A Visit From Our Sister City
On April 11th, Police Officers from Benicia's Sister City Tula, Hidalgo, Mexico visited the Benicia Refinery as part of a partnership the Cities of Tula and Benicia created 40 years ago.
CAP Presentation on Asphalt Plant
Brenda Mooney from the Valero Benicia Asphalt Plant presented at the March 12, 2019 CAP Meeting on plant operations.

See the powerpoint to learn more.
Community Events
Tree Planting
Valero’s Volunteer Council collaborated with the Benicia Tree Foundation and started the process of planting 50 trees to recognize 50 years of refinery contributions to the community. On March 21st, 6 volunteers began the process of planting 12 trees at the Benicia Armory and 18 trees at the Benicia State Recreation Area.
Free Dental Review
Valero was recently a proud sponsor of the California Dental Association Foundation’s CDA Cares Free Dental Clinic which allowed approximately 2,000 people to receive free dental care. Community volunteers were able to help set up/tear down the clinic, register patients and volunteers, conduct exit interviews, enter data and provide oral health education.
AlertSolano messages are used for localized emergencies such as storms, earthquakes or environmental hazards. The Benicia Refinery would like to make sure that Benicians are receiving community alerts. To join the many residents currently receiving notifications from AlertSolano, click the link below.
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