Guided Hands
~ A Teaching Tool ~
Balancing the Buckets

"The Scale of Life"

When a child begins to walk, they learn to " stabilize " their own balance quite quickly.   They are "excited" to walk, run and play. It is joyful and exciting. It is out of curiosity that gives them the "energy" to produce and fill their souls spirit with this balance.  Though in any milestone it takes a few wobbly steps, before the balance is steady or "evened-out". 

The Key to Balance is Patience .
As we grow, so does the weight, it increases with each step-in life we take. 

Are we increasing the weight of our buckets? 

Is one heavier than the other? 

Does this heaviness produce an imbalance? Producing a Tiredness or extra weight to an uncomfortable situation?

As we grow, develop and come into our own identity, we are often measured by this " Scale of Life " , as we begin to learn how to fill each bucket in life. 

An Imbalanced feeling can cause fatigue, vertigo, migraines, headaches, prevention from moving forward (hips, legs, ankles, feet), mental fogginess , forgetfulness , and much more.   If this frequency field continues to surge into the body, mind and emotions, the delays in life may create a setback, interruption, suspension, blockage and or even stop one from moving forward, until a self-choice is made for refueling and refilling the reservoir.  
Balance is a feeling of being whole, full, calibrated, attuned and happy! 

This happiness brings Harmony and Clarity throughout any given day. Our bodies of physical react to the senses of the Spirit, Emotions and the Mental. When the emotional and mental energies are balanced, our physical automatically begins to self-heal, feel energized and whole, allowing us to produce a greater energy field of strength, so that we can continue to produce and create for others, as well as self. 

When we look at the PIE CHART of own Life, it has many divisions; family, finances, social, career, friendships, spirituality, creativity, love and so much more. 

When we look at this PIE CHART of Life, it is HUGE in the Big Scale of it all. 

How do we take the time to balance ALL of these sections?
It takes great effort and understanding how to filtrate what is needed and or is priority. When we spend too much energy in one section of this PIE, it will end up outweighing the other sections, it will become imbalanced and begin to tilt the frequencies of one’s embodiment's system. This is when we become depleted and/or deprived of Receiving. Shall this occur, the extra weight begins to place pressure into areas already full, and after a while this weight will begin to spill over, tip, drip, leak and/or give away what you once held. 

As Light Workers, Stewards, Messengers and Earth Angels, we have made the committed choice to be here with Balanced Buckets , as a way to continue to help others create balance as well. 
It is important to create a Balance for all that is given and the buckets remain Even, so that energetically we do not tilt and collapse. If this happens, then what good are we to continue to help others, if we cannot help ourselves?  

We Commend your life, your love, your energy in sharing because you are caring to serve. 

We have an ability to create and stabilize this energy by Receiving , so that we can CONTINUE to offer in a space of fullness, rather depletion or emptiness. 

Making Choices to Create Balance :

Each day is a New Beginning , a New Journey in this Awakening .

" Just for Today " choices can be made once again. For whatever choice was made yesterday or in the past, TODAY is the Present .  Learning and/or Remembering how to incorporate personal choices in creating a life of balance takes time, effort and support from yourself and others. 

Holding this Scale of Life can be the WAIT of life, that can turn into the WEIGHT of its particular outcome.  Choices can be a powerful thing, and when picked wisely and with integrity, can allow one to live a very happy, fulfilling, successful and healthy life.

Holding the Buckets in FULL Balance requires constant effort and time ALTHOUGH . . . its “ok” to have a " tension-slip " so that there is a Relaxed state, versus Holding on so tight that one gets tired and worn out. 

Being AWARE is the ability to Measure life through feelings and intuition of what goes in and out, rather than having to have a daily Count of “did I or didn't I" give or receive this day". 

Being AWARE and CONSISTENT to the Ebb and Flow of Life, means that you are paying attention, and listening to the body, mind and emotions to how they are feeling each day. 

Paying attention and being Aware will let the body know whether it is Balanced or not. It's a feeling, and these feelings can only be Measured by You .

Balancing the Buckets

SELF = Receiving        OTHER = Giving
This Exercise is to create an understanding of your priorities, time and energy, of an input and output in Life.

The ins and outs , the ebb and flow of Consistency. While time and efforts are being produced to Create and extend greater opportunity for yourself, it's ok to say NO , until you have agreed to say YES to yourself. 

When your Energy is Balanced , Enthusiasm and a Zest for life returns.
As time passes, and more of your Balance is Stabilized , is when ALL shall be the fruitful, plentiful, healthy and organized. 


Exercise : ***Create 2 Pages, 1 for Self (Receiving) and 1 for Other (Giving) . This is where you will write down your thoughts.
· Begin to Write inside the Bucket of Receiving , what you are doing for Yourself, how you are Receiving, and what can you do to open up and allow yourself to be satisfied? What other offerings will you learn to accept as a gift for you? 

· Is there a particular focus for you?  Are you able to identify what is important for yourself and to be filled-up with that? What creates a flexible existence? Can you identify values, and is it in alignment to your satisfaction?  Do you acknowledge yourself when you are receiving benefits of satisfaction? And whatever else you can come up with that encourages, motivates and assist you in this process.

·  Take a moment or two and pause.

·  Take an INHALE of Breath, and BREATHE (repeat 2-3x)

·  Begin to write inside the Bucket of Other/Giving .   What are you offering to others in your it daily, weekly or monthly? What services are you providing, presenting, offering, handing over, giving out, devoting or committing to?  Is there additional energy being created for another person, situation, or even an unknown that you have considered to partake in? Is your career, personal life, social life and finances in an influx or imbala nced? And whatever else you can come up with that you feel needs attention, for a visualization for self-realization.

