September 2022


Continuing this year's “Supportive Living is Healthy Living” theme, we encourage you to enter our annual Best of Our Abilities contest. We want you to nominate residents who are making a positive, healthy difference within your communities! AALC’s Annual Best of Our Abilities Contest is chance to recognize those residents who are leaders, provide a helping hand and/or show up each day with a positive attitude. This is a perfect opportunity to recognize residents who embody all the qualities that reinforce why Supportive Living is healthy Living! The winners will receive a cash prize for the community! 

It is also that time of year when we honor your centenarians! Each year we award a cash prize to the Supportive Living Community with the oldest resident. 

To learn more about our Annual Best of Our Abilities and Centenarian Contests, click here.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our "spotlight section" below to see the winners of our Annual Photo and Testimonial contests! Congratulations to everyone who participated!

We want to hear from you! Please share what you want to learn about with us! AALC strives to provide relevant and timely training and education to our members. 

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Future of Public Health in Illinois

From COVID-19 to monkeypox, public health leaders face another full plate this fall.

How are leaders responding to a growing list of pressures, what’s next for COVID-19 and how prepared are public health departments for the next emergency?

A panel of public health experts will discuss these issues and more at a Health News Illinois live event in Chicago on Oct. 4.

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Legislative Update

AALC has been working with the state of Illinois and Senator Durbin’s Office regarding the continuation of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for supportive living residents and communities. The federal Food and Nutrition Service, which is a Division of the United States Department of Agriculture, is terminating the SNAP program for SLP communities in Illinois at the end of the calendar year. AALC is working closely with the state of Illinois and Senator Durbin on options to continue the program and have as little, or no, interruption for our communities.

AALC is also working with the Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) on quality metrics parameters for additional payments to supportive living communities. AALC was successfully able to obtain legislation last Spring that linked the supportive living Medicaid rate to any add-on payments (quality/CNA tenure) that skilled nursing facilities received under the new reimbursement model that became effective July 1, 2022. AALC is seeking to have the additional payments effective as quickly as possible and is working with HFS to that end.

AALC will be discussing its 2023 Spring Session legislative priorities at the October 27th Board Meeting and is seeking membership input as we continue to move the supportive living program forward in the state of Illinois. If you have any suggestions or feedback, send them to

October 2022 rates are coming soon.  We will send out information immediately when it becomes available.  Stay tuned...

View July SL Rates 

Policy Update

Comprehensive Billing Guide for Medical Assistance Program Providers-Updated! 

Check out the updates, including to transportation services, to the Comprehensive Billing Guide for Medical Assistance Program providers. To review the Provider Notice, click here.

The Illinois Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), in collaboration with the Illinois Association of Medicaid Health Plans (IAMHP), have developed a Comprehensive Billing Guide for Medical Assistance Program providers. This billing guide is designed to help providers who are contracted with the MCOs understand the general MCO billing requirements.  MCOs have different policies and procedures related to billing. With this manual, the MCOs have created a single source of information for all claims regardless of provider type. To review the current Billing Guide, click here


Preadmission Screen Resource Guide

HFS developed the Preadmission Screen Resource Guide for the new preadmission processes and use of AssessmentPro (AP) that went into effect in April for potential SLP residents. HFS is continuing to reach out to individual providers to assist with implementation and answer questions.  If you are encountering any issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to the SLP Coordinator in the HFS Bureau of Long Term Care Kara Helton at To avoid confusion, this is a reminder that we should be adopting the terminology for the screens and screening result forms that is identified throughout the document and noted below. To view the Guide, click here

Hint! Use these terms:

  • Determination of Need (DON)
  • HFS 2536 Interagency Screening Results form
  • SLP Initial Screen
  • SLP Comprehensive Assessment

Do NOT use these terms:

  • PAS
  • OBRA
  • DON (to mean the entire prescreening process)

Photo Contest Winners

1st Place

"Slip Sliding Away"

Springfield Supportive Living

2nd Place

"Janice D and Alpaca friend"

Heritage Woods of McHenry

3rd Place

"Water Slide"

Mary Bryant Home for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Testimonial Contest Winners

1st Place

Sara Lynn Sanders

Heritage Woods of Freeport

2nd Place

Shirley McKenzie

Heritage Woods of Belvidere

3rd Place

Betty Hiles

Evergreen Place Beardstown

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