The Secrets to Success When Turning Pro!

I am thrilled you will be joining me at the Texas School of Professional Photography for, "The Secrets to Success When Turning Pro".

I like to get started early, so we will have a LOT to do before you ever get to class.

We will actually be doing some homework over the next 8 weeks. I will work hard to get everyone in position to learn as much as possible when we get to class.
I Want to Hear From You!
I have a couple of huge favors to ask of each of you so we can get started.
  • Please write me NOW and let me know you got this e-mail. I want to make sure I have your best e-mail address! If you got this note at your best address - write and tell me so. If you prefer to use another address or to add an address, e-mail me NOW at: and tell me your changes.
  • Go to our "Class Page" on Facebook. I created this group page for us to get to know each other and for you to learn more about me and what we have in store for the class. If you are like me, you probably hate Facebook, too! The thing is, you only have to use it to visit our class page. You will also have a HUGE opportunity to learn from others who have been in my class. Say “Hello”. Tell me your excited. Just let me hear from you.

As soon as everyone confirms their email and writes something on our Facebook page, I will send the next exciting notice!
I will use e-mail often to contact everyone with updates, items of interest for the class and just to keep you informed.

Please, if you are not a regular user of your e-mail - start checking it at least every other day until class. You do not want to be left behind!

Please prepare yourself to have a great time and to participate! I am looking forward to meeting all of you and I plan to exceed all of your expectations! I promise it will be fun! Let me know if there is anything we can do to help make this class everything you want it to be!

Comments or Questions? Put them on our Facebook page:
See You Soon!