January 2021

"She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come."
- Proverbs 31:25

In this month's update you will find great stories, updates and information on PREPARES volunteers and activities.
PREPARES in Northwest Catholic
Picture of Pam Ames from NW Catholic
Exciting news for PREPARES as we receive a great mention and article in Northwest Catholic. This article focuses on one of our many amazing volunteers, Pam Ames. Pam works as the PREPARES coordinator at St Joseph’s and St Peter Mission. Her story is a powerful one about hearing one’s call to help others using the talents God has given them. She talks of how and why she joined PREPARES and how important the ministry has been to her. The article does a great job sharing the PREPARES story with all readers of NW Catholic. We are so blessed to have the NW Catholic feature Pam and we couldn’t be happier she is being recognized for her role in PREPARES. The timing of the article could not have come at a better time. We are PREPARE-ing for our first annual Valentine’s Day funding campaign. This a big opportunity to increase awareness for the ministry as we move forward on one of our largest fund raising events. The link for the story can be found here.
PREPARES Valentine Appeal 2021
As February approaches we wanted to let you know about the upcoming first annual PREPARES Valentine Appeal. The bishops are launching a statewide fundraising campaign to help expand the reach of PREPARES into more parishes and communities. Please keep the appeal in your thoughts and prayers as we invite people to open their heart and share Valentine love with mothers and babies in need.
Bishops Support COVID-19 Vaccinations
Image from University of Washington study on Covid-19 Vaccine.
As of late December the news we have all been waiting for arrived, a viable COVID-19 vaccine is being made available to the public. As of right now the first people to receive the vaccine will be those on the frontlines like safety and healthcare workers, followed by those living in assisted care facilities.

The Washington State Catholic Conference, comprised of the bishops of Washington state, along with the Catholic Charities and Catholic Health Care organizations of the state support getting COVID-19 vaccinations. These vaccinations are morally permissible and will protect the faithful, loved ones, and the community. Read the full WSCC statement here: The Washington State Catholic Conference, Catholic Charities and Health Care Support COVID-19 Vaccinations

According to the CDC it is still strongly recommended that those who are pregnant still receive the COVID-19 vaccine due to the increased risk of serious illness for those who are pregnant and infected. Read more from the CDC about the vaccine and pregnancy here.
Lord Our God as we celebrate the birth of your Son Jesus Christ

Let us remember that You sent us your beloved Son so that we might be saved.

During this season of giving may we give others the gifts of love, charity, and hope.

As You did through the greatest gift of all, Our Lord and Savior.
We pray for your grace.

And that we might be a light for others in these trying time.
In your name we pray,
A Word From Our Director, Aleah Patulot
All of us at PREPARES are very happy to announce that Aleah is back from maternity leave. Aleah is returning to her role as Program Director after celebrating the birth of her son, Santiago! We are all so happy that Aleah got to spend precious time with her new son, and we are so blessed to have her back on our team. Welcome back Aleah!
Christmas Drive Success
Image of donations in PREPARES office
The season of giving is alive and well at the PREPARES office this year. PREPARES received donations from St Joseph (Seattle) and St James Cathedral (Seattle) this year. Thanks to the kind hearts and generous congregations of these parishes we were able to assemble many great donations this Christmas season. Donations included diapers, baby wipes, blankets, clothes, strollers, Children's Bibles and toys. We also received large donations from other groups. Home Depot gave an entire pallet of pull-ups. PREPARES staff will be busy distributing them soon. Thank you to all those who helped make this possible!
Aleah, Erin, Carol, Teresa, and Lisa
PREPARES of Western Washington Team
100 - 23rd Ave South, Seattle, WA 98144     
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Please consider joining us in walking the journey with families in your own parish community. For more information please visit our website at www.preparesforlife.org. If you know of others who might be interested in volunteering and or learning more about PREPARES, please forward them this message or have them contact us directly.