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Each week we will send news you need to know about the COVID crisis that will help put us on the road to recovery. We will also give you a glimpse of how our creative colleagues from across the state are using their talent to bring us all closer together! Read on for more.
We’ve been getting lots of questions about unemployment. Check out this resource that answers most of the questions we are getting from gig workers!

Need more unemployment info? Washington Filmworks and Whipsmart and Artist Trust are hosting a webinar on Friday, April 10th at 1:00 pm titled Unemployment for Artists and Creatives During COVID-19.  Attorney John Tirpak of  Unemployment Law Project  will discuss how to apply for unemployment benefits, what to do if you’ve been denied, and what the forthcoming stimulus package will mean for gig workers and contractors.

Looking for creative industry resources during the COVID crisis? Check out Whipsmart’s resource list here .
No-Li Brewhouse and Chef Avont Grant Help Spokane Stay Strong Together
Chef Avont Grant (right) of No Li Brewhouse
Chef Avont Grant from Spokane based No-Li Brewhouse has a passion for food and community. Despite the mandatory shut down of the restaurant, Chef Avont continues to cook good things up for the community including helping to raise over $17,000 for Big Table in support of Zome staffing - and using their kitchen in the mornings to make nutritious meals for Logan Elementary School. No-Li is also providing emergency meals to those unable to receive support from food banks, schools and other services during the COVID crisis.

We asked Chef Grant to share with us one of his favorite comfort food recipes that we can all make at home when we are on lock down. Take a look at Chef Grant’s Meatloaf recipe here !

In between community building and creating dishes in the kitchen, Chef Grant was kind enough to share with us what’ he’s doing to stay sane while everything is - well - insane!
How do you stay positive and creative during this time? 
I cook, because it makes me happy, it takes my mind off the outside world...even if it's just an hour or two! I like experimenting in the kitchen and coming up with concoctions. Since I was 9 years of age I would cook with whatever we had in our bare cupboards and refrigerator...a lot of the time it wasn't much! But that was the thrill of it; making something out of nothing. Growing up poor on the south-side of Chicago was tough, so I spent most of my time in the kitchen. I guess you could say the kitchen is my happy place! 
How can people support local businesses and restaurants during this time? 
Set aside a couple of days a week to order take-out from local restaurants. Try to buy big portion type meals, especially if it's a local Asian or Italian restaurant. Meals that consist of some type of noodle or pasta are the best because they can be divided up into two meals. These meals freeze well and are easily reheated on the stove top!
Follow Avont Grant on Instagram @foodie_bartender.
If you’re lucky enough to live in Spokane, No-Li is open for take out . Stop by for a growler and grub to go! Check them out on Instagram , too!
Filmmakers across the Evergreen state continue to create during the crisis. Here are three videos we saw recently that caught our eye.   
Downtown Seattle is Battling COVID-19
Produced By: Spark Creative (Seattle, WA)
Bigfoot’s Advice for Coping with Social Distancing
Script and Story:  Waking Bear   (Olympia, WA)
Director / DP:  Winters Film (Tacoma, WA)
An Intimate Look: COVID-19 Seattle, WA
Filmmaker:  Melinda Raebyne Films (Tacoma, WA)
*Please note that this piece was made at the end of March and as such some of the data and information may have changed since filming.

And remember when filming, keep it safe! Always check in with your local permitting specialist before filming anywhere in Washington. If you don’t know where to get local permits, email Washington Filmworks at  Info@WashingtonFillmworks.org .

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, continue to create!
The Punk Rock Flea Market
(Now Virtual!)
Listen to punk music while you shop for cool art, crafts, vintage items and so much more online. Items made by Washington State artists!
Why the Center for Disease Control's Image of the Coronavirus is a Very Effective Work of Biomedical Art
Creativity is a valuable skill that can transform global perceptions. A great example of this is the work of Alissa Eckert and Dan Higgins, the biomedical artists from the CDC that are behind the unmistakable image that has branded a global pandemic. 
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