As the A-CAPP Center continues to monitor the novel coronavirus pandemic, we are committed to making decisions that will keep our Spartan and brand protection community healthy and safe. We are continuing our research and internship programs remotely. 

However you may be affected by this crisis, remember you are not alone and we will get through this together.

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Join The Conversation with Jay Kennedy as he gives insight on how to prevent from becoming a victim of counterfeit markets during the COVID-19 outbreak. Check out his publication in The Conversation HERE!
We signed a General Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Amazon to foster a relationship and cooperation in education and research related to product counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting strategies and other brand protection topics.

We look forward to partnering with Amazon on these challenging issues to develop research and training to benefit brands and to combat counterfeit goods.

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Working from home opens opportunities for professional development in brand protection. Our on-demand certificate program reflects a multidisciplinary approach to the issue of counterfeiting. Check it out  HERE.

The A-CAPP Center also offers custom brand protection training programs.

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The 15th Edition of the Brand Protection Professional is a Special Edition focused on Africa and highlighting UL's work in Africa.

The 16th edition looks into the future as we highlight challenges in anti-counterfeiting and brand protection in the next decade.

We are currently developing stories for the BPP June edition that will address brand protection in a time of crisis, such as what we are experiencing with the coronavirus outbreak.

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Our Spring 2020 students include Tyler Armstrong (Law), Anne Breece (International Relations), Alana Carl (Experience Architecture), Daniel Cermak (Law), Therese Costantini (Packaging), Alina Dewgard (Criminal Justice/ Psychology), Daniel Eshoo (Criminal Justice), Annabelle Greseth (Political Science), Deepu Karchalla (Criminal Justice), Kaylee Kern (Criminal Justice/ Accounting), Joey Longo (International Relations/ Chinese), Minelli Manoukian (Law), Mae O’Dell (Criminal Justice), Logan Pechtel (Criminal Justice) and Madison Postal (Advertising). Learn more about our students  HERE .

The A-CAPP Center student program allows for students to gain experience in research in anti-counterfeiting and brand protection. If you are interested in funding our interns, visit our website  HERE.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we are actively placing our interns in brand co-ops and internship programs. Please reach out to Kari Kammel at for information.