The dogs listed in this newsletter were special cases, but there are many more Brittanys in need that come into ABR's care that you don't hear about. We provide each one with foster care, health and temperament screening, and any necessary veterinary care. In the spirit of GivingTuesday, please consider helping ABR by making a donation of any size so we can continue to "do good" and help Brittanys.


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Where Are They Now?

Total Raised: $59,787.00

May 2019 - October 2021

In rescue, we never know when that call will come for a dog who needs significant help and needs it fast. Through the years, we have had to turn to our supporters for special help in raising funds for these Brittanys in need of some extra TLC. From expensive travels to costly medical procedures to a surprise litter of (many!) puppies, we have been able to meet their needs through the generosity of our donors. One of the ways people donate is through our Giving Grid targeting specific dogs. Whether an individual contribution is large or small, we are always amazed, humbled and awed by the power of our supporters to come together and make a positive change in a Brittany's life. In illustration of just how far your kindness goes and with infinite gratitude, we share these updates on our Giving Grid recipients.


Luigi: $2,032 / 12.28.19

Luigi then.jpeg

Then: Senior Luigi was homeless after his owner passed away until ABR was contacted and placed him in a foster home. But Luigi’s comfort was short lived. He was diagnosed with perianal fistulas, an anal infection that will not heal completely. Medication made a huge difference in controlling the infection and making him more comfortable, but the cost of medication is over $2,000.00 annually. Luigi needed help so that he could enjoy life in his permanent foster home.

Now: Luigi is a long-term foster in South Carolina. He is living the Good Life!

Lucky Penny: $5,048 / 8.14.20

Lucky Penny Then.jpeg

Then: Four-year-old Lucky Penny was surrendered to ABR when her owner was in hospice, and it is a lucky thing that she was. She was diagnosed with a heart condition, patent ductus arteriosus, that causes congestive heart failure and death at a young age. But the good news was that with surgery, she would have a normal life expectancy. The cost for this surgery would be $5,000.00, and it was urgent.

Lucky Penny now.jpeg

Now: Lucky Penny had the necessary surgery and after her follow up visit was adopted by her foster-to-adopt family in Pennsylvania. She has a human big sister and another Brittany who is now her BFF!

Rollie: $2,000 / 12.2.20

Rollie then.jpeg

Then: Rollie had been wandering the streets of a rural Alabama town for weeks eating what he could and drinking from puddles. One day he hopped into a local gentleman’s car, and he was surrendered to ABR. Rollie was diagnosed with perianal fistula, an ongoing medical condition requiring medication. The medication unfortunately can cause abnormal growth of tissue resulting in a painful overgrowth of his gums. Rollie needed surgery costing $1,500.00 to remove the overgrown tissue of his gums and stop the discomfort, allowing him to eat normally again.

Rollie after surgery.jpg

Now: Because of his age and medical issues, Rollie was a forever foster in Tennessee living with a retired ICU nurse who was uniquely qualified to manage his health problems. The surgery trimmed Rollie's gums so he could eat and drink more easily. A bonus from the surgery was that the dental surgeon suggested a different treatment for the perianal fistula, one that would not cause Rollie's gums to grow necessitating a gingivoplasty every two years. Rollie did very well with this new treatment. Sadly, Rollie developed another illness and his wonderful, loving forever foster mom helped him cross the Bridge in September of 2021.

Miss Molly: $5,767 / 1.28.21

Molly then.jpeg

Then: Molly came to ABR in January of 2021 with a massive lipoma tumor on her shoulder which invaded her muscle and bone. It had been diagnosed in 2019, but sadly the owner did not treat it. It had tripled in size! Molly tired quickly. She had pain and was limping and holding up her leg. This sweet girl was only 8 years old. Once in ABR care, the vet determined that amputating her leg would be the only way to prevent the lipoma from coming back. Molly also needed to be spayed and have her teeth cleaned.

