Volume 13| March 2021
Monthly Newsletter: March Edition
Thank you for reading the AARA's monthly newsletter! Our goal is to keep everyone up to speed with what is going on in our industry as well as provide beneficial information for our members. This newsletter will also thank any of our sponsors as well as allow any AARA member companies to provide content they would like our members to see. Please email aara@albertaroofing.com if you have any content you would like to feature in our newsletter!
The Storm That Broke The Ice
Our Association recently did an interview with RoofersCoffeeShop® 
regarding the devastating June 2020 hail storm in Calgary and how it has impacted this city. Please click on the picture above to read the article and feel free to share!
Membership Dues & Member Checklists

Membership invoices have been sent out and were due by Jan 31 2021. If you have not received yours or would like to change your payment frequency please contact Chelsea.

Many cheques are still being sent to the previous Association address in Didsbury. These will not be forwarded and will need to be cancelled and reissued to our updated mailing address (changed in February 2020). Please update your accounting departments accordingly.

Please ensure all members have filled out the Contractor/Supplier Checklists that were sent out in January so all files can be kept up to date. Contractors: Please ensure all proof of insurances and COR/SECOR have been sent to Chelsea as well. All contractor members have until the end of 2021 to start their COR/SECOR certification.
AARA Career's Page

The ‘Careers Page’ has been live on our website for approximately 2 months now! We are proud to report in the last 30 days the marketing ad created to generate interest to potential employees has gotten over 10,000 views and over 400 people have 'clicked to apply' on the website!

We keep the ‘Job Postings’ page up to date with members active postings on Indeed.com. If you wish to feature a job posting please create a post on Indeed and forward the link to Chelsea to add to the website.  

Click on the image above to view the Career's Page on our Website!
GAF Introduces :
Timberline HDZ Shingles with
LayerLock Technology
Chelsea Welcomes New Baby!
Jet Paul Gee Chun Lum was born February 28 2021 at 10:16pm weighing 7lb 11oz. Everyone is happy and healthy and soaking up every moment with our new arrival.

Just as a reminder, I will be on 'maternity leave' until the end of the month but I am checking emails and answering calls when able. If you need urgent assistance please email aara@albertaroofing.com or alternatively you can email Sean Zimmer, AARA President at sean@angelsroofing.ca .
Are you Saving Money Yet?
In July, AARA introduced its partnership with Savings4Members. Monitoring and reducing operational costs is important, but all too often it takes time and effort you just don't have. Get to know your new member benefits from Savings4Members that make cutting costs fast, easy, and virtually hands-free. Who doesn't like saving money where you spend it most?

Visit: https://albertaroofing.savings4members.com/ to view your savings dashboard today!
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Do you have your copy of the AARA Best Practices Manual?

Our Association offers our Members a complimentary copy of the Sloped Roofing Best Practices Manual. Any non member can purchase a copy for $19.95+GST if they wish.

Contact Chelsea if you would like a copy!

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