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January 2022
Volume: 32 Issue: 4
Green Learning is Interdisciplinary

Our blog post includes information for teachers of environmental science, chemistry, physics, geology and even history. Proper aluminum recycling can also help your school reach its zero waste goals!

Watch an eddy current separator at work.
Make This a Year of Green Learning!
Each month this year, SCARCE will explore how to respect our earth's resources by reviewing the

January starts us off with A - ALUMINUM (Al 13)

Recycling one aluminum can saves 95% of the energy needed to make a can from raw materials. Learn more about this highly recyclable material:

  • Which Royal Monarch preferred aluminum forks to gold ones?
  • What US monument is capped in aluminum?
  • Crush that can or just toss it?

UN Declares 2022 - The International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development
The United Nations General Assembly recently approved a resolution declaring the "high value" of basic sciences to humankind.

According to the resolution, "...increased education in basic sciences is vital to attain sustainable development" and improve lives all over the world.

Read more about this important UN resolution here.
How does your school handle winter ice?
Winter is here and that means snow and ice.
We all need to be careful on the ice -- and with the salt to protect our watershed.

Love Blue Live Green - DuPage County Water offers safe winter de-icing tips that can help everyone in this short video.
Sustainable Design Challenge : April 5
Are you an eco-club sponsor, science teacher or career advisor?

Help your students discover the world of sustainable design by joining our annual eco-design competition for high schoolers!

Students work in teams to design a sustainable building and compete for cash prizes. Teams collaborate to research, design, and create a presentation of their model for a panel of professionals from design fields including architecture and engineering.

Dates to Remember

Early February - Online Team Registration will go live

April 5th - We hope to be back
in-person for competition at the DuPage County Complex. Stay tuned!
Puppet Theater Eco-Art Installation
Headed downtown? Get inspired by The Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival.

At street level in the Wrigley Building discover "The Plastic Bag Store", an immersive eco-art installation that challenges audiences to think about the waste we leave behind. The store is free to visit.

From January 21-30, 2022. Learn more
January 29 : National Puzzle Day!
Celebrate all things puzzling at SCARCE!

Teachers can find crafting puzzle pieces and full puzzles in a variety of subject areas in our teacher resource area, the SCARCE Reuse Center. Try setting up a puzzle exchange in your classroom this year!

Or visit our SCARCE-LY USED Books & Records for new and gently used puzzles and puzzling books to keep you or a friend busy this winter.
Upcoming Eco-Events
January 20-30
Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival
March 4
KidsGardening has opened the 2022 GroMorGood Grassroots Grant for educators.
Plant a garden with your students! Learn more here.
Thank you!
January - Special Collection
Schools & Student Helpers

Students from The Lane School, Hinsdale, have collected more than 20 large bags of holiday lights for recycling!

Students from York High School, Elmhurst, are continuing to collect... 2 big bags so far!

Prairie School of DuPage has completed a waste audit. They are well on their way to their goal of earning an Earth Flag. Congratulations!
Danielle Cares for Chairs Update
SCARCE just provided 63 pounds of bread tags to Danielle Cares for Chairs. The organization recently gifted its 11th wheelchair to a child!

Thank you to everyone--residents, churches and local schools and business--who joined this amazing effort!
St. Matthew's School & Parish, Glendale Heights, collected 2,625 bread tags!
Mrs. (Holly) Bishop, 3rd Grade teacher, brought in the school's collection of bread tags.
Monday-Friday: 9am-4:30pm

Saturdays: 9am-12pm

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