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ACCC® News - May 2022
CTC Global Opens 4th ACCC® Core Manufacturing and Testing Facility

CTC Global Corporation has opened its fourth composite fiber core manufacturing and testing facility. The new facility, CTC Global S.A. (CSA), is located in Asuncion, Paraguay and is already serving customers in South America. The CSA facility is a fully qualified ACCC® Core manufacturing and test facility and joins facilities in California, Indonesia and China in enabling CTC Global to serve the advanced conductor needs of utilities around the world.  

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Reconductoring with Advanced Conductors Presented at Netzbau Conference in Hamburg

The annual German Netzbau conference in Hamburg in May enjoyed its second highest live attendance in its history and welcomed line engineers, asset management and utility experts from the D-A-CH region. CTC showcased the numerous advantages of reconductoring with ACCC® Conductor and highlighted the added advantages of the successfully deployed and unique ACCC InfoCore™ System at its stand and on video to the online audience.

 “Latest geopolitical developments in Europe have given the energy transition another momentum. We have had interesting conversations about the need for grid expansion with several utilities. High Capacity, Low Sag solutions, such as ACCC®, will play a very important role in future grid expansion.” said Katarina Hughes-Straka, CTC Business Development Europe. “We are working with our partners on innovative solutions that will enhance the use of ACCC® Technology in the grid, such as the InfoCore™ System that ensures correct installation.”
“ACCC InfoCore has already been widely deployed on three important projects within Europe and further projects are in development,” added Walter Heister, CTC Europe Technical Consultant. “This, along with several other recent CTC innovations, are proving of substantial interest to the D-A-CH network community.”
Over 750 km of ACCC InfoCore Conductor Installed in Europe

Using optical fibers embedded in the ACCC® Core, a proprietary signal generator, receiver and cloud based recorder, CTC Global's new ACCC InfoCore System has already been installed by leading utilities in Europe to ensure the ACCC® Conductor was installed correctly with no issues. In very short order, over 750 kilometers of ACCC InfoCore Conductor has been successfully installed at three major projects which has proven the ease, speed and simplicity in which the System performs. For more information please visit the InfoCore™ Page on CTC Global's website.
Goa Electricity Department Completes Fifth 33 kV ACCC® Distribution Project

In a matter of months during 2021 and 2022, Goa Electricity Department completed five double circuit 33 kV distribution line upgrades using ACCC® Conductor to replace ACSR conductors. GED projects included Tivim to Nachinola; Tivim to Dhargal Tapping Structure; Nachinola to Porvorim; Porvorim to Saligao; and Kadamba to Bambolim.

GED selected ACCC® Conductor to replace 40 year old ACSR Racoon conductor which increased line capacity from 400 to 900 amps on the same corridors. Span lengths averaged around 70 meters with longer spans (~170 meters) over various waterways, state highways, residential areas and railways. Installation challenges also included marshy terrain, hills and mountains. Apar Industries Limited provided engineering and installation services as well as more than 200 km of ACCC® Conductor used for all five projects. Sicame India provided ACCC® Hardware and Steel Authority of India, Ltd. Provided a number of new Rail Poles.

ACCC® Master Installer Vikash Choudhary was on site to offer installation support. Mr. Shiv Kumar Agarwal, Senior Vice President – Conductor Division, Apar Industries Ltd. stated: "A number of challenges unique to distribution lines vs. transmission lines were identified and successfully overcome. These included stringing angles, distribution grounding, tapping and transitioning to underground cables." For more information about reconductoring with ACCC® Conductors, please visit
It was great to see everyone at IEEE in New Orleans
ACCC® Conductor is currently reducing CO2 emissions by over 3.5 million metric tons every year - the equivalent of removing over 750,000 cars from the road
ACCC® ULS Conductor Offers Added Strength and Reduced Sag

First deployed on a 1.4 kilometer lake crossing in Africa in 2013, The ACCC® ULS Conductor offers greater strength, a lower coefficient of thermal expansion and higher modulus of elasticity than the standard ACCC® Conductor core. The added strength and lighter weight can enable longer spans and the higher modulus and increased stiffness reduces sag and blow out during high wind conditions. Improved stiffness can also reduce sag under heavy ice load conditions.

Dozens of engineers have specified ACCC® ULS Conductor for projects, worldwide, and the ULS version of the ACCC® Conductor has served our clients well. The ACCC® ULS Conductor is available in many sizes and offers transmission engineers added design flexibility.

The ACCC® ULS Conductor can be ordered with Type 1350-O fully annealed aluminum or as an AZR version with Aluminum-Zirconium thermal resistant alloy for even higher overall conductor strength.

The photograph below shows a 1.6 km (~1 mile) river crossing in Mozambique completed by Bouygues. Watch Installation Video
ACCC AZR Conductor – Expanding the Capabilities of the ACCC® Conductor Using Aluminum Zirconium Alloy to Combat Extreme Ice Loads

ACCC® AZR Conductor uses either the standard 310 ksi core or the higher strength 375 ksi core that is then wrapped with one or more layers of a high strength, thermal resistant aluminum-zirconium alloy. While conventional ACCC® Conductors typically use fully annealed aluminum to maximize conductivity, the ACCC AZR Conductor offers nearly the same efficiency, but far greater overall strength. The added strength and increased tensile modulus mitigates conductor sag under heavy wind or ice loads, or very long spans. To learn more visit
CTC Global's Free Conductor Comparison Program CCP™ Software is Available Online

CTC Global is pleased to announce that our highly regarded Conductor Comparison Program (CCP™) software is now available online. The new web-based version has all the features found in the Excel version, which has been replaced and will no longer be supported. The new version is designed to make it easier to use, and it also has some new features. Having CCP online will make it easier to keep it up-to-date with new wire files and other data, and to add improvements as they are made. Users will always know they have the current version every time they log in. CCP is also compatible with tablets.

Registration to use CCP requires only a valid email address and password. Users may also use CCP as a guest however, saving and export features are only available to registered users.

Thank you for using our CCP. We welcome your feedback. For technical support, please contact
Looking for ACCC® Conductor Hardware?
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CTC Global added a new Hardware Supplier Parts Database to our website. The database will help you find all of the hardware components you need to install ACCC® Conductor. The database shows which hardware manufacturers offer the parts you might need in your particular region while offering many options. 
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ACCC® Conductor is an internationally patented and trademark registered product of CTC Global Corporation. The ACCC® Conductor is manufactured in association with 35 qualified and licensed international stranding partners. If you are interested in the ACCC® Conductor, please contact CTC Global to make sure your supplier is authorized to produce and deliver ACCC® Conductor in your area. Thank You. 
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