AC44 Monthly Digest: April 2022

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Welcome back to the AC44 monthly digest for the County’s Comprehensive Plan update! This is where we’ll share the work we’ve done over the past month, the feedback we heard, and upcoming opportunities to participate.  

Because the Comprehensive Plan involves so many different interests, this monthly newsletter is being shared with everyone who has subscribed to one or more County email lists. More frequent AC44-specific updates will be sent to AC44 subscribers.

To subscribe to the AC44 list, please visit this webpage and check the box next to "Albemarle 2044 - Comprehensive Plan Update"

What We Did

Mapping & Analysis 

This month we completed our first two installments (out of three) of the Growth Management Background Report. Throughout the AC44 process, we will use Background Reports to communicate relevant information for each phase of work. Background Reports will include existing conditions mapping, historical information, and other relevant data or background materials.  

  • Part 1: AC44 Intro and Background, provides an overview of the AC44 Comprehensive Plan update process, including information about what a Comprehensive Plan is and how it is implemented.
  • Part 2: Planning for Growth Past and Present, shares a history of growth management in Albemarle County, summarizes the current Growth Management Policy, and considers how planning for growth affects how we live, work, and travel in the county.

Stay tuned for Part 3, which will look at our capacity and projections for future growth.  

AC44 Working Group 

The AC44 Working Group is now finalized! After receiving an overwhelming response (102 applications) and reviewing the thoughtful and passionate responses, we decided to revisit our initial goals in creating a Working Group. These included how to engage the community in reaching as many people as possible, with a focus on adding new voices. Our new approach offers an opportunity for all applicants to participate. We will have five Working Groups of about 20 members each, which will each serve approximately six months. We are excited to get started with Working Group 1 next month! 

Ways to Participate

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Share your feedback about the current Growth Management Policy

We are ready to hear from you about the County’s Growth Management Policy! Over the next two weeks we will be “popping up” in various county locations to connect with community members and hear your feedback about the Growth Management Policy – the dates and locations are listed below. The content and opportunities for input will be the same at each location. 

If you can't make it to a pop-up or virtual event, we still want to hear from you! We have an online questionnaire that will be open until May 16. 

About the Comprehensive Plan

AC44 (or Albemarle County 2044) is the project name for the County’s Comprehensive Plan update and is one of the ways the County is planning for an inclusive and resilient future. The Comprehensive Plan sets priorities and serves as a guide for the future physical development of Albemarle County. The Plan includes recommendations for how and where the county should grow, supporting local businesses and industry, protecting and enhancing natural resources, providing transportation options for walking, biking, taking transit, and driving, and allowing and encouraging a variety of housing types.   

The goals for the project are to: 

  • Update plan content to reflect recent county-wide strategic initiatives including climate action planning, economic development, and multi-modal transportation planning. 
  • Ensure that equity is integrated into the engagement process and the updated plan content, consistent with the County’s recently added “Community” organizational value. 
  • Improve Plan usability by articulating clearly prioritized goals, incorporating metrics for tracking progress, and applying a modern, streamlined document design. 

The Comprehensive Plan will be updated in a four-phased approach, with the adoption of the final Comprehensive Plan expected in late 2024. We are currently in Phase 1: Plan for Growth, which will be focused on the County’s Growth Management Policy

Why the name 'Albemarle County 2044 (AC44)’?

The process to update the Comp Plan kicked off in early 2022 and is anticipated to be completed by the fall of 2024. When adopted, the Comp Plan will be in effect from 2024 to 2044 with periodic updates, in response to changing conditions and trends in the county. 'AC44' is an abbreviation of the full project name.

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Meet Our Team

We have a talented, multidisciplinary team working on AC44. Contact us by phone or email: -or- (434) 296-5832 ext. 3272


Rachel Falkenstein

Planning Manager


Tori Kanellopoulos

Senior Planner II


Mariah Gleason

Urban Designer

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Ben Holt

Senior Planner II

AC44 Team Headshots.png

Zoe Larive

Planning Intern


Serena Gruia

Public Engagement Coordinator


Dr. Irtefa Binte-Farid

Coordinator for Equity & Accountability

Have You Visited Our Online Engagement Center?

We are looking forward to providing you with a variety of robust tools designed to enable you to share your expertise, ideas, and feedback with us on a regular basis.

Please visit the site and register to access current and future projects.

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We have a new podcast! The Let’s Talk Albemarle podcast seeks to foster community participation through the exploration of important topics in Albemarle County. Listen free on Apple Podcast, iHeart, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, or our website.

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