Rough diamond crystal. Transmitted and reflected light. Image by Gary Roskin. Diamond provided by AMGAD.

Issue 35, October 13, 2023
Next week - Our 1 year anniversary!
Top Three Newsletter Features from Last Week:
#1.) again ... Curious Details of GIA's Layoffs

An overwhelming response to this feature article for two weeks in a row.

Was it simply because of the industry slowdown, or is the rumor about AI true?

We asked, and here is GIA's response.

2.) Sotheby's Hong Kong: Magnificent?

What an eye-opener! Of the first fifty lots with the highest selling estimates, over half went unsold! And of the remainder, six hammered at less than low estimate while only a small handful reached the highest.

That said, there really were some magnificent jewels.

3.) Le goût Rothschild
Defining the Dynasty’s Legendary Style

Since the 1700s, the family name Rothschild has been synonymous with world-class wealth and taste. The banking family fortune has placed them into an unreachable wealth, some estimate at one Trillion dollars.

To live like the Rothschilds may be completely out of reach, but you may be able to at least own a piece of the family wealth.

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FLAWLESS: Blue White & D Flawless
FACETS Sri Lanka
The Canadian Gemmological Association
GEMWORLD International
Bear Essentials
Events - NEXT WEEK!
CGA 65th Anniversary Mega - Conference
The Canadian Gemmological Association (CGA) is celebrating their 65th anniversary this year, making them among one of the oldest gemmological institutions.

The Mega-Conference is being held at the Fairmont Hotel, Vancouver, BC next week on the 20, 21 & 22.

“In keeping with our reputation as an educational and professional association par excellence, we have this year for our 65th Anniversary Conference, our keynote speaker, Past-President of the World Diamond Council, Edward Asscher, who will share an insight into the future of the industry,” - Donna Hawrelko, President CGA.

“We also have renowned speakers such as Renée Newman (Author), Richard Drucker (the GemGuide), Bruce Bridges (of Tsavorite fame), and Craig Lynch (from Somewhere in the Rainbow Collection)."

Others include Angela Betteridge, Warren Boyd, Lisa Elser, Dr. Lee Groat, JP Jutras, Dr Maria Maclennan, Duncan Parker, Jon Phillips, and Kelly Ross.

[Closing out the 65th anniversary conference will be Gary Roskin (Editor in Chief of the Roskin Gem News Report).]

Lotus Gemology - Gem Science/Plate Tectonics is one big reason
Sapphire Origin, Sri Lanka or Madagascar? Answer: It's Gondwana's fault! (pun intended)
Sri Lanka or Madagascar?

Lotus Gemology

Did you ever wonder why some blue sapphires get a Sri Lankan origin from one laboratory and a Madagascar origin from another?

One reason has to do with the science of plate tectonics... how the continents, once attached to each other, are now separated by an ocean!

Did you ever look at a globe and wonder if Africa was ever once attached to South America? They were! But now there's an ocean between. This is the result of plate tectonics.

And believe it or not, Sri Lanka, India, and Madagascar were all once attached, sharing a mineralogical belt full of gem formations where we now find sapphires.

Lotus Gemology has a great short feature for you here that explains why sometimes one lab will issue a Sri Lankan origin while another lab will issue a Madagascar origin for the same blue sapphire.

Trade Show Report - the Legend
Intergem: Living up to the Reputation
Idar-Oberstein's premier exhibition did not disappoint
Gary Roskin
Roskin Gem News Report

Reports coming in from the cutting capital of the world say that Intergem, Idar-Oberstein's premier exhibition, was exactly what it should be: a showcase for the best cutting center, showing off what they can do.

(caption: Oregon Sunstone - Kreis Cuts)

MVI Study - Colored gems over Diamonds for engagement rings
So You Just Got Engaged - A Study
What is that center stone?
In a trailblazing collaboration with The Wedding Report, THE MVEye has released its latest consumer market research study, based on the responses of 800 recently engaged US consumers who are now planning their wedding. The study sheds light on contemporary engagement and wedding trends that are shaping the industry.

We think you might be surprised at their findings.

Synthetic v. Natural Diamond - New Match. Round ONE
Pandora Support Gets a Rap Response
Lekkas vs. Rapaport
Gary Roskin
Roskin Gem News Report

In a recent LinkedIn post, Samantha Lekkas, Executive Vice President of Sales and Merchandising, voiced support the concept of a Free Marketplace of Ideas by pointing to Pandora and their recent move to have Pamela Anderson as their spokesperson.


