Shabbat Tazriaf

April 13, 2024 / 5 Nisan 5784


Kabbalat Shabbat Service: Friday, 6:30pm in the Mayer Cavalier Chapel

Sanctuary Service: Saturday, 9:45am in the Sanctuary, on Zoom, or via Livestream

Minyan M'at Service: Saturday, 10am in 5 North

West Side Minyan Hybrid Service: Saturday, 9:40am P'sukei D'zimra, 10am Shacharit on the 6th Floor or on Zoom

Mishpacha Service (Ages 0-4, with Parents): Saturday, 11am in 2 North

Yigdal Service (Ages 5-7, with Parents): Saturday, 11am in 2 South

Big Kids Service (Ages 8-12, Kids Only): Saturday, 11am in the Mayer Cavalier Chapel

TeleTefila Havdallah: Saturday, 8:16pm on Zoom


Saturday, 9am: Rabbi Jules Harlow Parshat HaShavua Class in the Mayer Cavalier Chapel or on ZoomClick here for the Source Sheet (updated Friday)

Sunday, 10am: Rugrats Passover in 5 North

Tuesday, 7:30pm: Shirei Chesed Rehearsal in 5 North

Wednesday, 7pm: Wednesday Night Talmud in the Mayer Cavalier Chapel or on Zoom

Wednesday, 7:30pm: An Evening with Krav Maga Expert Tsahi Shemesh in 5 North

Thursday (4/18), 6:30pm: Questioning and Kashering with Rabbi Kalmanofsky in the AC Kitchen


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Mazel Tov to Tessa Leaf, her parents, Erica Ackerberg and Daniel Leaf, and her sister, Silvie, on her Bat Mitzvah this Shabbat.

We also wish Mazel Tov to Nancy Sinkoff and Gary Dreiblatt on the birth of a granddaughter, Sadie, to Ezra and Jessie.


Updating AC's Bylaws

Ansche Chesed’s bylaws were last updated in 2012. Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP has generously been working pro bono with the board of trustees to update these bylaws and to develop charters for various committees. By state law, changes to the bylaws of a religious corporation must be considered at two public meetings -- a special meeting to announce and distribute the proposed changes and then another meeting where members will vote. To facilitate wide attendance, we will hold the special meeting after services on Saturday, April 27th at 12:15pm, where we will distribute hard copies of the proposed bylaws. Separately, we’ll electronically send a copy to all Ansche Chesed households. At the annual membership meeting on June 2nd starting at 6:30pm, we’ll be voting on the updated bylaws.

AC Cemetery Plots

Did you know that Ansche Chesed has cemetery plots available for purchase, by both members and nonmembers, at beautiful Riverside Cemetery in Saddlebrook, New Jersey? Start planning now so that this is taken care of for your loved ones. You’ll also be supporting Ansche Chesed through your purchase.

Email or call Martin in our office at (212) 865-0600 ext. 216 to make these arrangements. The price of one plot is currently $1,000, but will be raised to $1,400 on July 1st.



Please join us for a short but impactful Israel trip from June 16-20.

This trip will be a community building experience, connecting us to each other and to our brothers and sisters in Israel during this difficult time.

We will:

  • Visit Gaza border communities to witness the damage from October 7, and speak to survivors and returnees, now rebuilding their communities. 
  • Volunteer to help Israelis, many still dislocated from their homes.
  • Meet experts, thought-leaders, and activists who will help us understand Israeli society since October 7 and what will come when the war ends. What do Israelis hope for and fear in terms of social cohesion and an evolving political landscape? What will be the future of last year’s democracy movements? What prospects for peace still remain?
  • Meet hostage families, through the Families Forum and visit Tel Aviv’s Hostage Square. (May this be unnecessary and may all the hostages come home today!)
  • Meet leading Arab citizens of Israel. What challenges and possibilities for shared society face the 20 percent of non-Jewish Israelis? 
  • Religious activists. What Jewish resources are available to sustain a divided and wounded society? 

