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What a start to the new year! Ventura has already seen 8.12 inches of rain in January. Although the rainfall has been beneficial, the recent rainstorms do not immediately relieve the years of persistent drought the City of Ventura has faced. Therefore, the emergency conservation regulations will remain in effect until December 20, 2023. The good news is that we are seeing our water resources getting some levels of replenishment and we need to make sure we keep using them wisely. We are tracking the effects of the rain closely and this month we are highlighting one of our valued employees, Jennifer Tribo, who passionately monitors our water resources. 

Do you have a New Year’s resolution to get involved? Maybe consider joining our Gardening Series as an instructor.  You can also attend our Water Commission meetings, or even attend your local area community council meetings to hear what is going on in your community. If you are considering a new and rewarding career, contact us about joining our Ventura Water Team.  


Gina Dorrington

Ventura Water - In Focus

Ventura Water’s goal and purpose is twofold: to provide a safe and reliable water supply to the City’s residents and businesses and then, to properly treat and discharge the City’s wastewater back into the planet’s water cycle. Meeting those goals involves a multi-faceted system and requires a staff of about 120 to accomplish it. Ventura Water utilizes both a high degree of expertise and a passion for the task, to keep things flowing. In this first newsletter of the year, we begin a series that focuses in on some of the roles staff members play in meeting this wider goal. It is a comprehensive look at the system by way of highlighting a sampling of the human resources that add up to Ventura Water consistently meeting its paramount responsibilities.

Appropriately, our first segment looks at the acquisition of the water supply required to meet the needs of our community. Senior Management Analyst, Jennifer Tribo, has the primary responsibility of balancing our water supply with the demand. The City’s demand is about 13,000 acre-feet per year, currently procured from a combination of sources including Lake Casitas, the Ventura River, and our local groundwater basins. Where the water will come from on any given day depends on ever-changing conditions. Therefore, Jenny must work within a diverse set of parameters, be they hydrologic, legal, governmental, or monetary in nature. Jenny’s job, like several roles at Ventura Water, requires vigilant monitoring of our water resources, and coordination with not just Ventura Water staff, but with regional and national entities. Jennifer keeps her finger on the pulse of our water supply, which could be why her favorite part of the job is getting down to the water’s edge to check flow levels.

Wastewater Pollutant Series


New year, new...pans? Perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) are some of the most widely discussed constituents of emerging concern polluting our water sources, but they are widely used in commercial products due to their durability and water repellant properties. Today you can find these compounds in products like non-stick cookware, food packaging, stain resistant upholstery and water repellant outdoor gear. Though durable in consumer goods they also accumulate at an astounding rate in the environment. Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) are some of the most common PFCs in our waterways and can bypass conventional wastewater treatment. They are also proven carcinogens and cause reproductive issues in humans and wildlife. Luckily, scientists and regulators are working hard to find solutions for these problems but in the meantime, you can reduce your exposure and contribution to PFOA and PFAS by using products like stainless steel cookware instead of non-stick pans or natural fiber throw blankets instead of stain-resistant sprays and treatments on upholstery. 

Remember, what we send down the drain matters, so think before you flush and only flush the 3 Ps-pee, poo and (toilet) paper!

Gardening Series Instructors Wanted

Are you an expert in an area of environmental education? We're looking for instructors for our monthly Gardening Series. Classes are approximately two hours on Saturday mornings and are held in-person or virtually. We offer a $150 honorarium to instructors. If you're interested please email us at:

Employment Opportunities

View current employment opportunities with the City of Ventura here. 

Water Commission

The public is invited to join us in-person for the upcoming Water Commission Meeting on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, at 5:30 p.m. at the Ventura City Hall, Community Meeting Room, Second Floor.

Click here for meeting agendas and more information.

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