low Sag conductors.
A part of this program has been the latest reconstruction, the two-circuit 380 kV line between Krimpen aan den IJssel and Geertruidenberg (KIJ-GT380). Originally built in the late 1960s, the 33.7 km line incorporates 6 extra-tall pylons of between 140m and 160m height to permit the crossing of the Beneden-Merwede, Nieuwe Merwede and Lek waterways (tallest towers in the Netherlands). The route is located to the south of Rotterdam and incorporates numerous water, road, rail and other overhead line crossings.
ACCC® Warsaw, manufactured by Lamifil in Belgium, was the selected conductor. The choice of this conductor raises permitted operating current from 2,500 to 4,000 amps, whilst reducing the overall line sag significantly.
ACCC trained technicians supervised the two contractors involved, with overall CTC / Lamifil project oversight being provided throughout the project.
TenneT’s over-winter works are intended to cause the minimum possible disruption to flora and fauna, particularly as the Netherlands is on a major routing for migratory birds. This is not without its challenges, as inclement winter weather and high winds can disrupt pulling operations.
PLN Completes 500 kV ACCC® Reconductor Project in Indonesia
Supported by contractor PT Centra Multi Elektrindo, PLN completed another 500 kV ACCC® Reconductoring project in Cilegon, Banten, Java on their Balaraja – Bojonegara transmission line project. PLN’s highly experienced in-house engineering team selected Lisbon size ACCC® Conductor to replace ACSR Dove size conductor to increase line capacity, while improving grid efficiency and reliability.
ACCC® Conductor manufactured and supplied by CTC Global’s manufacturing partner PT KMI Wire and Cable, Tbk. The quad-bundled conductors were installed on existing steel lattice structures without modification. The six crews assembled for the project used OMAC and TESMEC pulling equipment and ACCC® Hardware provided by Dervaux.
The six installation crews were supported by ACCC Master Installers Yaniar, Rio, and Susanto of Dinamika, and Certified Installation Supervisors Jaswadi, Dudung, and Ridwan of KMI.
CTC Global’s InfoCore® System – Improving Grid Reliability

Experienced linemen and project managers know that conductor installation can be very challenging especially when crews are facing rough terrain, accessibility, or weather challenges, or other less than optimal conditions. To help CTC Global’s customers confirm successful installations – even in the most adverse conditions – CTC Global developed the ACCC InfoCore® System.

The patented ACCC InfoCore® System was developed, tested, proven, and commercialized over the course of eight years at a cost of well over ten million dollars. The System has been validated by a number of utilities in the U.S., Europe and Asia, and is now being deployed globally with hundreds of kilometers installed and verified with more than three years of field experience.

The success of CTC Global’s ACCC InfoCore® System can be attributed to a number of factors: Collaboration with key customers; intensive lab work with world-renowned experts; and the development of highly consistent and sophisticated manufacturing methods, are just a few. While optical fiber placement and embedment in the ACCC® Conductor’s composite core is important for many reasons, including accuracy, redundancy and reliability, embedment creates data acquisition challenges which CTC Global skillfully overcame.

Initially, InfoCore® Inspections were performed after the conductor was pulled in and tensioned before dead-ends and splices were completed. The InfoCore® System and modified ACCC® Hardware assemblies now allow linemen to quickly perform inspections after dead-ends and splices are installed. This capability also offers the possibility of future reinspection.

While the ACCC InfoCore® System uses optical fibers strategically embedded in the ACCC® Conductor’s core, the System itself includes devices that allow the composite core to be prepared for linking with a signal sending unit and signal receiver used to check core integrity. Data from the receiver is transferred to a control unit that enables instantaneous verification by personnel on the ground. Data from the control unit is then transferred to a cloud database to document and record the installation’s success.

