A Special Message from the Arts Council of Placer County
The Arts Council of Placer County believes it is our responsibility as a community arts institution to support humanitarian causes and bring attention to social injustices that have been long overlooked in this country. From the beginning, the arts have been an avenue used to express, support, and document history and culture.  

The Arts Council of Placer County joins our arts partners in the state and around the nation to speak out about racism and social injustice, to initiate conversations and share experiences. To support the Black Lives Matter movement and to help fight systemic racism in our country and community, we will share resources to help guide an understanding, and spark a conversation that will uplift our community.

We are committed to reevaluating our role in utilizing our resources to support marginalized and underrepresented members of Placer County. We welcome an open dialogue with our fellow arts organizations and community members in hopes that through shared knowledge and experiences we can evolve and better serve our community.

ACPC Board of Trustees and Staff

Karen Killebrew, Chair
Barbara Burge, Vice Chair
Carol Kittredge-Pepper, Treasurer
Twiana Armstrong-Bryant, Secretary
Janet Nicholson, Member
Julie Gllmore, Member
Elizabeth, Dolbec-Oliveras, Member
Jim Crosthwaite, Executive Director
A Special Message from Californians for the Arts
Board and Staff of Californians for the Arts
Our hearts ache. Words do not suffice.
There is no more important truth today that must be vocalized – Black Lives Matter. Neither this truth, nor this fight, are new. We stand in solidarity and in action with the communities and people of color affected by 400 years of racism, colonization and the genocide of indigenous peoples. The work is urgent – we must rebuild our country so black, indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) communities can live safely and thrive.
As a statewide advocacy organization, Californians for the Arts will address the inequities that have led to this chronic state of fear, hate and oppression. We will work to ensure that resources are directed to actions that undo years of economic, social, and cultural disparity in our state and in our country.
Our advocacy work is structured around two primary concepts.
·           Arts and culture practices are among the most impactful ways to effect social change, explore racial and ethnic representations, reflect a community’s history and identity, and provide an opportunity to engage diverse audiences in transformational learning.
·           Government must address systemic racism with improved systems, practices and new laws developed for racial equity across education, criminal justice, jobs, housing, public infrastructure and health — regardless of region.
We will continue to develop ways to use our voice, platform and resources to fight injustice.
COVID-19 Response
The Arts Council of Placer County’s Board of Trustees and staff will soon be unveiling a plan of additional support and grants opportunities for artists and arts organizations affected by COVID-19. 

Funding from Placer County, the California Arts Council, fundraising efforts and individual contributions will be utilized in this support effort.

Look for announcements and application details later in June.
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