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Happy Holidays!

The CCCBI staff wishes you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday and a happy and healthy new year!

We are excited to continue to work to provide advocacy and foster connections for our members in the new year.

As a reminder, the CCCBI office is closed December 23, 2022 - January 1, 2023 in observance of the holidays.

We are hiring!

Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry is looking for an intern! This is a wonderful learning and networking opportunity for college juniors and seniors in Chester County. $10/ hour, flexible schedule, and great networking opportunities.

Email your resume and cover letter to info@chescochamber.org to apply.

Seeking Member Perspectives to Support Business

We are seeking more members who would like to share perspective on ways to support your business, to feature in our upcoming newsletters for our readers. 

If you are interested in sharing subject matter expertise focused on improving the workplace, uplifting neighborhoods in our region, and issues relevant to the changing needs of our business community please email Marguerite DeGrassa, at Marguerite@chescochamber.org


Explaining Pennsylvania’s Higher Gas Prices

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve probably been seeing reports that the price of gas has been in a steady decline for the past few months. While that is the case in other states, Pennsylvanians haven’t seen that decline in gas prices. Gasoline costs differ in certain parts of the country, which economists attribute to a variety of factors, including access to the supply chain, taxes, environmental policy, and the cost of doing business in a given area. In the last year, supply has been low and demand has been high, leading to higher prices. But still, Pennsylvania stands out from the rest of the country. 


Why is this?

Pennsylvania has the highest state gas tax in the entire country, which comes out to $0.58 per gallon of gas. The average price of gas in Pennsylvania today is $3.71 per gallon, which has caused some residents on the state’s border to travel across state lines just to get cheaper gas. The average gas price in Maryland is only $3.22, just higher than Delaware’s $3.12 per gallon. The Commonwealth’s gas tax goes to support the state’s roadway and bridge repairs, which are especially expensive given that Pennsylvania has more than 25,000 bridges, the third most in the nation, and recently received a C- report card from the American Society of Civil Engineers. PennDOT uses most of the tax revenue for this, but still falls short of the amount needed for proper repairs. Some residents say that the tax is too high, or that they can’t see the difference it is making for infrastructure repairs across the state. 


With the price of gas already high due to Russia’s war in Ukraine, legislators on the state level should look to other solutions for repairing our state’s infrastructure. We call on Pennsylvania decision makers to ensure that the tax goes to critical infrastructure repairs. Congress should also look to repeal the ethanol mandate in the Renewable Fuel Standards Act, which has caused an increase in gas prices yet no corresponding benefit to the environment.


Independence Blue Cross

Independence Blue Cross believes in driving health care forward. Their top priority is to enhance the health and well-being of the people and the communities which they serve.

Independence Blue Cross has been focused on the crisis of systemic inequities in our health care system that for too long have impacted communities of color. Greg Deavens, president and CEO, recently authored a guest column in The Philadelphia Tribune about this issue. He highlighted several new efforts to bring greater equity to health care in Philadelphia, including the Independence Blue Cross Foundation’s launch of the Institute for Health Equity. This five-year, $15 million commitment will focus on digital health, cultural awareness in medicine, and maternal health. 

Independence Blue Cross also recently joined hands with other leading Philadelphia-based business and civic organizations in a new effort to reduce the daily tragedies caused by gun violence in Philadelphia. The Coalition to Save Lives includes more than 70 groups representing a cross-section of community and faith-based organizations, foundations, nonprofits, and the business community.

Learn more about Independence Blue Cross at www.ibx.com

The Chester County Chamber greatly appreciates Independence Blue Cross for their Chamber membership and Mitch Vidovich for his participation on our Chamber board!

American Water's Inclusion and Diversity Scholarship Program

American Water recently announced their $1 million commitment to future leaders of tomorrow through a new Inclusion and Diversity Scholarship Program. American Water will award 10 renewable scholarships to students in the amount of $10,000 each. Six of the 10 scholarships will be awarded to students enrolled in school with a non-medical STEM major. Applications are due January 10, 2023. To learn more, including eligibility and how to apply, click here.


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