The Secrets to Success When Turning Pro!

I have spoken to a number of you already, but I want to stress to all of you how important it is that you take part in ALL of the evening activities.

From the free evening meals to the parties, these are VERY VALUABLE opportunities for you to unwind, go a little crazy, network with other awesome photographers and photographic celebrities and to make new friends.

I expect 100% participation from all of you in class and outside of class.
Dress for Texas School is VERY casual. But trust me, it will be COLD in my classroom. LADIES, bring a sweater or a jacket and know that the room will be cold. When we head outside, it may be 95° and 100% humidity, so be prepared to peel off layers. You never know what we will encounter with the weather…but the room will be like Alaska!

Be sure you have memorized your f-stops and shutter speeds forwards and backwards.

Be sure you can eyeball 10 ft! Try to work in 5ft and 20ft as well. Be able to judge the distance indoors and outdoors. Get a tape measure and practice if you have to.
Assignment #3: Don't Fall Behind

If you have not started your homework studies, please get on it because you will get behind and get overwhelmed.

Lesson 3 is ready for you: Lesson 3: Depth of Field | Pass the CPP
In case you missed it, here are the links to previous lessons:


Remember, take your time and really learn the material.

Also remember:

  • Next time you are out and about, pick up a pack of 3x5 notecards.
  • Gather about 4 – 5 of your all-time, favorite images that YOU have taken. These do not have to be your best work, nor do they have to be all that recent – I just want you to find the images the mean the most to you. Select your two most very favorite among them and have a 8x10's printed that you can bring to class. They can be of a client, a friend or a family member – but it is going to be most helpful if these are images of a person or people and not a landscape or scenic image.

I will be sending you a complete list of things to bring a little bit closer to class.
That’s it for now!