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October 5 - AmCham Kuwait held a joint webinar with OSAC, and (ISC)² on ‘Enterprise Risk Management: The Relationship Between Traditional Security and Cybersecurity. The purpose of the conference was to assist private sector leaders with understanding the necessity of integrating cybersecurity into their risk management programs. Read more...

October 16 - AIU hosted two prominent government representatives from the leadership at NASA - James Miller, Deputy Director of Policy & Strategic Communication, and Tony Foster, Deputy Chief at the NASA Search and Rescue Office. The Two Experts met with the students and discussed space technology. We thank the American International University for kindly hosting us, and we look forward to the next time! Read more...

October 19 - 20 -AmCham Kuwait participated as a Strategic Partner at the 3rd Gulf Cyber-Security Conference & Exhibition organized by Consulenza Global. As the world has been immersing itself into the digital era, we see a massive increase of threats and cyber-attacks that organizations and entities go through every day. Cyber-security touches upon every single sector, therefore, we found it to be important to have representation as Strategic Partners in this exhibition as the exhibition enabled us to bring experts from American companies to share their views and best practices with the participants. Read more...

October 22 - The Embassy of the United States of America to Kuwait announced the "Discover America Week" launch. Discover America Week highlighted different aspects of American culture and expertise including music, food, sports, technology, education, and tourism. Read more...

October 22 - In collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait, The Sultan Centre (TSC) hosted 'A Taste of America' as one of the opening events for Discover America Week at TSC in Sharq Mall. Read more...

October 24 - As part of Discover America Week AmCham Kuwait and the U.S. Embassy hosted an event on ‘How to do Business with the U.S. Military’. The U.S. Military held presentations on the topic of registering in the U.S.federal government systems, requisites for upcoming projects, and upcoming opportunities in Kuwait. Read more...

October 27 - AmCham Kuwait Hosts 37th Annual Gala & Excellence Awards. We would like to thank all the awardees for their great efforts, engagement, and support, as their incredible efforts ultimately drive the goal of our organization which is to increase the bilateral relations between the US and Kuwait. We would also like to give a special thanks to the event's sponsors: Platinum Sponsor - KRH, Silver Sponsor - Tariq Alghanim Limited, and Travel & Tourism Partner - IFA International Travel & Tourism. Read more...

October 28 - The Discover America Week-American Car Show was held at the U.S. Embassy to highlight classic and modern American Cars. Read more...

October 29 - Harley Davidson and the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait hosted the closing event for Discover America Week: The Harley Davidson Ride. Groups of riders and individuals started their drive together from the Harley Davidson showroom, and cross the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah causeway. Read more...

October 30 - AmCham Kuwait's Banking & Finance Focus Group meets for Q4 Read more...

October 30 - AmCham Kuwait participates at the U.S. Embassy's National Day


On leveraging innovative technologies to facilitate economic diversification and small business financing

GEORGE RICHANI: Diversification efforts are moving ahead in line with the New Kuwait 2035 vision, even though the pace of economic transformation still relies largely on oil prices. This means that in the short term, diversification efforts may be slower than anticipated, and we expect to see considerable government measures in this area when oil prices begin to decline. Read more...

AIU welcomes NASA to Kuwait

James Miller is the deputy director of Policy and Strategic communications within the Space and Communications Navigation (SCaN) program at the NASA headquarters. Mr. Miller has also been the Executive Director for the National Space-based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) Advisory Board since 2007 and a recipient of the Institute of Navigation Norman P. Read more...

AUK Invited by Montclair State University’s Women Entrepreneurship Week

AUK was invited by Montclair State University’s Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation to partake in their 9th annual Women Entrepreneurship Week. Hundreds of colleges and universities globally participate in this event, celebrating female founders within different communities.  

The College of Business and Economics (CBE) at AUK collaborated with the Women Empowerment Club to host a panel discussion in the AUK theater that was moderated by Dr. Salime Smadi, associate professor of organizational behavior; Dr. Mariam Al-Sabah, assistant professor of finance and marketing; and Dr. Sarah Al-Shamali, assistant professor of marketing.Read more...


