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April 2018 

The Association of All Great Retailers (AARG) is a Farmers Insurance Workers Comp safety group dedicated to serving, promoting and protecting California retailers.

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We provide the resources and tools that will assist our members in achieving their safety and business goals.

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Workers' Compensation Fraud Still a Problem

Data collected by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) estimates that workers' compensation fraud costs American employers, employees, consumers, and shareholders roughly $7.2 billion per year.  

Workers' compensation fraud comes in many different forms, but one type is employee fraud, which involves the employee "working the system" to receive benefits under fabricated pretenses. 

There are steps employers can take to help minimize or prevent workers' compensation fraud with employees. Four main categories that should have your attention of employee fraud:  False claims, exaggerated claims, off-the-job-inquiries and collecting benefits while working.  Read more
Recommended Practices for Safety & Health Programs

OSHA has updated the guidelines for the safety management program after nearly thirty years.  The revised "Recommended Practices for Safety & Health Programs" is intended to guide employers and employees, especially small to medium sized companies according to David Michael, OSHA administrator.

OSHA identified many jobs that have evolved over time and how they continue to evolve today.   Businesses that implement these new practices can expect to see benefits that include higher quality.   Read more