In addition to those timely, heavy topics, we hope to visit Jerusalem’s gorgeous brand new National Library, a treasure trove of Jewish history and culture, and Tel Aviv’s Anu: Museum of the Jewish People, and enjoy some of Jerusalem’s and Tel Aviv’s fabulous food, wine and special atmospheres.

To ascertain that we have a viable group of at least 20 participants, please confirm your participation promptly at this link. You also may indicate your desire for more info.  


An Evening with Krav Maga Expert: Tsahi Shemesh

Wednesday, April 17 from 7:30 - 9pm in 5 North

The rise in antisemitism since October 7th impacts all of us. The growing number of verbal and physical attacks, even here on the UWS, have served as a wake up call that Jews can be targeted everywhere. Ansche Chesed is proud to host an interactive seminar with Tsahi Shemesh, the founder and CEO of Krav Maga Experts, our neighbor on 100th Street. Tsahi will talk about what Jews can do to defend themselves and how to identify potential threats before they escalate. It will be an evening of discussion as well as a demonstration of Krav Maga techniques, and audience participation. Wear loose-fitting clothes!

Space is limited, so please RSVP here through their online platform.


Community Second Seder -- Register by Next Wednesday

Tuesday, April 23 at 6:30pm

This year consider joining us for an engaging participatory intergenerational Seder celebration. Rich in songs in many languages, rooted in tradition, highlighting and weaving together unique stories and experiences of everyone around the table. No one leaves a stranger!

"Let all who are hungry come and eat." -- Our seder is open to AC members and non-members, adults and children. RSVP Online

Sell Your Hametz and Passover Kashrut

To designate Rabbi Kalmanofsky to sell your chametz, please fill out the online form by Monday, April 22 at 11am. Contact the Office with any questions. 

For helpful information on Passover Kashrut, see below for a Q & A with Rabbi Kalmanofsky or check the Rabbinical Assembly's handy online guide.

Social Action

As in past years, we are collecting non-perishable packaged foods for the West Side Campaign Against Hunger. Food may be brought to the 100th Street lobby until Thursday, April 18 at noon. You can also donate to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund, writing WSCAH in the check memo or Payment Notes section, or donate directly to them.

We are also collecting new, unopened packs of adult men's and women's underwear to distribute to homeless immigrants with Artists, Activists and Athletes. You can drop them off in the collection box in the AC lobby by Thursday evening, April 18.

Rugrats Passover

Sunday, April 14 at 10am in 5 North

Geared at Kids Ages 2-6 and Families

Join Tommy Pickles, Grandpa Boris and all their Rugrats friends for a morning of Passover fun. We'll watch the classic '90's Rugrats Passover special, get our hands dirty with a Passover craft, and do a taste test for the best Kosher for Passover snacks on the market. RSVP Online

Questioning and Kashering with Rabbi Kalmanofsky

Thursday, April 18 from 6:30 - 8:30pm in AC's Kitchen

To get ready for Passover, please bring your Kashrut questions and your pots and pans. We'll help you prepare for the feast of freedom by boiling away the Hametz. 

Hametzfest Family Shabbat Dinner

Friday, April 19, Service at 5:30pm and Dinner at 6:15pm

Let us take care of Shabbat dinner on the last Shabbat before Passover! Families with kids are invited to join us for a participatory Family Kabbalat Shabbat Service at 5:30 and dinner at 6:15, including Open Gym for kids. RSVP here by Wednesday, April 17 at 10am.

