The Secrets to Success When Turning Pro!

How is the homework coming along? Let's see! Without looking at your notes, fill in the blanks:

1/4  ___  ____  1/30  ____  _____  _____  1/500  _____

How did you do? Remember, you need to memorize them forwards and backwards. 

Starting next week, I am going to place random calls to see if you know them! Get them memorized!
The next request may seem sort of odd: I want you to practice visually identifying a distance of 10 feet. I don’t care how you do it, but somehow measure off ten feet and practice and work on your ability to “eyeball” a distance of 10 feet.
Do this indoors, outdoors, while you are walking through Target, at church, in your office and at the park. Try to check yourself – even if you have to carry a small tape measure for a few days. Let me know how you are doing.
Assignment #2: Don't Fall Behind

If you have not started your homework studies, please get on it because you will get behind and get overwhelmed.
Lesson 2 is now ready for you: Lesson 2: Shutter Speeds | Pass the CPP
Remember, take your time and really learn the material.

In case you missed it, here is the link to Lesson 1: Lesson 1: F-stops | Pass the CPP

Also remember:

  • Next time you are out and about, pick up a pack of 3x5 notecards.
  • Gather about 4 – 5 of your all-time, favorite images that YOU have taken. These do not have to be your best work, nor do they have to be all that recent – I just want you to find the images the mean the most to you. Select your two most very favorite among them and have a 8x10's printed that you can bring to class. They can be of a client, a friend or a family member – but it is going to be most helpful if these are images of a person or people and not a landscape or scenic image.

I will be sending you a complete list of things to bring a little bit closer to class.
That’s it for now!