Walzer Melcher is pleased to announce that the prestigious legal ranking service Chambers and Partners ranked Walzer Melcher for their 2017 High Net Worth Guide. Walzer Melcher is one of six California family law firms to be acknowledged.

We have been ranking the best lawyers since 1990, and now cover 185 jurisdictions. No other organisation has the strength-in-depth of our  editorial and research team  when it comes to assessing the world’s business lawyers.
- Chambers and Partners

You can read our Newswire press release here .
Peter M. Walzer and Christopher C. Melcher were recently featured in the Daily Journal Los Angeles where they discussed our Santa Monica office expansion. They were also interviewed for the KTLA news segment " Empty Nest Divorces. "

Peter M. Walzer recently wrote an article for Ultimate Wedding titled " To Prenup or Not Prenup? " He was featured on ABC7 news to discuss the topic of " Nesting " during the divorce process. His article " Apportionment: Calculating Community Interest in Separate Property " was published in the October 2017 issue of  California CPA

Steven Yoda was quoted in the OppLoans article " Financial Issues in a Marriage: How to Overcome Them . " His article " Everybody’s Talkin’: A Primer on Communicating Effectively with Your Attorney " was published in the Summer 2017 Vol. 40, No. 1 edition of the American Bar Association Family Law Advocate .

Jennifer Riemer was quoted in the Bravo Personal Space Story " Guess Who Has The Most Leverage In The Kevin Hart Cheating/Blackmail Scandal? His Wife. "
   S E M I N A R S

* October 26, 2017
Peter M. Walzer
Family Law Conference - Cal CPA
Los Angeles

* October 26, 2017
Leena Hingnikar
Family Law Section of the State Bar
of California

* October 27, 2017
Peter M. Walzer
Family Law Conference - Cal CPA
Oakland, CA

* November 2, 2017
Expectations of Privacy in
Mediation with a Focus on Family
Law Proceedings
Leena Hingnikar
Family Law Section of the State Bar
of California

* November 4, 2017
Edward Lyman
Beverly Hills Bar Association
InterContinental Hotel

* November 16, 2017
Drafting Enforceable
Premarital and Postmarital
Peter M. Walzer & Christopher C.
Wealth Counsel

* December 1, 2017
100 Days Before Trial
Christopher C. Melcher
AAML Mountain States
Salt Lake City, UT

* March 13, 2018
Battered Womens-Syndrome:
Powerful Evidence or Junk
Jennifer Riemer
AAML CLE Mid-Year Meeting
Maui, Grand Wailea
 S P O N S O R S H I P
Diamond Sponsorship  

October 25th, the Santa Monica Bar Association will hold their annual Installation Dinner at the Jonathan Club's Beach Club . This year's dinner will feature the new Santa Monica City Attorney Lane Dilg as Keynote Speaker.
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Peter M. Walzer having the time of his life in Hawaii!
Christopher C. Melcher (to the right) rocking the bolo tie.
Leena Hingnikar "Bringing It On" in high school.
Kristina Hohne getting into the Halloween spirit.
Ed Lyman growing up in Chicago.
Jennifer Riemer keeping tan during Summer of '99.
Steven K. Yoda sporting his signature smile.
John Chason channeling his inner teenage angst.
Steven K. Yoda holding a pinhole projector (constructed by Christopher C. Melcher) at our Solar Eclipse viewing party.
Played hooky on a Monday afternoon to see the movie IT!

Associate John Chason, his wife Maya, the Honorable Hank Goldberg and his family at the annual Levitt and Quinn Stand For Justice Gala.
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