New partnership brings Microsoft Teams to Cisco meeting room devices

REDMOND, Wash., and SAN JOSE, Calif. — Oct. 12, 2022 — Cisco and Microsoft Corp. Wednesday announced at Microsoft’s annual Ignite conference a new partnership that will provide customers with more choice. In the first half of 2023, Cisco and Microsoft will soon offer the ability to run Microsoft Teams natively on Cisco Room and Desk devices Certified for Microsoft Teams, with the option of Teams as the default experience. Cisco will become a partner in the Certified for Microsoft Teams program for the first time. Read more...

Corporate Tax in Kuwait

The government of Kuwait has imposed corporate tax under Kuwait Decree No. 3/1955 on Kuwait Income Tax, as amended by Kuwait Law No. 2/2008, at a flat rate of 15%. Kuwait Decree No. 3/1955 provides for some amended provisions making any foreign entity carrying on trade or business in Kuwait, except the ones already registered in any other part of GCC, obliged to pay such corporate tax in the prescribed manner.


  • GCC: Gulf Cooperation Council. DIT: Department of Income Tax.
  • Practical Guidance


Dell Technologies transforms the edge with project frontier software platform

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Dell Technologies (NYSE:DELL) introduces Project Frontier, which will deliver an edge operations software platform, integrated with Dell’s edge portfolio, for customers to more securely manage and orchestrate edge applications and infrastructure for deployments at global scale.

The complexities of edge operations—in locations from manufacturing floors and retail stores to remote wind turbines—are growing as more organizations want to manage and secure data at the source but have limited IT support to do it. According to a 2022 IDC survey, 42% of businesses say the most challenging aspect of edge deployments is putting together an entire edge solution1. Read more...

EY announces global launch of EY Nexus for financial services as part of a 3-year, US$10b investment in technology, strategy and people

EY today announces that it has expanded its technology ecosystem with the launch of business transformation platform, EY Nexus, which is optimized for financial services and designed for rapid deployment of new products and solutions.

The launch of EY Nexus marks an important milestone, with the EY organization recently announcing combined global revenues of US$45.4b for the financial year ending June 2022. It comes as the organization continues its investment in technology, with EY Nexus playing a crucial role in solving complex client issues at speed. Read more...

The design and construction of the Grand Hyatt Kuwait

Scheduled to open in the fall of 2022, the Grand Hyatt Kuwait is one of the country’s most anticipated hospitality developments in recent years, and is set to be a milestone project for both Hyatt Hotels Corporation and its Kuwait-based owners, Tamdeen Group.

Not only is it already an architectural landmark thanks to its distinctive design and grand aesthetic, but the hotel aims to offer signature guest experiences, while forming an integral part of the country’s most immersive luxury social and lifestyle complex – the 360Mall Kuwait. Read more...

Honeywell Launches Honeywell Forge Sustainability+ To Help Organizations Meet Carbon Reduction Goals

ATLANTA, Nov. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Honeywell (Nasdaq: HON) today announced a new sustainability solution for carbon emissions monitoring and optimization which it has launched for earlier adopters and has also been deployed at its own facility. Honeywell Forge Sustainability+ for Industrials | Emissions Management and Honeywell Versatilis™ Signal Scout™ wireless Industrial IoT leak detection sensors will enable organizations to monitor and visualize emissions in near real-time. The new solution will help customers in the industrials sector as they strive to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and meet their carbon reduction goals. Read more...

Lockheed Martin, Red Hat Collaborate To Advance Artificial Intelligence For Military Missions

Lockheed Martin and Red Hat, Inc. today announced a collaboration to advance artificial intelligence (AI) innovation at the edge on Lockheed Martin military platforms. Adopting the newly announced Red Hat Device Edge will enable Lockheed Martin to support U.S. national security missions by applying and standardizing AI technologies in geographically constrained environments.

With Red Hat Device Edge, Lockheed Martin is equipping U.S. military platforms, such as the Stalker unmanned aerial system (UAS), with advanced software that was previously too large and complex for these systems. This advanced software enables small platforms to handle large AI workloads, increasing their capability in the field and driving faster, data-backed decision making. decision-making. Read more...

Kuwait Professional Pilot Training

Our Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) course is designed to take you from little to no flying experience to fully qualified airline pilot. On successful completion of the course, you will graduate with a frozen ATPL issued by the UKCAA or EASA.