"Pandora’s latest move of getting Pamela Anderson to be the face of Lab Grown Diamond is a checkmate and here’s why… Think back to the Baywatch version of Pamela Anderson with the fake long bleached hair extensions, loads of makeup, fake tan, fake nails, fake eyelashes and fake ...

Mining: Sodalite from Malawi
Sodalite from Malawi: a New Discovery
Lapis' little sister
Gary Roskin
Roskin Gem News Report

Kilometers of Sodalite up Mulanje Mountain

When one thinks of the classic gem materials, Sodalite unfortunately is not one of them. In fact, you could probably name off dozens of gems before you get to Sodalite.

And yet, it is a beautiful material, similar in appearance to, and often confused with, Lapis.

Not surprisingly, it has taken a back seat to Lapis it's entire history. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that the last time it was written up in the Journal of Gemmology was back in 1979, Volume 16, Issue 7 (1979) - The blue colour of sodalite, or in a 1990 Gem Note, Gems & Gemology, Unusual gem quality sodalite.

But now thanks to a discovery of kilometers of material in Malawi, this may all change.

The new Malawi Sodalite discovery lies in the field moving up Mulanje mountain. According to prospector Alfred Noah, “The mine is really in the same area as that of Mulanje Massif, a very nice tourism area.” Hiking trails, with waterfalls attract campers from neighboring areas. “The concession is huge,” says Noah, “covering almost 50 square km, with various sodalite outcroppings. Right now, we are only focusing on one outcrop.”

Denver Trade Show
More Images from the Hardrock Summit
all images by Gary Roskin
Aquamarine - Pakistan
Amazonite - Colorado
Alien-Eye Fluorite - Namibia
October 11 - Sold $25,000
Calcite on Amethyst - Uruguay
October 11 - Sold $1,500
Rhodochrosite - Argentina
Kunzite - Afghanistan
Ethiopian Opal bead necklace
25 beads, ranging in size from 14.8mm to 18.6 mm.
The total weight of the beads is 527 carats
Fashion in High Jewelry - Blue Sapphire on a High Note!
Chopard Redefines High Jewelry

Chopard is no stranger to the red carpet. Every year artistic director and co-president Caroline Scheufele surprises us once again with her annual Red Carpet collection of one-of-a-kind pieces set with outstanding gemstones.

Most of the pieces in the collection are worn by celebrities on the red carpet at the Cannes International Film Festival, which has been sponsored by Chopard since 1998. This year, the 76 pieces in the collection also appeared on models and celebrities attending Fashion Week in Paris.

Auctions: Anthony DeMarco - Bonham's
Journalist Barbara Walters: Bonhams
Anthony DeMarco, writing for, looks at an upcoming auction at Bonhams, featuring jewels and other objects of art, once owned by world famous ground-breaking journalist, Barbara Walters.

Her taste in jewels is fascinating, spanning from an inexpensive synthetic ruby necklace that will sell only because of its provenance, to JAR earrings and Harry Winston diamonds.

A good book!
Is Jewelry Art? A New Book about David Webb
Oct. 5, 2023
By Victoria Gomelsky 
Robb Report

Sixty years ago, the famed jeweler wrote an op-ed piece urging readers to consider fine jewelry as art. A new tome doubles down on that argument.
In 1963, society jeweler David Webb published a column in the New York Herald Tribune titled “Why Not Hang Gems?”

Tiffany & Co.
Tiffany’s Exclusive High Jewelry Preview
On September 8, Tiffany’s held an intimate presentation of Tiffany High Jewelry at The Landmark to celebrate the fall expression of Blue Book 2023: Out of the Blue. With models dressed in Givenchy couture showcasing sparkling Tiffany & Co. designs, the intimate event united two iconic Maisons, each universally renowned for iconic style and the utmost sophistication. 

Upcoming Events

CGA 65th Annual Gem Conference
Vancouver, BC, Canada
October 20th-22nd, 2023

37th International Gemmological Conference
IGC 2023 Japan
October 23rd - 27th

Gem-A Conference
November 5th, 2023

Gary Roskin
Speaking Engagements

CGA - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Observations in Diamond Grading
October 21-22, 2023

We hope to see you in Vancouver, or next year in Tucson!
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Brooklyn, New York, USA
– October 19-21, 2023

Jewelers International Showcase JIS Fall 2023 - Reed Exhibitions
Miami Beach, Florida, USA
- October 13-16, 2023

Colombo, Sri Lanka
- January 6-8, 2024

Another busy week in the Gem News Room!

Next week will mark 1 year since starting the Roskin Gem News Report again!

WOW - Where did the time go?

As always, stay informed and keep in touch. I'd like to know where you've been and what gems you've seen.

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