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ACCC® News - December 2022
118 ACCC® Projects Energized in 2022

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of our friends, business partners, engineering firms, contractors, lab techs, industry organizations, customers and support personnel, worldwide, that have helped CTC Global grow from a team of five to over five-hundred. We are very proud to have helped develop, test and deploy a new generation of Advanced Conductors that are being embraced widely and helping build a modern, resilient and reliable power grid that is improving the quality of life for tens of millions of people, globally.
CTC Global and ENICAB Announce ACCC® Conductor Manufacturing Partnership

CTC Global is pleased to announce a partnership with Algerian based company, ENICAB, to manufacture ACCC® Conductors to support the expansion, improved efficiency, and decarbonization of the electrical power grid in Algeria.

A ceremony was held where both parties signed the partnership agreement. U.S. Ambassador to Algeria, Elizabeth Aubin, presided over the signing ceremony and remarked: “We are happy that, through this agreement, a U.S. company will support not only the expansion of the electrical power grid, but also its decarbonization as envisaged by the government of Algeria.”

In addition to ENICAB’s participants, CTC Global had representatives Steve Jackman and Djamel Zerari in attendance. CTC Global’s Senior Vice President of Business Development, Steve Jackman stated, “ENICAB is a trusted and reliable partner in Africa, and its industry leadership in Algeria will ensure that the benefits of this technology will have the maximum reach possible. This partnership will also accelerate the growth strategy of ENICAB in the market of high efficiency and high-capacity conductors.”

Benefits of ACCC® Conductors include improved efficiency, capacity and reliability while helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserving Algeria’s precious water resources at their thermal power plants. The application of ACCC® Conductors will also accelerate the integration of renewable generation from solar and wind sources into the national power system. This will ultimately enable Algeria to export excess electricity to the wider Mediterranean.

To view more information on the partnership ceremony, please visit the U.S. Embassy website.
Dashiell Completes ACCC® Upgrade in Texas

Using more than 33,000 feet of Lapwing size ACCC® Conductor manufactured by Prysmian / General Cable, and supplied through KBS Electrical Distributors, Dashiell completed their 138 kV double circuit ACCC® Reconductor project for an industrial customer in Texas City, Texas.

Dashiell selected Lapwing size ACCC® Conductor for its high-strength, high-capacity and low-sag, to ensure reliability at the industrial facility. The installation company, Dacon, completed the reconductor project using ACCC® Hardware provided by AFL. CTC Global’s Master Installer Bill Percy was on site to assist when the project began. Texas City is a city in Galveston County in the U.S. state of Texas. Located on the southwest shoreline of Galveston Bay, Texas City is a busy deep-water port on Texas's Gulf Coast, as well as a petroleum-refining and petrochemical-manufacturing center.
ACCC® Conductor by the Numbers

Line Loss Reductions of ACCC® Conductor currently installed:
Save 6,856,599 MWh every year: Enough Electricity to Power 639,907 US Homes or Recharge 1,804,368 Electric Cars

Reduce CO2 Emission by 4,268,264 Metric Tons: The Equivalent of Removing 927,884 Cars (@4.6 MT/car/year)

Replace 3,300 MW of Wind Generation: Which potentially Saves 82 Billion Gallons of Water (used at thermal power plants @12k gallon/MWh) 

Did you know the the ACCC® Conductor's performance / efficiency attributes were the first to be independently certified by SCS Global Services? Check this out
153 ACCC® Conductor Installations Underway
or in the Queue

In addition to 118 ACCC® Conductor installations energized this year, there are also 57 active projects with 82 more scheduled to start in the coming weeks. Please note a couple of jobsite photos below. If you have any questions, please visit or email
Above: Photo taken by ACCC® Master Installer Nahid Mostafa showing recently completed jumpers on Grosbeak size ACCC® Conductor in Bangladesh. Below: ACCC® Master Installer Ferney Rodriguez monitoring crew pull on Pasadena size ACCC® Conductor installation in Columbia.
Asian Development Bank Supports ACCC Installations in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is supporting a project to expand transmission lines in Greater Dhaka and the western zone using high-level technology applications to increase efficiency and reduce carbon emissions as well as strengthen climate resilience. The project area covers Dhaka, Khulna, and Barishal, which are economic growth centers. Read more here
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CTC Global added a new Hardware Supplier Parts Database to our website. The database will help you find all of the hardware components you need to install ACCC® Conductor. The database shows which hardware manufacturers offer the parts you might need in your particular region while offering many options. 
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