February 8, 2019
Community Newsletter
CAC Engages "Media in Action" Students
by Nate Close
As the Cinema’s 45 th year comes to a close and we begin a new year, we remember all the wonderful history and friendships that were born from our time spent at the cinema. The ability to form these friendships and connections is what gives CAC its unique character and keeps our dedicated patrons coming back for more. Our interconnectedness is what makes our community cinema such a special place. With this in mind, one of the goals we’ve prioritized as we move into the future is to share that special aspect of our community cinema with the next generation of cinema-goers.
This week, CAC Co-Director Dylan Skolnick and I were fortunate enough to have been invited to give a presentation to “Media in Action” students at Hofstra University. The benefits of giving such a presentation were twofold. For one, we were able to capitalize on a great opportunity to interact with, and form connections with, a number of future young professionals who happen to be interested in film, media, and the arts. Another added benefit of this interaction is the formation of a potential partnership with the professor and students taking part in the class.

The aim of the course is to place students in a service relationship with a community-based or non-profit organization serving Long Island. If selected to be a part of their project, we would work collaboratively with a group of students to produce a series of short promotional videos for use by the cinema. A group of “Media in Action” students will join us as our guests at the cinema, where they will attend some of our interesting and engaging special events. The students will have the opportunity to experience our distinctive community, and document the interactive and social nature of gatherings at the Cinema Arts Centre. Working together with the students we would craft promotional videos aimed at reaching and influencing a young and diverse group of movie-goers, as well as pay homage to our colorful past and present.
During our presentation, we shared much of our special history with the class. Touching on the Cinema’s intimate early days, and highlighting all the ways the cinema has worked to support the arts, important social issues, and the ways we make our community a better place to live. As most of us who love the cinema know, there are very few places that offer the type of community connection and engagement that the Cinema Arts Centre provides. It’s this feature of our organization that we hope to make available to an even greater portion of Long Island cinephiles as we begin to cultivate a new generation of CAC members and patrons.

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to engage with the Hofstra “Media in Action” students.
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