Molly now.jpg

Now: Molly is doing great with her new family in Reno! She is such a love bug and acts just like a puppy. Having three legs has not hindered Molly at all. She runs and slides in the house when she plays with her toys, and darts outside to bark at people walking by. Her favorite daily task is counter surfing the island in kitchen! She did not play well with others when she came to rescue, but she now has an 11-year-old Lhasa mix sister and they love to play and bark in backyard together. They are side-by-side on their daily walks. Molly is an excellent hunter, always pointing at birds or even a squirrel. When she plays fetch she is so gentle, and she prances like she has a bird in her mouth. Molly loves the whole family, but she has a special bond with her youngest human sister, Becca. Becca filled out the ABR application, and they are best friends.

Jake: $5,330 / 3.27.21

Jake then.jpeg

Then: Jake is a senior Brittany who was found on the roadside by a good Samaritan who brought him to ABR. Jake weighed only 22 pounds when he was found. He was parasite infested, heartworm positive, and still intact. He also had recurring painfully impacted anal glands caused by a perianal hernia requiring surgery by specialist to evaluate and operate.

Jake now.jpeg

Now: Jake’s surgery was successful. He was adopted by his foster family and is loving every minute of his fabulous new life!

Taylor: $5,105 / 9.15.21


Then: Senior Taylor began suffering from hind-end weakness and pain this spring, resulting in a reluctance to walk and inability to rise when lying down. After a wrong diagnosis at the local vet, the University of Tennessee vet school diagnosed Taylor with a left cranial cruciate ligament rupture and probable meniscal tear. He also had a right cranial cruciate ligament rupture. Taylor needed surgery to be pain free and mobile again. The estimated cost was $4,500.00.


Now: Taylor had his surgery and is doing well! He has a long recovery ahead, with twice-daily physical therapy. He doesn’t hesitate to stop the sessions for belly rubs! Taylor has a wonderful attitude and accepts life as it is right now. He will have x-rays at the eight-week mark to check on the progress of his healing.

Buster: $6,180 / 10.16.21

Buster then and now.jpg

Then: Buster’s owner passed away leaving Buster to the care of his sister. He requested that Buster be euthanized. Fortunately she contacted ABR instead, and thank goodness she did! The vets told us that Buster needed immediate surgery or he may die within the month. His condition, patent ductus arteriosus, is an opening between two major blood vessels leading from the heart. Buster needed surgery so he can live a full life to an expected term. Buster's surgery would cost $5,000.00.


Now: Buster's surgery was a huge success! The veterinarians feel he will make a full recovery and his heart will shrink back to a normal size, which will enable him to live a full life to his expected age. The veterinary team was amazed that Buster was still alive, since most dogs with his condition do not live beyond a year. He is a fighter and a walking miracle.


Jenny and 11 Surprise Puppies: $3,045


Jenny Then.jpeg

Then: Jenny was one of three Brittanys surrendered by a breeder. No one knew she was carrying 11 Brittany puppies until she had a vet check. SURPRISE! We were blessed with five girls and six boys. But it would take a village to raise them all. The estimated the cost was $200.00 for each pup for whelping supplies, veterinary visits, vaccines, micro-chipping, blankets, new toys, food, and collars and leashes for when they are adopted.

Now: After delivering the 11 wonderful puppies under the incredible care of her foster mom, Jenny has a fantastic home in Poulsbo, Washington. She is one of two very spoiled doggies in the home, and she deserves it.

Jenny 11 LUCY.jpeg

The puppies made it around the country. Lucy (first) and Quinn (second) went all the way to Wisconsin. Lucy is her dad’s hunting partner and loves playing with crabs at the beach. Quinn was mom’s caretaker when she was sick and is in charge of insect patrol in the house.

Jenny 11 QUINN.jpeg
Jenny 11 RIVER.jpeg

River is in Philomath, Oregon. River likes walkies and to lie in front of the fire on a cold night.

Jenny 11 Lando.jpeg

Lando lives in Renton, WA and snoopervises his dad while he is working from home.

Jenny 11 JAMIE.jpeg

Jamie lives in Edmonds, WA and gets top marks for huggies!

Jenny 11 PENNY.jpg
Jenny 11 HAMILTON.jpeg

Two of the puppies, Penny (first) and Hamilton (second) are in Seattle. Penny loves the beach and squirrel hunting, and Hamilton is a champion fly hunter and snuggler.

