While watching the national weather report, the oldie song "Summertime Blues" comes to mind. I wouldn't mind a little bit more blue skies, but I got online to find there is indeed a summer syndrome  much like winter's SAD. The living may be easy for some, but others might be downright miserable and even depressed as they suffer through the humidity, blazing temperatures, and disrupted sleep. Not to mention having to wear shorts and swimsuits!
When I think of summer, I often recall my grandma's farm in CT. I spent summers there, and twice in in my early twen ties drove across country intending to live there permanently, but always returned to the Pacific Northwest. Still, I long to be there. 

Kate's Grandmother's barn

My grandmother was a sculptress, landscape architect, and weaver, and I miss her with all my heart. How many people still have photos of their grandmother and her home on their walls? When I feel my blood-pressure elevate (usually after driving in traffic), I envision relaxing on her back-porch swing sipping iced tea. Ah.

The core of her home was pre-revolutionary and no, she did not install air conditioning. During the  summer, we planned our days around the heat. I often painted and once even won first prize in a local art show competition, but for me nothing beats writing. Finishing and publishing a novel is more thrilling than painting.

Thank you for being a reader! And thanks especially to each of you who have written reviews of my books. As I go through the process of trying to sell another manuscript, I know publishers will go to Amazon and see how many reviews I have. Reviews only need to be two sentences. A favo rite I've read about another author's novel was: "I loved this book!"

Wondering why I'm having to find a new publishing house? My last two pub houses no longer buy fiction. I know, it is hard to fathom why they would discontinue fiction. So my agent is working to sell another manuscript and I eagerly look forward to working with the new publishing house. In the meantime, I'm busy writing a Christmas novella releasing in 2019. Yes, things move slowly in the publishing business.

I hope you're not suffering from the summer time blues, but rather making happy summer memories as I did with my grandma.

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A Letter from Lancaster County

" Kate writes about characters and stories that are heartwarming. Not because they are Amish, her characters could be in any genre and still touch your heart, your emotions and be a book that ends way too soon. " - Pat M.


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