Well, here we are in 2022! Let’s hope THIS is the year that COVID is finally beaten into submission and life gets back to whatever the NEW normal looks like. 

Due to the current COVID situation, we have decided that the 2022 conference will be virtual. Look for a future issue of the UWT for all the information you will need to participate in our 2022 “Golden Opportunity” on April 30. Your program team is busy creating a wonderful experience for all. In this issue you will be introduced to the candidates for the 2022-2024 state board and some updates to our bylaws. Please familiarize yourself with all this information and be prepared to vote in early April. 

I am so proud of all that AAUW Texas accomplished under difficult circumstances this biennium. Our branches were productive at the local level, our membership numbers stayed steady, we interacted with the State legislature during the many sessions, we supported the women’s basketball team at Texas A&M during the early days of COVID, and we sent a record number of college women from across the state to NCCWSL – the virtual version. We have all learned to be flexible and open to new ways to perform old tasks – and many are finding the virtual option saves travel time.

2022 will be an important election year at the local, state, and national levels, so be sure you are registered to vote and that you exercise that right at every level. Although the national elections often get the most attention, the local elections often make the biggest difference in your personal life – so don’t miss any opportunity to have your say.