Gazette Monthly | May 2016
A Word From Our GM
We're officially open and the guests that arrive each day are nearly as excited as our staff! The ranch is really beginning to come to life; between the new baby animals (chicks, piglets, and of course the goats, burrow and mini) and the new faces, all our hard work over the winter is finally starting to materialize. The horses are running around the back, excited for the warmer weather, spring grass, and the chance to stretch their legs after the long winter. Hiro (my horse) is starting to get nice and round while her little one grows inside, and the rest of the newbies are starting to get used to the big herd and open spaces. I however, am still struggling with the vastness of the backcountry, where I still get lost on a daily basis! We're getting there though, with the help of Robert of course, and newer (more accurate!) maps are being printed. While it's starting to feel like we're off and running, it's only just the beginning: reservations are still pouring in, and we're getting close to one of the busiest seasons at The Flying U yet.

A Successful Open House &
A Hit Elvis Performance
On April 23rd The Flying U opened it's gates to family, friends, and neighbours. We never expected to sell out within days, making full use of our 100+ person capacity lodge. Laura Davis cooked an exceptional steak dinner, and both bars were open and the drinks were flowing. The excitement from the community was overwhelmingly positive, and everyone had an exceptional time. Elvis stole the show as always, and had everyone up and dancing the night away. 

The show was such a success we had to book him again! Elvis will be returning to the Flying U Labour Day Long weekend for an encore performance to rival the first. 

We're booking up fast, so make sure not to miss his next show. 

Click HERE to reserve for Labour Day Long Weekend. 

Lost Lake
Only 20 minutes from The Flying U lies pristine Wilkinson Lake. Once lost to us, we've put in a new trail accessible by foot, bicycle, and of course, horseback, this spot is a fast favourite among staff and guests. 

A dock has been installed, boats have been hauled up, and a picnic table awaits for a quiet moment of reflection, or bring the gang up for some raucous water play. 

Trip Advisor Review:
"Had a wonderful 'sunset watching experience' there. A canoe has been brought to its shore for paddling on the lake." 
Vancouver, Canada

Recent Reviews
We've only been open a few short weeks, and the positive feedback is already flooding in! 

Check out what some of our early guests are saying:

Opening Weekend 2016
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed 5 days ago *NEW*

"Having been to the 'U' every year since 1995 I was interested in meeting the new owners. What an amazing experience--the new chef is over the top excellent. Best food ever at the 'U.' This whole staff smiles - they want to help. The weather was spectacular. Overall a great experience. All smiles."
-Mike S
Washington, USA


5 of 5 stars
Reviewed 4 days ago *NEW*

"Gorgeous trails, beautiful horses, great food and friendly staff!"
Vancouver, Canada
Herd Update
Molly the Mule and Gunner the QH/Draft have joined the Flying U herd. 

Molly, was born on November 4th, 2009 on Salt Spring island, one wintery day in between the rains. She was born with the thickest coat!. Her dam was a percheron carriage - driving horse. She had bred to a Mammoth donkey. Ever since day one she has been very curious and friendly to people and other horses. She is very respectful, usually. Molly now is 6 yrs old and a bit over 15 HH. She loves to explore out on the trail, especially with her buddy Gunner. They have been known to go looking for greener pastures or more company on their own occasionally.

Gunner, was owned by a RCMP officer that had been stationed on Salt Spring but when she was transferred to the east she reduced her herd for travelling. He was bought by a family living on a big farm at the north end of the island. He is a bit more that 16 HH and is a QH X draft. He is lovely to ride. He has a lot of energy but is respectful of a rider with a gentle hand. He and Molly have become great pals and play often together. He also loves to explore on the trail and is a very loyal buddy, to both human and horse. 

Featured Staff 
Raven  Brook Nyman

Raven is excited to be spending her summer at the Flying U Ranch, where her grandparents met almost 60 years ago. Raven is an honours student at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver), studying English Literature and Creative Writing. She is very happy to be spending the summer away from the city and back in the Cariboo where she grew up. 

Raven was raised on a ranch just South of the village of Clinton, about 30 miles from the Flying U, and spent countless summer days at the family cabin on Green Lake. She has grown up working and playing with her animals, driving tractors, and hauling hay, so she is fitting in well with the rest of the staff on the ranch. Raven will be spending most of her time here working in the office, running the General Store, and serving in the Saloon. She looks forward to meeting many new faces and sharing her love of the Cariboo with all of our guests!

Sue  Vondrakova

Sue is quickly becoming indispensable as our "Jill of all trades" around the ranch. A former veterinary assistant in Czech Republic, Sue decided to start a new adventure to live abroad to gain more experience, working on her English skills while sticking close to her passion of animal husbandry. 
Even as a little girl Sue had a deep passion for horses and riding. She was also intrigued by the nature and culture of North America from an early age. Sue began her equine love affair by reading books about horses and, at the age of 10, helping with horses in a small family ranch close to her home. She never thought that both passions would come together in her dream to spend some time on a real Canadian ranch. 

Sue is no stranger to the outdoors; well skilled in camping, rafting, canoeing, and archery as she spent years as a girl scout. Sue not only loves animals, but has enjoyed meeting all types of people during her time in Canada, and is excited for summer at The Flying U. 

New Additions to the
Ranch Facilities & Services

The grass is green and the park is open! We've added a new horseshoe pit for you to enjoy in addition to all the other great activities available: volleyball, crochet, bocce and hammocks too!

The General Store is where you'll get all the gear you need to enjoy a ride and gifts to remember your stay at the Flying U Ranch! 

We are now featuring local artists and their crafts as well! If you have art that you'd like featured in our store please give us a call at: 1.250.456.7717 

Jocelyn Lee will be joining the team up for all of June and will be bringing her Reiki & Crystal Healing services with her! Her sessions are 2-2.5 hours and includes a personal oracle reading (optional). 

This is a hands-on energetic healing technique that leaves you feeling uplifted - while keeping you grounded at the same time. Balance your body, mind, heart and spirit so that you can fully immerse in your vacation and take relaxation to a whole new level. 

Book your session ahead of time for your June stay by e-mailing 
Victoria Day Weekend is coming up and the lake is getting warmer each day! This is the time to plan your vacation in the sunny Cariboo!
The Flying U Ranch

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