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Physical Security Solutions: How To Avoid Security Threats To Your Building
Whether you are a school district, city office, state office, county building, manufacturing facility, or a healthcare practice, managing your physical security risks can be overwhelming. Read below on how to solve these challenges.

Protect Your Organization and Business by Detecting Elevated Body Temps
Your people are the number one asset inside your school, municipality, and business. Why not do all you can to protect them, ensuring they’re working in an environment that’s safe and comfortable?

Video: See Thermal Cameras in Action
We all know how important detecting high body temperatures is prior to someone entering your building or workspace. The result of this technology will reduce reduce and slow the spread of sicknesses, viruses, and infections. Thermal detection scans specific areas to accomplish this.

Exclusively Designed For You: Our Innovation Lab
5,700 square feet of awesomeness, designed to show you technologies you might not even know existed. It's where our technical teams develop and test new technologies, with the goal of showcasing technologies in action for you.

New Employee Spotlight: Dave Toelle
Parallel’s building automation practice is growing! Meet Dave Toelle, a building automation service professional of over 30 years. 

Fun Video: A Beary Scary Holiday
Literally nobody trusted our video marketing team...we wonder why.

Our New Website Is Here!
We officially launched our new site last month! It's chock-full of innovative, new content designed to educate and inspire you to empower your people through intelligent buildings.