It is possible to convert your UKCAA or EASA licence if on graduation you want to secure a First Officer job for an airline outside of the UK or Europe such as Kuwait Airways. Read more...

When hackers hold data hostage

Ransomware, a cyberattack in which hackers compromise a network or system and then threaten to damage or shut it down unless they are paid, have doubled in recent years.

Municipalities, both big and small, are particularly susceptible to such attacks; local IT departments may have limited resources and attackers are continually evolving their methods.

Ransomware, a cyberattack in which hackers compromise a network or system and then threaten to damage or shut it down unless they are paid, have doubled in recent years. Read more...

Shell's Super-Battery and the Future of Electric Mining Vehicles

Since most open-pit mines are still running diesel haul trucks, not much has changed in the previous decade regarding the decarbonization of mining industries on a global level. However, miners are now overcoming concerns regarding the operational and economic risks of decarbonizing mine haul vehicles.

Diesel haulers are the mining industry's standard vehicles because they are an inexpensive, adaptable, and popular solution with a well-established supply chain. However, their advantages overshadow their long-term consequences. Read more...

Zain Strategic Partner of VO to empower youth talents

Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, announced a strategic partnership with VO, the first Kuwait-based integrated youth platform for incubating young talents, aiming towards scaling the impact of youth initiatives developed and executed by the non-profit incubator.

The announcement came during the press conference held at the VO Creative Hub in Ardiya, attended by Zain Kuwait’s Corporate Relations Department Manager Hamad Al Musaibeeh and VO Public Relations Director Ahmad Al Suwailem.


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Boursa Kuwait records 29.2% increase in its net profit for the period ended 30 September 2022

KUWAIT: In a meeting of its Board members on October 30, 2022, Boursa Kuwait announced net profits attributable to equity holders of the parent company of KD 15.1 million for the nine month period ended 30 September 2022, recording an increase of 29.2% compared to the same period in 2021, when the company recorded net profits of around KD 11.7 million. Total operating revenue came in at KD 26.4 million, an increase of 17.7% over the same period in 2021 which stood at approximately KD 22.5 million, while net operating profit increased 41.5% from KD 13.43 million as of 30 September 2021 to KD 19 million as of 30 September 2022. Read more...

Kuwait’s Winter Wonderland project offers business opportunities for all

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 5: The organizers of the Winter Wonderland entertainment project announced it will receive applications from retail stores, restaurants and cafes to set up business at the entertainment project, which is expected to open doors next December, reports Al-Qabas daily. The official account of the project on Instagram stated that applications are not limited to owners of small and medium enterprises. Read more...

‘Tests required for new expats coming to Kuwait – 20 professions targeted’

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 5: According to an official source in the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), PAM has started working on listing the top professions in which expatriate workers are recruited with the aim of determining a smart mechanism to test them in their countries in partnership with the Kuwaiti embassies abroad, reports Al-Qabas daily. The source explained that, “This step aims to implement a recruitment mechanism based on testing new expatriate workers. The tests will be conducted in the countries that send their workers. The tests will be for the targeted professions, and will be held in two parts – practical and theoretical. The practical section will be conducted in Kuwait and the theoretical in the countries of recruitment”. Read more...

Kuwait keen on offering pediatric care: Health Minister

KUWAIT: Kuwait is keen on boosting and protecting children’s health care rights, as well as preventive, curative and rehabilitative care at the required required quality under the umbrella of comprehensive health care, Minister of Health Dr Ahmad Al-Awadhi said on Saturday. He added during the speech he gave during the opening ceremony of Kuwait Pediatric Conference earlier today, “Protecting the child’s rights in health care is basic human right in various years of his age, according to the international charters and the United Nations (UN) agreements. This conference is a remarkable achievement in the road of children health care, expressing his hope that the venue would come out with distinguished recommendations. Read more...

Employees’ productivity in Kuwait affected by high temperatures

KUWAIT: Summer in Kuwait passed with dust storms, humidity and very high temperatures caused by global climate change. These weather fluctuations were a challenge for employees to maintain their productivity levels. Kuwait Times spoke to human resource expert Aref Abdullah Al-Ajmi and discussed with him the effects of this issue locally.