·   Take a moment or two and pause

·   Take an INHALE of Breath, and BREATHE (repeat 2-3x)

Thoughts of Consideration :

· After writing and reviewing the " Bucket Lists ".... are these Buckets Balanced or Imbalanced ?

·  If determined that they are Balanced ; keep up the Great Work and continue to Stabilize and Calibrate the ins and output of Life, through self-love and a continual determination of your Freedom. 

· If determined that they are Imbalanced; here are a few suggestions that may offer assistance to gaining Balance back into life itself.

1 .   Getting Organized : Create a plan that ensures a more structured agenda, that can minimize outside distractions, or adding on when the list is already full. (i.e., create a chart, calendar, excel program to list the day-to-day activities of personal, social activities, or other). Being organized and " seeing " what is appropriate for your time and energy each day, will help one to not "react" if something else tries to be added to the task list, allowing the "emotions" to remain calm, centered and balanced. While trying to "re-group, re-organize and re-plan" the energies of this balance. It's ok to say no, while saying yes to you!   With the list of day-to-day "to-do's" that may be a "work related" task, Also, PLEASE REMEMBER to offer yourself a "rewarding gift" that fills your SOUL and SPIRIT; Play is very important every day, no matter what "form" it comes in.
2.   Being Bendable : Being organized is not about a production line that MUST get is the "just for today" attitude. I will do my best, and my best is GOOD enough. And what doesn't get done today, I will try my best when tomorrow comes. Being flexible and "bendable" is creating a rhythmic flow to life, otherwise it becomes "rigid and stiff", and will not budge, and then it becomes stuck or in a rut, and the wheel of repetitive patterns will begin to spin with a loss of self-control again.  Day to day curve balls will be thrown at one, so it is up to you to "re-adjust" for these curve balls, and perhaps all together make a new choice, a new arrangement. Be easy on yourself, and let it bend, move, groove into a Happy Dance, and be in acceptance to what is required and or needed, and know that you are CAPABLE to this Change occurring.

3.    Being Productive : It takes A LOT of energy to run a household, a career, be involved in societal exchanges, budgeting finances, being involved in a partnership, relationship, love. We are here to " Thrive not just Survive ", so we learn to adapt, practice and love. This energy in existence to self, will support our movement forward, creativity and balance. When we choose a productive and flowing life, we are abundant and in Receptivity.  Creating Daily Energy assist in the production of balance and stability. If we have a full schedule of JUST work, we will become tired and worn out. Learn to receive play, relax, separate the old, and bring forth healthy habits that begin to restructure our ways, in an accordance to how the buckets can remain an even balance throughout life. Incorporate time for you that offers satisfaction and that reduces tension at the same time. Mediation, yoga, journaling your thoughts, eating and drinking healthy choices, outdoor time, running, walking, jogging, standing still underneath the sun shine. Resting the body is vital, even if you do not nap, just closing the eyes for five minutes or more, will regenerate, rejuvenate and separate the tension that has built up.  Participating and offering these practical tools, can rebuild, refill and replenish the Buckets of Life , and can rekindle your SOUL, your SPIRIT, your LIFE.
4.   Simplicity : Life itself doesn't have to be hard! " Simplicity is the truest authenticity " It is effortless, plain, simple, clean and flows with grace and ease. Take on the day-to-day duties of life with this simplicity, and see how life flows with you, rather than against you. It reduces tension, and alleviates friction to your schedule. One feels better, and overall health begins to improve. Simplicity takes off the pressures of boiling points, and spills. The Old begins to diminish, and an attraction of more positive draws near to your experiences taking place. Begin letting go of over-producing or over-scheduling, and re-assessing the to do list, is it really needed, necessary, or required? Is there an 'option' for the additional work that is being asked of from yourself or other at this very time? Can it be moved, settled or the task be completely eliminated? Simplicity offers Freedom, Relaxation, Joy, Harmony and Balance.  

5.      Being Aware : is a recognition that offers balance right away. Keeping the awareness allows stability and frequencies flowing in all the right directions in life. Tuning in to your surroundings and being balanced opens the Spiritual Centers of your embodiment, offering a fluidity to the Soul. When we are "stirred, pulled or tugged" away from our Awareness, we may begin to lose focus, or being centered. If thoughts become distractions, an uneasiness begins to filtrate the system, or worries, frets and complaints begin to erupt. Emotions may become involved and react or take over, rather an Awareness to be in completeness or its balance. Staying centered is this awareness, and paying attention through the Heart Chakra will pull one back in, it will support and offer healing's and solace.

6.      Love : Being Balanced produces LOVE...and in the REAL of it all, Love is all we Really need. Being Organized creates movement, being Bendable helps one Know that all will flow in a continuous movement of success, health and happiness. Being Productive , helps to fine-tune the body, mind and emotions, which stirs the ingredients of Simplicity to the perfect recipe in life. And being Aware produces a conscious discernment in our day-to-day experience, choices and understanding.   Love is the KEYS to BALANCE, Love, Respect, Honor and Grace.

Now please take time in quite consideration to these offerings and suggestions. Play around with these ideas, and begin to Create a Spiritual Plan, Rather to Try and Understand ! The Spiritual Plan is a flow, a currency a movement with grace and ease . Trying to Understand, comes from the mind and the mental energies to possibly convince or over-commit to the list of to-dos’.  It is ultimately up to to Balance the Buckets of your life. We continue to support you, love you and provide tools to teach you. We know that it takes time, effort and strength in all we do. Being patient and allowing all opportunities to unfold naturally and organically will produce a rich Harvest from the Garden of Joy .

This Teaching Tool has come out of the Guided Hands Archives from 2013, Please Enjoy.

And. . .

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Blessings, M ama M ary M artin