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Steve and Jeri-Casual


March 2014



Dear Friends, 


You may have received this letter from Steve in the mail recently along with a DVD of a message Steve recorded in the studio awhile back entitled, "God's Reward."


Since the time that letter was written back in January, Steve has been going through a very difficult time physically. He needs a miracle. I'll discuss this more at the end of this letter. Meanwhile, please allow me to speak on his behalf and update you on our situation.  


In 2010 Steve stood before a worldwide audience and told millions of his battle with cancer. Many asked him, "Why confess what you are going through? Why tell the world?" I'll tell you why. As ministers, our lives are open books. However, when it comes to personal matters such as Steve's battle with cancer, we tend to be more private. But Steve and I have openly shared about his battle with cancer because more than anything, we want Jesus to be glorified in the midst it. We want the world to see that when facing extreme difficulties, even staring death in the face, we remain strong in faith and honor the Lord. There's another reason why we've shared so openly...because we need and covet your prayers! 


Steve and I will never forget the final message David Wilkerson delivered to our graduating class at Twin Oaks Academy. He told us, "Thou Shalt Have Spells!"


It was a sobering reminder to us young soldiers fresh out of our spiritual boot camp that we were not about to embark on a mission of peace, but to engage in intense warfare with the enemy. Brother Wilkerson was charging us to endure through every trial, test and tribulation that was sure to come our way so that we might emerge victorious.


As Steve has so often said, a solider is not tested in the barracks. He is tested on the battlefield. That's where the war is won. Many run for the safety and security found on the base, but the faithful soldier knows there is no reward to be found there. He counts his life as nothing for the sake of the Cross and steps onto the field of war to seek and save that which is lost. It is to those few, who persevere to the very end, that God bestows His reward.


God's reward! That's what Steve and I have had our eyes upon for these last 37 years. It hasn't always been easy, but it has always been worth it. Brother Wilkerson was right. There have been spells. Many spells.


Times when we didn't have the finances and had to make due on little or nothing. We trusted God to meet our needs. He brought us THROUGH!


Times when we fought through incredible obstacles to plant churches on the foreign mission field. Many said it couldn't be done. He brought us THROUGH!


Times when we had to deal with dire health issues. In Argentina, I was moments from death after complications from losing twins in the womb. Doctors said I would never conceive again. I not only survived, but a few years later gave birth to our daughter, Kelsey, who recently started her first year of Bible school. He brought us THROUGH!


This battle with cancer is by far the most difficult time of our entire Christian life. It's a battle that Steve and I are going through together. But do you know something? The Lord has been with us every step of the way. He has truly sustained and helped us when we couldn't help ourselves, when we thought we couldn't go an inch further. I thank God for His Word, for His faithfulness and His love. We are constantly aware of His presence and that He is walking with us THROUGH the valley of the shadow of death.  


Perhaps you, too, are facing a 'spell' or a deep, dark valley right now. Hear this word from the Lord:




Take courage and comfort! The same God who brought you through yesterday's trials is the same God who will bring you through whatever you're going through today. And tomorrow! Because He is faithful!


Steve and I have fought hard for decades. We've seen millions of souls saved for the Kingdom, but we are not finished! As long as there is breath in us and people who need Jesus, we'll be on the frontlines making a difference. 


People have asked Steve, "You're fighting cancer, what can you possibly be doing?" I myself have been amazed at how much we've been able to accomplish for the Lord even while battling cancer! 

  • CRUSADES & TELEVISION: This past year we have ministered to millions on TV, on radio and in churches, sharing the fresh word God has put on my heart. Thousands have responded.
  • SPIRITUAL AVALANCHE: Steve's latest book, Spiritual Avalanche, released in 2013, has already impacted lives around the world. This message is a needed warning to the Body of Christ. If we will heed the word and take action we can turn the course of the church and this country. For as the church goes, so goes our nation.
  • MIDDLE EAST: We sent Daniel Norris who works with our ministry to the heart of the Muslim world to work alongside the underground churches. We are pursuing opportunities to share the Gospel with 160 million Arabic speaking Muslims in the Middle East (more on this to come).
  • UGANDA ORPHANAGE: Daniel is presently in Uganda bringing relief to an orphanage that is taking in the children of prostitutes who have died from STDs. He and the team are traveling into remote villages and sharing the Gospel in areas that have previously been unreached. We'll share more about this in our next letter. Meanwhile, you can see his posts of our Steve Hill Ministries Facebook page.  
  • OUTREACH TO NUNS: Sean and Kathy Duffy who are also part of our ministry team at SHM, just returned from Mexico where they spent an entire weekend ministering to Catholic nuns! They shared the Gospel and saw numerous miracles.
  • ARABIC AND MIDDLE EASTERN LANGUAGE TRANSLATIONS: We are working with a team in the Middle East to bring Steve's messages to those who speak Arabic, Farsi and other Middle Eastern languages. For years we desired to reach people in the Middle East. We are so excited about this door the Lord of ministry the Lord has set before us.  

Steve and I live each day with the consciousness that none of us is promised tomorrow. Our brief 70 to 80 years will quickly pass and then we enter into eternity. When I stand before the Lord, I want to have something of value to lay at His feet. And I want to receive His reward for my faithful service to Him while on the earth, how about you?


Awhile back, Steve recorded a message entitled, "God's Reward" in our studio with our good friend, Lt. Col. Rudy Atallah. It's about 30 minutes long. Presently, it's not available to the general public. I encourage you to watch it. As you do, I believe your heart will be stirred as you examine your life in light of eternity.   



God's Reward
God's Reward



In closing, let me leave you with this thought. Three years ago the doctors told us it was all over for Steve. But instead of dying, God touched him and raised him off that deathbed. We praise God that his condition improved so much so that he was even able to travel and preach in some churches last year, write a book, ministered to countless individuals, recorded messages in our studio, helped establish an orphanage in Uganda, launched an outreach to Muslims and MORE! Praise God!    


When the Lord raised him off that deathbed, he vowed to the Lord that he would win as many people to Jesus as he possibly could. A million is what he promised the Lord. There's no way Steve can do this by himself! We need your help! 


Each of us is sowing our years into something. Sadly, most will reach the end of their lives, realizing they sowed into that which has little if any eternal value. Steve and I determined long ago to make God's priorities our priority. His priority is souls!  


Will you help us continue to go after the lost and to be a voice to this generation? Your gift, along with the gifts of many others enables us to continue contending for the souls of men. Together we are fighting the good fight, laying up for ourselves crowns of righteousness that the Lord will bestow upon us on that great and glorious day. His reward!


Last, but not least, PLEASE PRAY FOR STEVE! Right now, the battle for his life is very fierce. He wants to live and win more souls to Jesus. The doctors don't give any hope. But our hope is in the Lord. He is Steve's Healer! 


We are so grateful to you for how you've stood with us and continue to stand with us in the work of the Lord. Thank you, too, for your prayers and many words of encouragement during our time of need.


We love you and thank God for you! 








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Daniel Norris and a team from Steve Hill Ministries are in Uganda right now. Our primary reason for going to Uganda was to support the Orphans of Hope orphanage. We're holding crusades in area villages, seeing hundreds come to Christ.  Below are two clips of some of the ministry taking place. Please keep the team in your prayers! You can see more clips via the SHM Facebook Page.

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