Thanks to AAJA Seoul for summarizing the key points with their social media infographics !
We’ve prepared guidance for how to cover the coronavirus without invoking xenophobic and racist stereotypes.

  • Use coronavirus instead of naming the region of origin

  • Avoid using generic images of Chinatown to represent the virus

  • Avoid using images of Asian people wearing masks to represent the virus

Please share widely with your newsrooms and colleagues, and let us know how you’ve used it in your work.

(Read through some first-person coverage of the coronavirus in our members' reading list below. )
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Karaoke Night or Happy Hour Mixer?
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#AAJA20 Journalism Excellence Awards
Now Open for Submissions
AAJA is now accepting entries and nominations for the 2020 Journalism Excellence Awards and the 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award.Winners will be announced at #AAJA20. Submit your entries by  Wednesday, April 22 .

AAJA offers two award categories. If your piece covers AAPI communities, you may submit it under the AAPI Issues category. Otherwise, you may submit it under the General Excellence category. 

Categories for both Excellence in AAPI Issues & General Excellence:

  • Written Journalism
  • Television/Online Video
  • Radio/Audio
  • Multimedia
  • Student Journalism

Eligibility Requirements : Please visit https://aaja.submittable.com/submit to review each category's requirements and criteria. Each entry may only be submitted into one category. 

On Our Reading List from the #AAJAFamily
What is your best caption for this image of Bong Joon Ho that your editor won’t let you publish? Email us. We won’t tell. Photo cred: Getty Images / Amy Sussman

  • Julie Yoon of BBC Korea’s photo-essay on banjihas, a type of living space significant in the film for depicting class differences. She describes one banjiha: “It gets so little light that even [the resident’s] little succulent plant couldn't survive.” (Slight spoilers)

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Congratulations to Elaine Ramirez on her new role at CoinDesk ! We look forward to your work illuminating the world of digital finance and blockchain tech.
Congratulations to Shirley Qiu, AAJA's VP of Communications, who has been accepted into Poynter’s 2020 Leadership Academy for Women in Media .
AAJA's Sports Task Force Teams up with NABJ, NAHJ, & APSE
at NBA All-Star Weekend
This past weekend, AAJA's Sports Task Force teamed up with NABJ, NAHJ, and APSE during NBA All-Star Weekend for a series of dynamic conversations for young journalists and students. The pilot Team Up program, a series of conversations on increasing diversity in sports journalism and professional development strategies, had more than 40 attendees, made up of both students and young professionals from all three diversity organizations, and representing print, digital, and broadcast outlets.

Thank you to the AAJA Sports Task Force and member Michael Huang for spearheading a great program for aspiring sports journalists of color!
AAJA Graduates 3rd Cohort of
Catalyst Media Entrepreneurs of Color
In January, AAJA held its third Catalyst, a three-day bootcamp for aspiring media entrepreneurs of color. We are so proud of all of our media founders who participated in Catalyst this year. Thanks so much to our program co-leads Paul Cheung, Yvonne Leow, and Sharon Chan, as well as the rest of the coaches and speakers. Thanks to Northwestern University for hosting us this year. Read more about the program here .
Catalyst Class of 2020 with #AAJAFamily
Northwestern University, San Francisco
January 29-31, 2020
Open AAJA Opportunities for Students

  • Apply for Voices 2020 by March 22, an all-expenses paid student journalism fellowship (in DC).

  • Apply for JCamp 2020 by March 29, a weeklong journalism program for high school students (in DC).


  • In February, 118 new jobs were posted on the AAJA Jobs Board, including at the Wall Street Journal, The New Republic, This American Life, CalMatters, and more. Log in today to review current job postings.

  • Have you joined Mathison yet? This AAJA partner and diversity talent marketplace seeks to help employers focus on a skills-based approach to hiring by eliminating identity biases.

  • Don’t forget to regularly check the #aaja-jobs slack channel as well.
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