If you would like to learn more about the ACCC InfoCore® System or learn why more than 250 major utilities have selected ACCC® Conductor for more than 1,100 projects in 65 countries, please reach out to us and we will be happy to provide more information and/or offer you a demonstration at your facility or ours. Please visit or email You can also read about a number of successful ACCC InfoCore® System installations at our Company Blog. Thank You
ACCC® Conductor Project Update
CTC Global Welcomes Our Newest ACCC® Conductor Manufacturing Partner: ABERDARE

To further support growing demand for the high-capacity, energy-efficient ACCC® Conductor in Southern Africa, CTC Global is pleased to announce its newest partnership with Aberdare Cables.

Aberdare Cables is a 75 year old South African cable manufacturer that employs 1,500 people and is 55% Black Owned and 30% Black Women Owned. Aberdare Cables has three manufacturing sites in South Africa and Customer Service Centers in each province as well as in Maputo, Mozambique.
Wynand De Lange, Vice President Southern Africa, CTC Global stated: “The need to stabilize and increase grid capacity in Southern Africa is critically important as many new generation assets are currently under construction with many more planned. CTC Global’s ACCC® Conductor will play an important role in improving the existing grid and building new tie lines. We are very pleased that Aberdare has joined our group of local manufacturing partners to support the delivery of high-quality ACCC® Conductors in Southern Africa.” 

Please take a quick look at Aberdare’s VIDEO
CTC Global Joins Industry Leaders at Enlit 2023

CTC Global was proud to be a returning exhibitor at Enlit Africa 2023, a premier event in Cape Town, South Africa.
Enlit Africa is a three-day conference and exhibition that brings together top industry leaders, innovators, and professionals to discuss the latest trends in the field and showcase advanced technologies and solutions. This year’s conference focused on the multi-dimensional, multi-sectoral energy transition and conversations surrounding a transition to a new energy landscape and the role traditional infrastructure and new technologies will play in the future. 
CTC Global focused on the benefits of reconductoring, showcasing how the ACCC® Conductor can help pave the way to a renewable future using existing transmission lines to double line capacity and lower line losses, all while reducing fuel consumption and associated emissions. The event was a huge success, and it was great to meet with many utilities and customers! 
CTC Global Cosponsors AABE Conference in Houston
CTC Global was proud to support and attend this year’s American Association of Blacks in Energy 46th National Conference “Energized for Success: Its Time!” in Houston, Texas. AABE’s mission is to provide direct input into the deliberations and developments of energy policies, regulations, emerging technologies, and environmental issues. AABE’s principles guide the organization’s involvement and positions on energy policy that focus on Climate Change, Cyber Security, Energy and Environmental Justice, Energy Efficiency, and several other critical issues.

During this year’s Conference, many highly regarded speakers shared their thoughts about these and other issues. CTC Global’s Field Specialist, Mr. Alfie Wilkes, who attended the event, reported that a number of participants expressed their interest in elevating the use of Advanced Conductors such as ACCC® Conductor.
CTC Global Hosts Visit from NV Energy

It was CTC Global’s great privilege to host visitors from NV Energy earlier this month. Their visit included tours of CTC Global’s core production center, hardware production facility, quality assurance and test labs, and more. Members of CTC Global’s Engineering Team also provided updates on CTC Global’s highly successful ACCC InfoCore® System. Many thanks to Corey, Devon and Jim for taking the time to visit us.

If you are interested in visiting CTC Global’s facility in Irvine, California, please let us know. Email for more information.
ACCC® Conductor is Combatting Climate Change

ACCC® Conductor line loss reductions are currently saving ~10,400,577 MWh per year. At the international average of 0.925 pounds of CO2 per kWh, that equates to reducing CO2 emissions by 4,365,033 metric tons per year. This can be translated into powering 970,656 homes in the U.S. or removing 948,920 cars from the road. Assuming the lines were being fed by thermal power plants that would also equate to saving 124 billion gallons of water – or filling 190,000 Olympic size swimming pools. (The average thermal plant uses ~12,000 gallons of water per MWh). Cumulatively, the ACCC® Conductor has reduced CO2 by ~22,966,850 metric tons.
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