Watercolour by Cheryl O
A Splash of Waterlilies - by Cheryl O
Watercolour + Gouache - 7" x 10"
On watercolour paper with acid free matte and backing.
$145.00 + HST

What a super response to the upcoming Canadian Landscape Course! Within 48 hours of last Tuesday's art email, there was only 1 spot left in either afternoon class, and evening was 2/3 full. Currently both afternoon classes are full and there are just 3 spots left in Tuesday evening. Let me know if you would like to be on a waiting list for afternoons - cancellations do sometimes happen.

I'm really looking forward to working with you enthusiastic folks! And congratulations and a warm welcome to those of you who are taking your very first steps into art. You are going to have so much fun!

There was an interesting conversation recently on social media about people talking to themselves. Apparently not everyone has a voice inside their head - a kind of built in narrator - but many do. Those who have this voice, have a hard time imagining that some people don't. Those who don't, can't seem to imagine what it is like to have one. Nothing right or wrong either way. Many folks use the inner conversation as a way to problem solve. (Apparently you only have to worry if you think you are talking to someone who isn't actually there.)

Personally, the way I talk to myself has changed. These days it is with a much quieter voice than it used to be. Before, it was too often loudly pointing out mistakes from the past and present and even name calling ('dumb bum' - and worse). I remember thinking, I would never speak that abusively to anyone else, so why was I allowing it toward myself? Change happened. Grateful thoughts founded in hope have taken over the current narrative. Grace, all grace. And, if our minds have doors, the door labeled "Living in the Present" seems to have firmly shut out that loud critical voice.

Curious - do you have a voice in your mind too? I hope it's a kind one if you do. And apparently it's a good thing to analyze your paintings by talking out loud - it clarifies problems and helps you find a solution faster.

My favourite quote on this topic is, "If you hear me talking to myself keep in mind that I am a sole proprietorship, and probably having a meeting." Author Unknown


A big thank you to Angela Richardson who kindly let me use her beautiful photo as a reference for the waterlily painting featured above.

Happy Painting! Be kind - to yourself too.
Cheryl O
Watercolour by Cheryl O

Today's Quote:
"Art is making a thing,
and then trying to make a better one,
and you keep doing this until you die,
and that's a pretty good life."

Robert Proch

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