A Post-Convention Message from the

Standing Committee President


Emerging from the 180th Annual Diocesan Convention on Saturday, I am filled with gratitude. I am grateful for my fellow Standing Committee members, the Diocesan Staff, all the delegates, guests and volunteers who were present and those who prayed and supported us from afar. I am grateful for God’s presence on that day and for God’s continued guidance as we navigate these new waters.

Because the day was quite long and the business of convention was adjourned quite abruptly, many of us have spent some days processing our varied emotions and understandings of what happened on Saturday.

Our Culture of Trust and Respect:

Progress Made, and More Work to be Done

First, let me address our emotions and frustrations regarding this day. We know that some are hurting. Clearly, we have much work to do. We need to develop a culture of trust and respect for one another. At convention, we certainly saw glimpses of respect and a desire to listen to one another. Some felt they could speak and others listened to a view they may not have shared. Certainly, more voices need to be heard and stories need to be told. 

Still, there were times when trust was simply not there. Trust is going to need to be built back up as we speak truth, act with integrity and respect, and seek transparency in all things. Developing a culture of respect and trust will take time, commitment and intentionality. The Standing Committee is committed to fostering this culture.

Encouraging Business Conducted at Convention

After 22 difficult months, we gathered for the 180th Annual Diocesan Convention. That in itself was no easy feat. Over 300 people from around our diocese came together to worship our Lord and Savior. 


For the first time in over three years, resolutions were brought before the assembly. While time did not permit us to consider all of the resolutions, the convention passed the Beloved Community resolution, which has been on hold for over three years. We passed a resolution to allow all nominations to be on the ballot after convention was postponed two times. The resolution regarding the election of our Sewanee Trustees now aligns with how we have been electing these important representatives.  

We also passed the resolution regarding rewriting our Articles of Reincorporation to better align with other dioceses in Province IV and The Episcopal Church. Since this first reading passed it will have its second reading at the September 2024 Convention.  Not everyone was happy about one or more of the resolutions being passed, but we were able to come together and allow our democratic process to work.


In two rounds of voting, we elected most of our open positions. Many of our committees and councils had been frozen with some people serving well beyond their original term. At the time of adjournment, two vacancies remained - the one-year term for a lay person on the Standing Committee and the one-year term for a lay person for Diocesan Council. As per the canons, the Diocesan Council who acts as the convention between conventions, will fill these vacant positions.  

You may view the full list of election results and passed resolutions on the convention webpage here.

Taking the Next Step

We have a lot of work to do. We have taken one small step in the right direction by gathering, worshiping, and voting. So, thank you for coming and listening. 

The Standing Committee is committed to doing all we can to build a culture of trust and unity. We do not expect or want everyone to be of like mind. The diversity of thoughts and ideas are important to building the Kingdom of God. Let’s focus on who unites, our Lord Jesus Christ, so we can work to create a strong diocese built on trust and respect. 

Of course we are not all in the same place - with our emotions or our understanding. And that is okay. Still, we need to find ways to come together and listen to each other.  We are going to have other opportunities to gather before September 21, 2024, the date of our next annual convention. We are going to seek counsel and assistance from others to help guide and direct us.  

Take Part in Our Social Media Feast

At convention, I invited us to a social media feast, flooding social media with how God is already visible in our diocese. Continue to use #dioFLfeast on those posts showing worship, fellowship, and formation. Keep posting pictures of all the mission and ministry as we are acting as the heart and hands and feet of Christ.

Beloved, there is much work to do.  It will not be easy.  Our Lord never said it would be easy.  But Jesus said, “ I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” (Matthew 28:20)

The Rev. Teresa Seagle

President, Standing Committee