A Solution to Gerrymandering
Those who are willing to circulate petitions to help get my name on the ballot, can now download petitions and instructions here .  
The author David Brin has written that " The fate of the republic - even civilization - may rest upon Justice Anthony Kennedy's vote, as the US Supreme Court ponders the criminal conspiracy called gerrymandering. In my most important posting of the year (so far), I lay out a solution so simple that it leaves the Justices no wriggle room. It's equitable, palliative and easily enforceable, while nodding to state sovereignty..."

Although gerrymandering has given the Illinois 5th District the shape that it has--and so generated a "safe" Democratic seat--I hereby repudiate the gerrymandering, recommend the "Minimal Overlap" solution that David Brin advocates in this link: A Solution to Gerrymandered Injustice , and challenge my opponents in the Democratic primary to do the same. It is long past time for the United States to abolish gerrymandering!