Jenny 11 NELLIE.jpeg
Jenny 11 RUSS.jpeg

Nellie (first) and Russell (second) remained in Spokane, WA. Nellie is an excellent bird hunter and loves her walkies. Russell is in charge of marmot pest control, and since he grew up with goats, he often acts like one.

Jenny 11 GINNY.jpeg

Ginny is in Boulder, Colorado. Ginny is her mom’s strength and comfort during her mom’s illness.

Jenny 11 CHEYENNE now.JPG

The last puppy, Cheyenne, went north of Spokane and lives on Deer Lake. Cheyenne loves her dock and wading in the water. She is the hostess to foster dogs and makes them feel at home.

A Facebook page called Brittanys in the Light was started to keep track of Jenny and the puppies. The adopters of all eleven puppies, Jenny, and Figgy (the sire who is also an ABR alum) are all in the group. In every puppy, you can see the resemblance as they have gotten older. They weigh from a petite 28 to 50 pounds.

The adopters of Jenny and the Jenny 11 puppies would like to say “Thank You!” to all the awesome people who donated to their care through The Giving Grid. We want you to know we are absolutely in love with them all and appreciate your help.


The Garden Prairie 10: $2,660 / 2.7.20

Then: It’s a call no rescue wants to get. A breeder died, leaving 10 Senior Sweethearts behind without a plan. Fortunately, a family member heard about ABR. The dogs had been lacking vet care and needed vaccinations, dentals, spay/neuter, and medication for fleas, parasites and infections. In addition, several needed surgery for growths and mammary issues.

10 Senior Sweethearts then.jpeg
10 Senior Sweethearts BARNEY now.jpeg


Barney is doing awesome in his forever home in Illinois. He loves to go on long walks through the forest preserves, making sure to smell everything, everywhere. At home he is very relaxed, usually laying in his bed with his legs crossed and watching everything going on in the room. It took some time, but he’s now very comfortable around his dad and follows him everywhere. Barney continues to blossom, with new improvements every month. He just recently started having zoomie episodes and playing with his toys! 

Benny sadly died when canine flu went through vet boarding. Benny never made it to a foster home.

Bella’s foster family helped her over the Bridge due to her multiple health issues.

10 Senior Sweethearts JJ Now.jpg

JJ went to Ohio to his foster-now-forever home. JJ was terrified of threshholds of any kind. Getting him in and out of his travel crate was difficult, and when he first arrived home, JJ had to be carried through each door. With the help of his family’s four Brittanys, it didn’t take him long to learn the dog door. He quickly figured out that everyone would get fed, that couches and laps were really nice, and that you didn’t have to stay outside when it was cold. There were several wonderful adoption applications for JJ, but as his foster parents watched him run for the simple joy of running, help his brothers and sister keep track of the birds and squirrels in the cottonwood tree, warm up to the grandkids, and vie for a place on a lap, they couldn’t imagine him without furry siblings or the opportunity to go out in the yard to run any time he wanted. He became their foster failure. His mom writes, “We like to think JJ’s life is full, almost as full as our hearts, when we see him chase his butterflies and circle the yard (to quote Beverly Cleary) ‘on feet of joy.’”

10 Senior Sweethearts Rebel.jpg

Rebel was adopted by a family in Illinois. Rebel has come a long way in the year-and-half since her adoption. She spent the first nine years of her life living outside making baby Britts for a backyard breeder so she was never part of a family. She was more of an employee than a family member. This led to her distrust in men. Her foster mom did a great job helping her to adjust to indoor living and family life, but despite these strides, the first thing she did when she met her forever dad was bite him. He did not give up on her, and now she will approach him and let him love all over her. Mom is by far her favorite though, and she follows along wherever mom goes. Rebel also has a best friend in George, a rescue pup who joined the family. When she is not following mom around, Rebel loves to spend time in the yard running, playing with George, and begging for treats from the neighbor. But her favorite thing is chasing butterflies!