“It has been noted that there has been changes in the performance of employees during the current summer period. High temperature is absolutely the main reason, which led to workers getting angry quickly and boredom at work, and their psychological state was poor,” he said. Ajmi pointed out that as a result of weather fluctuations, there has been a negative effect on the workflow and level of productivity.


MoCI warns car rental offices in bid to protect consumers

KUWAIT: As part of an awareness campaign, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry tweeted some facts on the services of car rental offices under the hashtag #You_have_the_right_to, to educate citizens and residents about what they need to know when renting a car. The ministry said it is strictly forbidden for car rental offices to force clients to rent for a minimum or specific number of days. It is also forbidden to force them to hand over the rented car on specified days or refuse to pick it up on certain days.

The ministry of commerce affirmed the office is obligated to offer comprehensive insurance policy, and the consumer does not bear the cost of the daily rental value of the rented car throughout the period of its repair or its presence in the garage or agency for repair. 


Security restrictions on Kuwaitis lifted

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 5: As part of a series of reform decisions pursued by the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, he has ordered the abolition of security restrictions on citizens, in a move that was welcomed by Parliament and the people, as it confirms Al-Khaled’s keenness and interest in solving citizens’ problems, reports Al-Rai daily. The Ministry of Interior announced that the decision comes “to strengthen the process of correcting the path, support freedom of expression, and consolidate the rule of law that guarantees the rights of citizenship.” Read more...

Digital transformation is a tool to achieve Kuwait Vision 2035: CAIT

KUWAIT: The Kuwait Digital Transformation Conference and the Central Agency for Information Technology (CAIT) welcomed attendees on Wednesday to immersive sessions and panel discussions, with experts sharing insights on adopting smart and digital technologies in line with Kuwait Vision 2035 at the Jumeirah Messilah Beach Resort & Spa.

More than 500 specialists and executives in the field of digitization in the country, ICT experts, solution providers and leading international consultants discussed the latest plans and innovations in the digital transformation journey that the country is going through, as well as presenting global best practices and innovative solutions to overcome challenges and ensure access to successful and secure digitization of processes and services. Read more...

Kuwait temperatures could enter ‘dangerous phase’ by 2035

Kuwait may enter in a “dangerous phase” by 2035 with expectations that the annual temperature will increase by about two degrees Celsius compared to 2010, Kuwait Meteorological Department meteorologist Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi warned.

These rates actually increased 1.1 degrees in the years 2010 to 2021 compared to the previous 30 years, Qarawi told Reuters. In recent years, Kuwait has been experiencing temperature records including 54 degrees in the Jahra region northwest of the capital in 2021 and 53 degrees in the Sulaibiya region west of the capital in 2020, both of which are populated areas. Read more...

Audit Bureau report warns of negative effects of unskilled expatriate workers

KUWAIT: A report by the Audit Bureau for the year 2021/22 warned of the spread of unskilled workers in Kuwait, with negative political, social and economic effects, as well as for national security, without excluding the negative effects it has on foreign workers as well. The Audit Bureau’s fourth edition of its report for nationals titled ‘And life has returned to its nature’ recognizes the negative effects that the country and expatriate workers are suffering from.

In its report, the bureau has made observations, predicted consequences, and put forth important solutions to fix these issues in the hope to ensure Kuwait remains a state that recognizes human rights and upholds it.


Kuwait oil firm to issue 26 tenders in 6 months

A subsidiary of the state-owned Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) intends to issue 26 tenders for several projects inside the Gulf state within the next six months, a Kuwaiti newspaper reported on Tuesday. 

Petrochemical Industries Company (PIC) will issue the tenders during October 2022-March 2023 as part of an ongoing development strategy, the Arabic language daily Alanba said, citing a company report. Read more...

Dr Al-Husseini stresses the need to develop cybersecurity defense strategies

The Deputy Director of the Central Agency for Information Technology, Dr. Ammar Al-Husseini, stressed the need to develop cyber defense strategies and plans that ensure a secure information environment for all members of society and its institutions.

