Happy December!

We are entering the time of year when we celebrate light and joy as we close out the year. Last year we were celebrating the number of strong women who won elections at all levels. This year we can be proud that those women on the San Antonio city council are working to make pay equity a reality in our city. In October, a proposed ordinance was brought before committee. As our theme for this year is Economic Security for Women, this is something for us a community to pay attention to and support.

For those of you who were not able to attend the November meeting, I hope you looked at the presentation that was shared by our speaker from the YWCA. Those in attendance said that it was one of our best presentations. We hope to schedule a tour of the YWCA and will let you know so you can attend. Our programs this year are timely and on point for promoting economic security for women. You don’t want to miss them.

The National effort to promote Work Smart and Start Smart is strong. Our College and University partners committee is working hard to collaborate with area institutions to sponsor this program. Other Texas branches of AAUW have also sponsored these programs. Please continue to spread the word about our free online course found on the AAUW website.

I want to thank Ann Marie Rehner for taking on the fund-raising task to provide textbook scholarships to young women. It is not too late to mail in your tickets or to purchase them at our December meeting when the drawing will take place.

I wish you all Happy Holidays filled with light and joy.

To Peace,
Suzanne Benson