10 Senior Sweerhearts Buster Rusty now.jpeg

Buster, now Rusty, is living the Good Life with his forever family in Wisconsin. He is such a good boy! He loves the dog park where he chases butterflies. At home, he patrols the perimeter of the yard between afternoon naps. His only initial challenge was that he treated the cats as prey, but he learned quickly to leave them alone. In fact now his feline sister kind of bullies Rusty and makes him wait for a few seconds before eating - she just wants to remind him who is the boss!

Now: Nancy received the care she ntinues to deal with some health issues, but her foster family is excited to adopt

10 Senior Sweethearts Bubba now.jpeg

Rocko, now known as Bubba, is in long term foster care in Kentucky. He has epilepsy, but he is enjoying his life to the fullest. He is his mom’s 24/7 sidekick and loves going to work with her. Bubba was afraid of everything when he arrived and knew nothing about living in a house. Although he still has some fears, he has come such a long way from where he was. His mom’s favorite story is how he got his new name. She tried every iteration of Rocko and he wouldn’t respond in the least. In frustration, she said “Aw, Bubba, I wish you could come!” And he did. So “Bubba” it was, from then on.

10 Senior Sweethearts Santi.jpeg

Santi joined a foster-to-adopt family with an ABR Volunteer in Wisconsin. When the first email asking for help came to her email, his mom scrolled past it. She was traveling a lot for work and things were a bit hectic. Then the second ask came. Santi’s mom opened the email and looked at the photos. It was love at first sight. Santi joined his family right before the COVID lockdown. 


Santi is one of the sweetest and most gentle dogs. He’s goofy, loves to be pet and rubbed, enjoys car rides and hanging out at the camper. He gets along with every person and dog he’s met. It probably has something to do with his name - Santi in Hindi means “peace.” In some ways Santi is like a puppy. He doesn’t understand his size and needs frequent potty breaks. He doesn’t “get” tables and he’s been on more than one. When he gets “zoomies” in the morning — look out! Walking on a leash was new to him and he still gets frustrated with it. Look out if you are walking and don’t notice the butterfly, bee, dragonfly or other bug that flew by … because he’ll be running sideways to chase it and eat it. 


Santi is still working through his fear of thunderstorms. He also has some anxiety which causes some frantic pacing and inability to settle. He also has a severe heart murmur and arrhythmia. He’s on medication now and his family keeps a close eye on him in stressful situations and hot weather. He recently needed to have six more of his few remaining teeth removed. This lack of molars doesn’t stop him from chewing on the antlers and bamboo bones! 


He and his buddy Pumpkin are ready for most adventures. His other pack member Sammy who is 14 prefers to participate from the sidelines. Mom writes, “With the challenges of our times, we feel Santi was meant for us … he brings us joy and smiles everyday.”

10 Senior Sweethearts Tessa now.jpeg

Tessa was adopted by a family in Illinois. She was quite shy at first and had to learn how to be a dog. She quickly learned how to climb the stairs, sleep in a comfy dog bed, play with toys, and more.


For the first several months she wouldn't leave mom’s side, and every time another dog came close, she would go subordinate and lie on her back. In time, that changed to just lying down, then sitting. She found some coping skills by running off into the woods or prairie, and occasionally she will even turn around and growl if they won't leave her alone. Tessa has found some self-confidence!!


She has a long walk daily, her favorite two hours of every day. She absolutely loves running free and will now leave mom’s side to sniff and explore (and occasionally bring a few gifts of rabbits and birds and mice). You could say she is a dog again.


Although she is almost 12, her family hopes to give her the happiest and most loving home to fill out the rest of her life. There are five people in the house who give her tons of pets and love all day, and really, that's all she wants! She is such a gentle and loving soul and everyone who meets her immediately falls in love.


Tessa has some health issues including stage 2 heart problems, as well as kidney issues and frequent urinary tract infections. Despite these expenses, her family wouldn't trade her for the world. Mom writes, “Tessa has been an absolute treasure. We feel so incredibly lucky to have been chosen to be her family! Adopting Tessa has been one of the most fantastic experiences of my family's life. We love her so much and the love and joy she gives us will be with us forever!”

10 Senior Sweethearts Timmy.JPG

Timmy was adopted by a Wisconsin Family and knew only love until he crossed the Bridge in early 2021.


