Guided Hands
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Thymus Tapping
Here's an "Oldie but a Goody" coming out of the Archives.

This is a Great Morning Energy Booster!!!

Though the following technique has been in use for quite some time, it is a very important Modality to use, as we understand in great depth what the Thymus and its properties really do. 

The Thymus is a gland beneath the sternum (breastbone and above the trachea (wind pipe) and heart. The Thymus is established in the Immune System from the time of gestation until puberty, then begins to shrink during maturity. Medically and Scientifically well studied, it has given us opportunity to understand it's properties. 

Energetically we know the Thymus as the " Happiness Center " connecting to the " Three-Fold Flame of the Heart .   A healthy Thymus allows the physical body to be in balance and neutralize any negative energy that tries to enter the system. It stabilizes the frequency fields of the Immune System to create a proper FLOW of energy and calmness. When the Thymus is Calm, it boosts the Immune System to levels of support for the rest of the "bodies" makeup. It supports healing and vibrant health.

In a self-supportive and active healthy life, the Thymus can be offered this Encoding Activation, that will open up an energetic Golden Wire (or Thread), that will weave a continual Flow of New Energy into the Adrenals and into the Sacral and Root Chakras .  This New Flow of Energy threaded from Source, can be sewn into us as a way to keep our bodies more grounded and of a balanced symmetry. This frequency is provided in a code that will open up the neurotransmitters of the brain to send energetic "signals" to the bone marrow on the right side of the hip. The message being delivered, is to "cradle" the "pelvic girdle" which serves to " rotate, extend and move forward " the energy of the body.  As the joints, muscles, tendons, lymph's, blood circulation, meridians, fibers and tissues are expanded, pulled and well-worn from our bodies conversion, the "self-corrections" and "healings" will begin to take place in the bodies. This is a pertinent and greater way to "upgrade" the system of the physical body to stabilize and ground the "wire" or "thread" of Golden Alchemy to our Spiritual body as well, keeping one free from electrical burnout per se. (like a bundle of wires that are fully exposed and are live.... this exposure can be very "electrifying if not "contained" and wrapped properly. When the Wire(s) are contained, properly wrapped and grounded, the energy flows naturally and corresponds to the "Light Particles " that the body will produce.) The Thymus is a Key that unlocks "underlying-currency" flow to the Adrenals , and then will activate the Highways of Electric Codes of New Frequency to travel the by-passes of the bodies caverns, GIFTING the Root Chakra (survival) this formula as it produces a vibrant, balanced, grounded and healthy Body of One. 

Thymus means "LIFE ENERGY".    

THE THYMUS TAP (or Thump) (Please do not choose this modality if you have any electronic devices in your heart area or upper body)

Is ... a gentle "blast" to the Immune System through the channels of the Thymus . This tapping gives a boost to the system for a stronger and more resilient life style. The white blood cells govern cellular immunity which help identify, and destroy bacteria, viruses and abnormalities trying to damage the body. When the Thymus is stimulated (by tapping) sends direct signals to the rest of the body, to indicate a warning that a foreign energy is trying to invade the system, and more healthy cells are distributed throughout the system to "override" or "over light" the invasion. 


·          Feel your body at ease, and light

·          Send Light into your body with New Energy from Head to Toe

·          See the Front and Back of your upper body "traced" with a shape of a Dragonfly (transformation occurring)

·          Now, energetically begin to "trace" a number frequency "8" (infinite light) across the front of your chest ( Thymus ), extended into the "wings" of your frame, underneath your armpits where the Lymph nodes are (the filters). This "cross-stitching" of the Figure 8 is the "thoroughfare" (way through or passage way) for the Formula to start configuring within the systems memory and may begin its Flow.  Now, repeat this step, only see the energy on the back of your body to mirror the front.   
·          Take a deep cleansing Inhale of this Infinite Light Energy...and now exhale into a freedom and relaxation of the Body. 

·          With every Tap...there is an opening of the Codes that will continue to Flow through the body in a continual loop...until it fully connects to the Spiritual Self as One. As all practices.... Patience is the Key to unlocking the hidden treasures.   


Our Suggestion is First thing in the Morning, BEFORE lifting your body from your bed. This ensures that "what toxins" have been released in the night will not "re-surface" around the Thymus area and or create a "re-entry" of the released toxins back into your systems energy fields. 

Using your fingertips, or a cupped hand, begin to gently yet firmly enough to feel the energy introduced to your Thymus as you Tap or Thump.

Tapping "33" Seconds each morning, will stimulate the Thymus to send subliminal messages out into the bodies makeup, to let it know it is WAKING up, and that the healthy tissues, cells and more will be received your Wake-UP Call, and enjoy the benefits it offers.

·          Boost your Immune System

·          Increase your strength & vitality

·    Stimulates & Increases Blood Flow throughout the circulatory system

·          Creates More ENERGY to your being

·         Opens the CODES and FORMULAS for sustaining the Transition of Change, and connecting to the Body of Light.


Using " Sodalite" Crystals on your body, can balance metabolism, clear the Lymphatic system and BOOST THE IMMUNE SYSTEM. Helps with insomnia, lowers blood pressure and helps to stimulate absorption of fluids in the body .

The Thymus Tapping is a gift to the Physical Body and supports the Immune System for a healthy and energetic experience. 

Guided Hands 2009