Pesach Service Schedule

Sunday, April 21

Bedikat Chametz (Search for Chametz)

After sunset

Monday, April 22

Erev Pesach

Morning Minyan 7:30am

Followed by Siyyum for the First Born


Stop eating chametz by 10:38 am

Sell, burn, or destroy chametz by 11:46 am

Candle lighting 7:25pm


First Seder

Tuesday, April 23 Pesach Day 1

Sanctuary Service 9:45am

In-Person, Livestreamed or via Zoom


Minyan M'at Service

10am in 5 North

Candle lighting after 8:26pm


Second Seder


Community Second Seder

6:30pm in Hirsch Hall

Wednesday, April 24

Pesach Day 2

Sanctuary Service 9:45am

In-Person, Livestreamed or via Zoom


Minyan M'at Service

10am in 5 North

TeleTefila Service on Zoom:

9:40am Psukei Dzimra

10am Shacharit 

Ma'ariv Service


Monday, April 29

Pesach Day 7

Sanctuary Service 9:45am

In-Person, Livestreamed or via Zoom


Minyan M'at Service

10am in 5 North

TeleTefila Service on Zoom:

9:40am Psukei Dzimra

10am Shacharit 

Candle lighting after 8:33pm

Tuesday, April 30

Pesach Day 8

Sanctuary Service 9:45am

In-Person, Livestreamed or via Zoom


Minyan M'at Service

10am in 5 North

Holiday ends 8:34pm


If you are looking for ways to help or resources addressing the ongoing conflict, check the Israel page on our website.

Wrestling with October 7 and its Aftermath:

A Series of Panel Discussions with Minyan M'at

Third Panel on Thursday, May 2

Fourth Panel on Thursday, May 9

Minyan M’at is thrilled to sponsor a series of panels devoted to exploring issues that affect our community after the horrors of October 7 and Israel’s response. Outstanding Jewish thinkers will come together to talk about Jewish communal responses to October 7, the role of Zionism for Diaspora Jewry, the role of “Jewish Progressives”, and how we should think about prayer in a time of war. Learn More and RSVPf


Weekday Morning Minyan

Mondays - Fridays at 7:30am

Sundays and Civil Holidays at 8:30am

in the Mayer Cavalier Chapel or on Zoom

Join our WhatsApp group, which we'll post to when we need people.

Misheberakh List

We invite you to add the names of your dear ones. Please re-submit them each English calendar month if you'd like us to keep davvening for them.


Rabbi Jules Harlow Parshat HaShavuah Class

Saturdays, 9am in the Mayer Cavalier Chapel or on Zoom


Come before class at 8:45am for hot coffee and schmoozing! This class is dedicated to Rabbi Jules Harlow, a great teacher of Torah and Jewish liturgy. Click for this week's Source Sheet (updated Friday afternoons)

Shirei Chesed Community Chorus

Tuesdays, 7:30-9pm in 5 North

Shirei Chesed builds community through a rich repertoire of Jewish music, bringing harmony into a world that needs it more than ever. For more information or to schedule an audition, email Hazzan Hirschhorn.

Wednesday Night Talmud

Wednesdays, 7pm in the Mayer Cavalier Chapel or on Zoom

Join us to study tractate Sanhedrin, chapter 4. This class is best in person -- so please come! Also available via Zoom (ID: 837 8598 8052 | Passcode: chesed)

Parsha Talk


Join Rabbi Kalmanofsky and his buddies, Rabbis Barry Chesler and Eliot Malomet, for their weekly Parsha Talk. Watch the latest episode


Chef's Table

Our long-time friend and kitchen tenant, Bruce Soffer of Chef's Table, offers you catering menus for Shabbat and holidays. Chef's Table prepares delicious kosher meals, delivered right to your door.


Contact Bruce at (917) 868-7964 or his website for more information.

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising 81st Anniversary Ceremony

Friday, April 19 at 2pm in Riverside Park (at ‘Der Shteyn’ near the West 83rd St. entrance)

This ceremony has taken place, rain or shine, at “Der Shteyn” (The Stone) in the park for the last 77 years. AC member Jeff French Segall's coverage of last year's event in the West Side Rag is here.


Seeking Apartment for Pesach -- From Judith Edelstein

Adult couple seeking an apartment in NY for Pesach. Please let me know of any leads at

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