Nancy: $2,540 / 5.11.19

Nancy Then.jpeg

Then: ABR rescued Nancy from a Korea meat farm and a high-kill shelter where she had contracted two deadly diseases. She had the often-fatal Parvo Virus requiring treatment that cost $180 per day. Nancy was also heartworm positive, and if she recovered from Parvo she would require expensive heartworm treatment. She was also in need of additional veterinary care, boarding fees, a crate and airfare to the US.

Nancy now.jpeg

Now: Nancy received the care she needed for Parvo and heartworm. She remains with her foster family as she continues to deal with some health issues, but her foster family is excited to adopt her once she gets the medical “all clear!”

Russell: $10,000

First Giving Grid $5,000 / 6.11.19; Second Giving Grid $5,000 / 10/1/20

Russell Then.jpeg

Then: Russell was either beaten or hit by a car in Turkey. He suffered two broken and dislocated hips, a fractured knee, wrist, and toes. He came to the US, and under ABR ‘s care he had the first surgery on his right hip and a platelet injection for his knee totaling almost $5000. After recovery from that, Russ faced additional surgeries.

Russell Now.jpg

Now: Sweet Russ, or affectionately known at ABR as “Russell the Muscle” or “Brussel Sprout,” has been through the ringer! He has had two hip surgeries, a knee surgery, and most recently an elbow surgery with a long recovery period including lots of physiotherapy. Despite all his physical challenges, Russ has an unbreakable spirit. He is the happiest dog and everyone falls in love with him wherever he goes. He is finally pain free and runs like a crazy dog! Russ was adopted by his foster-to-adopt family as soon as his recovery was complete-- with the perfect timing to finalize his adoption on his mom's happiest birthday!

Kyma: $3,345 / 8.1.19

Kyma Then.jpeg

Then: Kyma was found wandering the streets in Greece, alone, hungry and suffering with a mammary tumor that weighed over two pounds. Thankfully she was taken off the street by our ABR partners in Greece. With our support, she had surgery to remove the benign mammary tumor.

Now: Kyma recovered well from her surgery! But she needed time to regain weight and strength. Through our rescue partner in Athens Greece, ABR found a forever home with a veterinarian in the U.K. that could help her with her rehabilitation.

Rosa: $1,805 / 8.1.19

Rosa Then.jpeg

Then: Rosa was rescued from terrible conditions at a kill station in Spain by our ABR partners. She had a painful prolapsed tear gland in both eyes which caused a red protrusion called "Cherry Eye." Rosa needed a simple surgery to correct her eyes.

Now: Rosa’s road to recovery went well! She had the surgery to fix the two painful prolapsed tear glands in her eyes. The next step in her journey was a short one because ABR was able to place her in a great forever home through one of our ABR partners in Spain.

Liza: $1,750 / 9.10.19

Liza Then.jpg

Then: Lovely Liza was rescued in Greece. She was found wandering the streets, starving and alone. She flew to the U.S. through ABR International Rescue. Liza needed dental surgery to fix a painful condition of her teeth. She also has a black irregular tumor on her lip that needs to be surgically removed and biopsied.

Liza Now.JPG

Now: Liza was in December of 2019. After arriving in her forever home in Arizona, she overcame some additional health issues and went through an adjustment period eventually learning her boundaries well. Liza loves everyone she meets and is full of energy! When she is not playing with her favorite toy, Lambchop, she can be found looking for lizards and watching the birds in her backyard—and always checking in to see where Mom is. Liza’s favorite part of the day is going on her daily walk where she can see all the critters and show off her hunting instincts. She is a true joy, and her family is madly in love with her.

Yates: $985 / 12.12.19

Yates then.jpeg

Then: Yates, a beautiful black and white French Brittany, was rescued from dire conditions in Turkey in 2015. He lived in a refuge waiting to find his forever home. Finally ABR had a home waiting for him, and all that stood between Yates and his new home was $800.00 for transport.

Now: Due to Covid restrictions that hit in March 2020, we worked with another rescue organization to find Yates a forever home and get him from Spain to the U.K.


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