Al-Husseini said in a speech during the opening of the Third Gulf Conference and Exhibition on Cyber Security, said the tremendous, rapid and continuous technological progress that the world is witnessing in various fields and aspects of life has had a profound impact on our lives. Read more...

Kuwait to issue power, gas tenders

Kuwait intends to issue tenders for two power and gas projects with a combined value of nearly $231 million, a newspaper reported on Friday

The state-owned Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), which manages the OPEC producer’s upstream sector, will issue the two tenders after it received approval from the Central Agency for Public Tenders, the Arabic language daily Alanba said. Read more...

Govt issues 3 decisions to regulate advertisements on TV, radio, publications

Minister of Information and Culture and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi has issued 3 decisions regarding the regulation of commercial advertisements in the ministry’s publications and TV and radio advertisements.

The decisions, a copy of which has been obtained by a local Arabic daily, said the most prominent of what was stated in the decisions pertain to the price of advertising in the Ministry of Information publications, the Kuwait Magazine and its publications on national products and industries and small projects will get 50%, and on Gulf products and industries 25% of the applicable prices. Read more...

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Kuwait underlines importance of human rights, peace

NEW YORK: Kuwait has reiterated importance of promoting and respecting human rights, saying peace is a fundamental human rights principle. “Seeking to boost human rights will only come into fruition by cooperation and coordination among member countries, regional and sub-regional organizations with the UN agencies, government and NGOs in order to achieve a sustainable world,” attache Abdullah Al-Asfour told a UN General Assembly session discussing Human Rights Council’s report on Wednesday. Read more...

Kuwait’s Amb. Al-Budaiwi visits Iowa, discusses opportunities to boost Kuwait-US partnership

Washington: Kuwait’s Ambassador to the US Jasem Al-Budaiwi visited the state of Iowa for discussions on opportunities to boost the partnership horizon between the US and Kuwait.

During the visit, Ambassador Al-Budaiwi met with top local officials, including Secretary of State of Iowa Paul Pate, the Alternate Governor Adam Gregg and head of the Iowa Farm Bureau Brent Johnson, in addition to a number of food processing companies and a group of Gulf War veterans. Read more...

USDA Invests $14.2 Million in 52 Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production Efforts

WASHINGTON, Oct. 26, 2022 – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is investing $14.2 million in 52 grants that support urban agriculture and innovative production. This investment, which includes American Rescue Plan Act funds, will allow grant recipients to expand access to nutritious foods, foster community engagement, increase awareness of climate change and mitigate the effects within urban areas, provide jobs, educate communities about farming, and expand green spaces.

These grants build on $26.3 million in projects funded since 2020 and are part of USDA’s broad support for urban agriculture through its Office of Urban Agriculture and Innovative Production (OUAIP). Read more...

CHIPS for America Seeks Public Input on Financial Incentives, New Institutes for Semiconductor Manufacturing

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) CHIPS for America initiative is seeking public input on two programs that aim to restore U.S. global leadership in semiconductor manufacturing. Both were authorized under the Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors (CHIPS) for America Act. 

“It is critically important to our prosperity and national security that we reestablish our leadership role in semiconductor manufacturing,” said Under Secretary of Commerce for Standards and Technology and NIST Director Laurie E. Locascio. “To do that, we need a whole-of-nation approach to solving this problem. Read more...

DCMA launches enterprise dashboards for CAR, SP, LOD data

FORT LEE, Va.  –  The Defense Contract Management Agency officially published the Corrective Action Request and Surveillance Plan and Letter of Delegation dashboards utilizing the new Power BI Premium capacity workspace Aug. 11.

The dashboards, created by the Contractor Effectiveness, or CE, capability team and the agency’s operational units, provide views of data through bi-weekly ad-hoc reports.  Read more...

DOE Announces $43 Million To Support the Clean Energy Transition in Communities Across the Country

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced $43 million for 23 projects to help communities plan their transition to a clean energy future and improve grid reliability and security. Twenty research projects will focus on increasing communities’ resilience to disruptions from extreme weather and other disasters, and three will focus on building tools to help communities better evaluate and benefit from local energy resources. Researchers will develop and share planning methodologies, tools, technologies, and best practices that can be replicated in communities across the country as they work to install clean energy and strengthen grid infrastructure. Read more...


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