A Season For Sharing and Caring 
As 2015 rolls to an end, we would like to thank all of you for backing our mission and enabling more than 300 children to become kind leaders. 

This year, our organization has grown leaps and bounds partnering with organizations like the Bellevue School District, YMCA, Eastside Pathways, ForTerra, Acterra, and Ekal Vidyalaya to name a few- and we could not have taken this journey without you.  Together with our incredible volunteers, we have pioneered and expanded a large range of programs  in Seattle, Silicon Valley and Orlando. These include:

* 6 After School Programs Classes where children had the opportunity to learn how they can make a positive  impact around them through mindfulness, team-building exercises and kindness projects which directly impact  their community. 

* We also ran 2 Summer Camps where children experienced first-hand the results of their kind acts by volunteering their time at local service oriented organizations. 

* A key aspect of our mission also focuses on Family Volunteer Events . This is an important bonding experience for families to show empathy and compassion towards others less fortunate. We were able to organize 8 this year which included helping over 100 underserved or homeless youth.

* Last, but not least, we ran 2 Parent Education Workshops where we provided parents with the tools needed to teach and foster empathy and compassion at home and in the community.

We need your support

In 2016, we cannot wait to inspire more and more youth in their quest But our work is only just beginning!  The road ahead of us is long and we remain unreservedly optimistic about your involvement in the success of our mission. Please take this time to contribute to our organization so that we can continue inspiring young kind leaders in making a difference in our communities and in themselves. 

As you contemplate your plans for the new year, we would love for you to make goals that foster giving, mindfulness and empathy a part of your daily routine. Let us know how we can help!

The best of holiday wishes from all of us here at 
Camp Kindness Counts

May your holiday season be joyful and magical. 

Kids Love Helping Others
Our last newsletter for the year features some of our youngest enthusiasts. We want you to hear from them and their parents, no filters! Our hope is that their small victories and abundant joys will help galvanize your own feelings and inspire you to act.

Meghana Sathe's two children, Atharva (10) and Neeraja (7) have been enrolled in Camp Kindness Counts Summer program since 2014. The kids joined the camp based on sheer interest in helping their community. "Kids learn to be kind to strangers and learn a way to connect to different people. [They learn to] respect and appreciate resources in nature and get a sense of responsibility towards community", says Sathe. 

"Kids have started believing that it's possible to be kind to people you don't know"

When asked what advice Sathe has for other parents who are planning on enrolling their children at the camp, she says, "Camp Kindness Counts has a very unique theme and Dhaarmika and her counselors are really passionate about helping communities and teaching children the importance of practicing kindness. Do discuss the daily kind connections your kids will make when attending this camp. They will love to tell you about their experiences and are very proud of their volunteer work."

"Camp Kindness Counts is "AWESOME"!  We "LOVE" to come back every year." 
Neerja  and Atharva

Kids Corner!

"I like Camp Kindness Counts because we get to help people. 
I think it is fun because they teach you how to be nice to the earth and every single thing on earth. That's why I like Camp Kindness Counts! " - Diya 

"Maybe we can give things we don't use to other people who need it!  I want to help people who don't have a home.  I liked making the smile poster and smile cards to make others smile!"  - Puesta Del Sol Students

"Let's go teach the preschoolers about kindness again!  I like making meals for others. I liked making an imaginary machine that can help others and make them happy" 
- Medina Elementary Students  

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