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ACCC® News - June 2023

CTC Global to Open 5th ACCC® Conductor Core Manufacturing Facility in India

CTC Global is pleased to announce that we are opening our fifth ACCC Conductor core manufacturing facility in Pune, India later this year. J.D. Sitton, CTC Global's Chief Executive Officer made the official announcement at the Economic Times Energy Leadership Summit in New Delhi on June 20th.

Mr. Sitton stated: “With more than 200 ACCC® Conductor installations completed in India so far - and with growing demand - we have decided to invest in a local ACCC® Core production facility and workforce to better serve our ACCC® Conductor manufacturing partners and their utility and industrial customers in India and southeast Asia.”

CTC Global selected Pune as the location for the new facility due to its position as a key manufacturing hub in India with excellent transportation links. Pune also has a very large and well educated workforce and its industrial development parks are world class.

The new facility joins CTC Global's four other core manufacturing facilities in the United States, South America, Indonesia and China to serve growing demand, worldwide.

Hitesh Mundhada, CTC Global’s Vice President of South East Asia added: “India is aiming for a non-fossil fuel based installed generation capacity of 500 GW by 2030. This will require connecting the areas with high renewable energy potential to the interstate transmission system so the power generated can be delivered to load centers. The high-performance ACCC® Conductor is ideally suited to support this and other critical initiatives.”

To date, CTC Global’s manufacturing partners in India: Sterlite Power, Gupta Power and Apar Industries have delivered over 15,000 kilometers of ACCC® Conductors to major utilities in 22 Indian States and 2 territories. Please watch the brief video below:

U.S. House of Representatives Energy, Climate, and Grid Security Subcommittee Holds Hearing:

“Oversight of FERC: Adhering to a Mission of Affordable and Reliable Energy for America”

During the June 13th hearing Representative Kuster (D-NH) (at 1:56:36 of the hearing webcast) discussed the implementation of alternative transmission technologies, particularly Advanced Conductors. Directing her questions directed to FERC Chairman Willie Phillips, she inquired whether this technology could increase capacity and improve reliability and how transmission operators and utilities should be encouraged to use Advanced Conductors. Chairman Phillips responded by agreeing with the need for the implementation of this technology at every phase of the industry to see substantive change.

Rep. Kuster also asked the question on what FERC can do to encourage ISO’s and utilities to use Advanced Conductors. FERC Chair Phillips responded favorably noting the open FERC NOPR’s and said that we “must take advantage of Advanced Conductors and other Grid Enhancing Technologies (GET’s) to meet our grid objectives.”

Directing his questions at Commissioner Clements, Representative Peters (D-CA) (1:12:59) highlighted the importance of transmission to increase grid reliability and expressed his hope for bipartisan transmission legislation. Peters referenced the Big Wires legislation he’s working with Senator Hickenlooper for a minimum transfer requirement as a backstop that would cut consumer costs. His comments were supported by Commissioner Clements.

Several other important topics were discussed that can be found at the Hearing Webcast Link:

“No Transition Without Transmission”

As countries around the world strive to achieve their sustainability goals and reduce CO2 and other GHG emissions, electrification will play a major role. To deliver more clean energy to meet these objectives, building new transmission lines is key. Because there are still many challenges finding and permitting new transmission pathways, many utilities are upgrading their existing transmission and sub-transmission lines with CTC Global’s high-capacity, low-sag, energy-efficient ACCC® Conductor.

The ACCC® Conductor has proven itself at more than 1,100 projects in 65 countries to be the quickest and most economical means of doubling line capacity without the need to rebuild or replace existing structures. The ACCC® Conductor’s improved efficiency – and reduced line losses – not only frees-up generation assets that are otherwise wasted, reduced line losses also reduces fuel consumption and associated emissions. These advantages, alone, generally pay for the upgrade costs in a matter of months.

Because human, financial, and equipment resources are generally limited, the use of ACCC® Conductor can help utilities jump forward very quickly.

An impressive example of this can be learned by viewing a recent article (LINK) that described how the Bihar State Power Transmission Company Ltd. (BSPTCL) completed an incredible 22 ACCC® Conductor installations in a record 7.5 months, ~20 days ahead of a tight schedule. Kudos to CTC Global’s authorized manufacturing partner Apar Industries for not only manufacturing more than 2,450 kilometers of ACCC® Conductor for these projects, but also serving as BSPTCL’s EPC firm. A very impressive effort by all parties involved including CTC Global and hardware manufacturing partner TAG who provided more than 12,000 ACCC® Dead-ends and Splices using CTC Global produced stainless steel collet assemblies. 

