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January 2022 | Issue 12
A New Year, A New You...
Time for Home Health Care Too?
2022 will continue to bring more challenges but ABC has your back!
While COVID may not be a "thing of the past this year," your worries about how you or someone you love can age in place can be!

Especially in the winter months, older adults are more susceptible to falling which can be debilitating and result in lengthy, costly hospital stays. Per the CDC, each year, 3 million older adults are treated in Emergency Rooms across the nation for fall injuries- but you don't have to be just another statistic!

ABC Home Healthcare Professionals provides quality care to countless seniors across the Metro Boston, North Shore, Cape Ann and Merrimack Valley communities and we are here to serve you.

Are you in need of more services or do you know someone who could use some additional help at home?

Call us today at 781-245-1880!
Strategic Planning for the New Year & Beyond
Assemble Your "A Team" and Call Your Own Shots

We all want to live on our own terms and be in control of our own futures. The key to doing so is planning ahead and ensuring that all personal affairs are in order.

Be the G.O.A.T in your future planning process!

You've Worked for Your Money...
Now Make Your Money Work for You
Many older Americans underestimate their longevity by five or more years which is problematic because it could lead to one out-living their savings thus unable to afford their basic and long-term care needs.

Supporting the Communities We Serve
ABC Home Healthcare, Proud to be a Premier Sponsor of MVES' Annual Bellyful of Laughs Event

Well-renowned comedians, Steve Sweeney, Will Noonan and Dave Rattigan headline Mystic Valley Elder Services' Annual Bellyful of Laughs Event being held on January 29, 2022 at Anthony's in Malden.

This is MVES' most prominent fundraising event to support unfunded and underfunded programs and services for seniors in need.
Looking for a fun night out?
Contact the Development Department at MVES for tickets!
The Fun Stuff

Figure It Out!

  1. Name the most recent year in which New Year's came before Christmas
  2. Champagne is the traditional toasting drink of New Year's. Where is it made?
  3. Who invented fireworks, used around the world to celebrate the New Year?
  4. Who established January 1st as the start of the New Year?


Sudoku puzzles are fun, challenging "work-outs" for the brain.

Can you solve this puzzle?

An Easy, Delicious Appetizer That Won't Throw Your "New Year's" Diet Off the Rails!

It's the new year and, like many, you may be aiming to lead a more healthy lifestyle and make better meal choices.

Within minutes you can whip up these spinach and artichoke zucchini bites and enjoy a snack that is the perfect blend of delicious and nutritious!