We are in the legislative season for the U.S. Congress where the Covid relief package has been passed to bring much anticipated financial help to families, including health care, unemployment insurance supplement, child tax credit expansion, vaccine distribution funding, and aid to state and local governments. Likewise, the Texas legislature is in session until the end of May. A small group of our branch board met with a staff member from the office of US Representative Lloyd Doggett on February 24th. We conveyed our branch priorities, including healthcare/health insurance, equal pay, family paid leave and racial justice. These all line up with our theme this year of Economic and Physical Well-Being for All and have become increasingly important regarding the impact on women and girls during the Covid pandemic. See Pat Sanford’s article in this issue for more details on this meeting.

Our April 3rd meeting will feature our annual Graduate Scholarship and Textbook Scholarship awards. The committees, headed by Karen Reichensperger, had a wealth of applicants (44 for textbooks, 5 for graduate) from highly qualified women students. Following the recommendations of the committees, and approval by the branch board, the final awards for each category will be presented. The awardees will be invited to join us at our April annual membership meeting. This session will also include member voting for the new branch officers for the 2021-2022 AAUW SA year.

Online voting begins April 7th on the proposed AAUW bylaw change to eliminate the degree requirement for membership, closing on May 17th. AAUW Texas is sponsoring an online discussion on this proposed bylaw change on March 16th at 7:00 PM and March 20th at 10:00 AM. Voting is an important part of membership, so please be ready.

There’s another BINGO on March 24th, so get your virtual BINGO card by making a donation to Greatest Needs Fund during March. Send an email to Helga Anderson if it’s your first time playing so that we can send you the Zoom codes.

We continue to support the mantra of “stay negative” and do all we can to stay COVID-free, even after we get our vaccinations: wearing masks, distancing, and hand washing. Our thoughts are with those members who have lost friends or family members, have medical issues, or face other related challenges.

Moving forward –
Cheryl Fuller
AAUW San Antonio, President