South Texas Electric Cooperative Completes Another ACCC® Conductor Installation


With support from Axis Power, the South Texas Electric Cooperative (STEC) successfully completed another ACCC® Reconductoring project using Drake size ACCC® Conductor to increase the capacity of their 138 kV transmission line. The Moore to Hondo Creek reconductoring project used approximately 244,000 feet (~75 kilometers) of ACCC® Conductor with an average span of 700 feet.


The reconductoring project used existing wood H-Frame and monopole structures without modification with the exception of guy wire upgrades.


ACCC® Conductor for the project was provided by Prysmian and ACCC® Hardware was provided by Burndy and DMC. Crews used a Wagner Smith tensioner 72” and Wagner Smith reel stands with hydraulic brakes. James Atwood, CTC Global’s Master Installer was onsite to support the crew.

ACCC® Conductor Project Update

CTC Global Welcomes Our Newest ACCC® Conductor Manufacturing Partner: JSK Industries Pvt. Ltd.

CTC Global is pleased to announce its new partnership with JSK Industries Pvt. Ltd. In India. The new collaboration aims to bolster the production and distribution of ACCC® Conductors in India to support the continued modernization of India’s electric power grid. CTC Global will provide JSK Industries with CTC Global’s patented carbon fiber ACCC composite core in a range of sizes. JSK Industries will manufacture and deliver ACCC® Conductors tailored to meet the needs of India’s electric transmission and distribution utilities.


CTC Global’s Vice President of Commercial Operations, Anne McDowell stated: “JSK Industries is an innovative manufacturer of high-quality wire and cable products. Its team is very capable and enthusiastic, and they are focused on making a real difference in India. My colleagues and I are extremely excited to partner with them.” Kalpesh Shah, Director of JSK Industries added: “We are excited to collaborate with the world’s leading expert and supplier of composite cores for overhead conductors and look forward to growing the market for Advanced Conductors in India and help our Country meet its power delivery goals.”


The partnership between CTC Global and JSK Industries Pvt. Ltd. exemplifies a shared commitment to innovation, sustainable growth, and technological advancement in the power sector. By combining CTC Global's expertise in composite core technology with JSK Industries Pvt. Ltd.'s manufacturing excellence, the collaboration aims to make significant strides in improving the efficiency and reliability of power transmission systems in India and beyond.

CTC Global Participates at EEI 2023

CTC Global participated in EEI 2023 on June 11th-13th in Austin, Texas. EEI 2023 is Edison Electric Institute’s (EEI) Annual Conference, which is a top forum for electric industry leaders, soon-to-be leaders, and those who want to learn from the leaders. The event discussed how America’s investor-owned electric companies are working to get the energy they provide as clean as they can as fast as they can, reliably and affordably. In fast-paced breakouts and keynotes from the big stage, it explored key themes related to delivering resilient clean energy and powering a net-zero economy.

Topics included developing and deploying carbon-free technologies, including hydrogen; powering cryptocurrency with clean energy; ensuring energy equity; managing the risks of climate change, cyber warfare, and geopolitics; as well as delivering on the promise of electric transportation, among many others.

CTC Global was excited to attend EEI 2023 as a sponsor and look forward to continuing helping utilities modernize the transmission, sub transmission, and distribution networks in the U.S. and around the world.

ACCC® Installation Site Visit

While CTC Global enjoys hosting visitors to our California headquarters, we also appreciate it when our friends drop by active installations. The photo below was taken during a recent ACCC® Conductor installation in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We would like to thank our friends at AltaLink, Atco, Hardline Engineering, Enmax, and Burns & McDonnell for taking the time to drop by and witness a Lamifil ACCC® Conductor installation.

ACCC® Conductor is Combatting Climate Change

ACCC® Conductor line loss reductions are currently saving ~10,400,577 MWh per year. At the international average of 0.925 pounds of CO2 per kWh, that equates to reducing CO2 emissions by 4,365,033 metric tons per year. This can be translated into powering 970,656 homes in the U.S. or removing 948,920 cars from the road. Assuming the lines were being fed by thermal power plants that would also equate to saving 124 billion gallons of water – or filling 190,000 Olympic size swimming pools. (The average thermal plant uses ~12,000 gallons of water per MWh). Cumulatively, the ACCC® Conductor has reduced CO2 by ~22,966,850 metric tons.
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